My Life with the Saints

Topics: Christianity, Saint Peter, New Testament Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: February 28, 2013
​​​​​ My Life with the Saints

1.) Father Martin affinity to St. Ignatius is not one necessarily out of profound affection but rather out of distinctness from the average person. It was his particular brand of spirituality that changed Father Martin’s perspective on the world.  St. Ignatius prolixity was not cosmic in nature by any means of cognition but was more compatible to aloof uncle who privately paid for your tuition bills. It was that humbleness and intense love of God and the world that ultimately made St. Ignatius one of Father Martin’s favorite saints. B.) Saint Ignatius exposes Father Martin to a more Ignatian spirituality, one that encourages actively seeking God in life. Father Martin doesn’t hold Saint Ignatius in the highest of affection but he does hold him in gratitude for teaching him to see God in all things.

​Mother Teresa plays the role of idol in Father Martin’s life. She is the ideal of obedience to God and is the perfect example of devout Christian. She is an inspiration to him in her pure, eternal holiness that she still graces the world with, even today. 

C.) ​Saint Ignatius wrote The Spiritual Exercises which was a manual on how to run a four week long retreat camp.  He led his roommate in Paris through those exercises and his roommate would come to be known as St. Francis Xavier, one of the church’s greatest missionaries. St. Ignatius’s actual name was Inigo but he changed it for unknown reasons. He began the Society of Jesus after a tough time getting it approved through the church hierarchy.  St. Ignatius was actually a soldier.

​ St. Peter plays a very important role in Father Martin’s life. How his poverty of spirit led him to follow Christ and how he is a model for everyone who struggles with human frailties and limitations are to inspirations to Father Martin.  Lastly, he taught that even the most severe limitations were ultimately put to good use...
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