Ebola Virus What Type Of Virus Is It

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Ebola Virus— What type of virus is it? How it spreads? What is being done to contain its spread? What treatments are available?

Ebola genome is a single-stranded RNA approximately 19,000 nucleotides long. It encodes seven structural proteins such as nucleoprotein, polymerase cofactor, transcription activator, RNA- dependent RNA polymerase.

The Ebola virus is a Filovirus. These virus types cause fever or cause bleeding inside and outside the body when having a very high fever. Ebola can be further divided into subtypes that are named for the location they were identified.

Ebola carries a RNA genome that are cylindrical, contains a viral envelope, matrix and nucleocapsid components. The overall cylinders are generally approximately 80 nm in diameter, and have a virally encoded glycoprotein (GP) projecting as 7-10 nm long spikes from its lipid bilayer surface.

Ebola virus will enter two kinds of protein.The first is a cholesterol transporter protein, the host-encoded Niemann–Pick C1, which is essential for entry of Ebola virus into the host cell and for its ultimate replication.

Being acellular, Ebola do not replicate through any type of cell division; rather, they use a host- and virally encoded enzymes, alongside host cell structures, to replicate themselves. These then self-assemble into viral Macromolecular structure.The virus completes a set of steps when infecting each individual cell.

Ebola virus is known to cause disease in humans. It has high fatality rate,averaging 83 percent since the first outbreaks in 1976, although fatality rates up to 90 percent have been recorded in one outbreak (2002–03).

The first EVD outbreaks occurred in remote villages in Central Africa, near tropical rainforests, but the most recent outbreak in west Africa has involved major urban and rural areas with the first cases notified in March 2014. There have been more cases and deaths in this outbreak than all others combined. It has also...
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