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The Baroque Period Unit 5 IP 5 HUMA205-1202B Nicole Woodford 05/27/2012 Abstract When looking at the outwork of this time I was shocked to see how life like a lot of this artist made their paintings. These show the times in which was going on during the time of Jesus death and the feelings in which the people where going through. The Baroque Period The artists Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Rubens all created the Baroque period. The Baroque period was a religious time in which the people...

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The Pearls of the Baroque

The Pearls of the Baroque The Baroque was a period of counter- reformation where the church and its teachings became the new focal point of praise in works of art, sculpture and architecture. Spanning the 17th Century, which ranges from 1600-1720, the Baroque was a platform to celebrate spirituality. Those who were artistically inclined during this period made it their goal to express their love of religion and classicism through extravagance and restraint of the figures, clothing and emotions in...

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 BAROQUE ART Art Appreciation –HUMA 205-1202A-05 Janice Miller AIU Abstract Baroque art is presented as an art style. Baroque art style is such diversity within in the Baroque period 1600-1770 because of the relationship to the era’s border and intellectual tendencies there was three important effects on the art. Which are, western Christianity, religious tensions, and the division of the Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The Baroque artist appealed to their...

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Baroque Art

Baroque one big misshapen pearl STYLE ARTISTS and IMAGES VOCAB HISTORICAL NOTE Baroque art falls into the period of Counter-Reformation led by the Catholic church against the Protestants. Much of the Baroque art, especially in Italy, reflects reaction to Mannerism, but also the social turmoil of the time. According to the Council of Trent and the Catholic church artworks should be a clear, intelligible subject realistically interpreted in order to stimulate piety. This was part of the reason...

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Baroque Vs Italian Baroque Art

The Italian Baroque style art was a key point in the Catholic Reformation. It was used to send a message and to address the claims of the Protestant Revolution. This style was not limited to just paintings. It also included sculptures and architecture. The origin of Baroque is uncertain, however the work baroque itself was meant to represent the style of the art, for being more emotional than any style before it. One could say, the difference between Italian Baroque and Classical Baroque, is that Italian...

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Baroque Art

Baroque Art Styles Amber Eagler American Intercontinental University Abstract The author of this paper has chosen three works of art from the Baroque Style. The three works of art are as follows; Pieta, The Entombment, and Rembrandt’s Belshazzar. The author gives her insight about the painterly appearance of the works of art. In this paper, we will analyze these three paintings and how they fit into the Baroque time period. Baroque Art Styles This paper will start with an explanation...

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Baroque Art: Irregular Pearl

culture generated a new artistic style, known as “The Baroque”. The term literally means "irregular pearl" and is use to describe the vibrant and wild artistic creativity of the seventeenth century. The newly created Baroque style grew out of the Catholic “Counter-Reformation”. Later on as the style spread to northern Europe, it became popular at royal places that use this new style as a symbol freshly emerging monarchies. As the book explains, Baroque style exhibits a combination of power, massiveness...

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Baroque: Rococo

Baroque 1) Rococo was a style preeminently evident in small works such as furniture, utensils, and small sculptures. Rococo is the last style of the French monarchies and was carefree and playful. Rococo art centered on romance and love and emphasized tonality, softness and rich colors. Rococo art contrasted Baroque art as it tended to avoid heroic events and religious iconography and emphasized Hedonism. The word Rococo derives from Rocaille, which means shell, and Rococo art used curvaceous...

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Mannerism and the Baroque age

Mannerism, which literally means "style", was a period in European art that began in Italy in the final years of the Renaissance and lasted until it was replaced by Baroque, about 1520 to 1600. During this time, young artists were trying to establish their own style, with a new approach to painting and interpretation of the human experience. They had their difficulties as it were. Virtually everything that could be done, had been done. The artists of the Renaissance, masters such as Raphael...

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Art in Baroque Period

Baroque period started at the beginning of the seventeen century in Rome and Italy, and according to wikipedia.org the Roman Catholic Church was encouraging the Baroque style and decided that art should reflect and communicate religious themes, the baroque era exemplified by drama and grandeur in paintings, music, sculptures. Baroque paintings had a large amount of details often bright polychromy, less realistic faces of their characters and the paintings had a mixture of wonder and dread. In this...

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