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Chemistry of Snake Venom

breaking down deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) as well as ribonucleic acid (RNA). The two families of nucleases are endonucleases and exonucleases. Endonucleases degrade DNA and RNA by cleaving the center of the molecule. By acting multiple times small pieces of DNA or RNA are eventually generated. The exonucleases then breakdown the small pieces of DNA and RNA into individual nucleotides by cleaving at the ends of the DNA or RNA molecules. Other enzymes such as phosphomonesterases and phosphodiesterases...

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Science Cheat Sheet

into a sickle shape when blood-oxygen concentration is low, triggering blood clotting and other pleiotropic effects. Ch. 16- DNA: 5’-3’ direction, RNA: 3’-5’. DNA ligase: an enzyme that joins the sugar phosphate backbones of the Okazaki fragments. Ch 17- synthesis of proteins: DNA—transcription—RNA—translation—protein. Promoter: the DNA sequence where RNA polymerase attaches and initiates transcription; the terminator is the sequence that signals the end of transcription. Initiation: Transcription...

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mRNA sequence that will be created in the process of transcription. The DNA coding strand has the information for the gene, so the strand must be transcribed. The relationships are slightly different for RNA, because RNA does not have T; therefore, U should be substituted for T. To transcribe DNA to RNA, the pairing relationship is A – U, T – A, C – G, and G – C, respectively. Coding Strand: CGT CTC TTC GGA CAC mRNA Strand: 3. Translate the mRNA into amino acids. Use Table 1 as a reference...

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aggregate: past performance record and the freeze – thaw test on concrete... Premium464 Words2 Pages Micro Rna exposed to different temperature conditions as well as repeated freezing andthawing. Through real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), we can investigate miRNA integrity when exposed to different temperature conditions and freeze/thaw cycles. Experimental Design: AM6000 (Ambion) RNA was exposed to... Premium264 Words1 Pages How to Ensure Food Safety ensure food safety by doing following...

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Characterization of Nucleic Acids

well as identify the principle involved in each chemical test. Different procedures and different test compounds were applied, and results were noted as for changes in colors of precipitates or solutions. For Dische Test, light blue was obtained for RNA and dark violet for DNA. For Murexide Test, a yellow layer was obtained with a mixture of red color and eventually became yellow or orange after addition of warm water. For John-Wheeler Test, a violet precipitate was obtained and lastly for Phosphate...

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case study 1

think Dr. Hahn is interested in the contents of fecal pellets? Generate a list of the possible “contents” of fecal matter. Nutrients from earlier consumption of food will shown in feces, giving evidence of their lifestyle Feces show traces of DNA or RNA 25% of the feces is solid matter, 30% of this solid matter is dead bacteria 5. How might the social structure of the chimpanzee community influence what is contained in the fecal matter? How might chimp social interactions influence what is contained...

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Dna Chip

3 Process of transcribing deoxyribonucleic acid to ribonucleic acid is “TRANSCRIPTION” RNA Nucleic acids must be translated into amino acids that make up proteins Process: “TRANSLATION” DNA Cell nucleus Protein cytoplasm Chem.ox.ac.uk Inside every cell: DNA Serves as a genetic blueprint Dna molecule: berkeley.edu Relating Gene Expression DNA RNA Protein High throughput protein assays complicated We measure transcript level Is a gene...

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Role of Molecular Biology in the 21st Century

copying of parental DNA to form daughter DNA molecules with identical nucleotide sequences. The second is transcription, the process by which parts of the genetic message encoded in DNA are copied precisely into RNA. The third is translation, whereby the genetic message encoded in messenger RNA is translated on the ribosomes into a polypeptide with a particular sequence at amino acids. Some persons have spoken in favour of the discovery of the structure of DNA as a helical duplex of nucleotide polymers...

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Bimm 101 Notes

Main topics on midterm labs 1-9 lectures 1-9 Operon; bacterial promoter; Rbs; DNA polymerase vs RNA polymerase function (lec #1) - Transcription is carried by RNA polymerase that RNA polymerase recognizes to a specific sequence (the promoter) and start making mRNA next to that position. - Usually, typical bacterial promoter carries tow consensus sequences (the sequence that all the organism shares) TTGACA at position of -35. TATAAT at -10. - As mRNA is being transcribed...

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study guide

molecules in the human body. Building blocks=amino acids: central carbon, hydrogen, amino-group, carboxylic acid group, and R group 4. nucleic acids: large organic molecules which store and process information at the molecular level. EX: DNA and RNA 10) There are 4 levels of protein structure. What are the levels? How do the levels of a protein differ in structure and function? 1. primary structure: order of amino acids 2. secondary structure: hydrogen bonds form 3. tertiary structure:...

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