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Rental Shop

BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM (BIS) FINAL YEAR PROJECT PROPOSAL (YEAR FOUR) BIS – 4399 Project Title: VIDEO SHOP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Submitted by: CHIKWAMA MALAKIA GELASIUS Student No: IUM 11012531 Supervisor: Miss. Sasha Mutasa PROJECT PROPOSAL 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Motivation My friends and I use to do our movie rental at DVD King video shop based in CBD of Windhoek. One day I noticed that they write down the name and the phone numbers of each customer and also...

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The Success of Netflix on Revolutionizing the Video Rental Business

revolutionizing the video rental business. It clearly shows the company’s ability on utilizing superior customer service, emerging technologies, strategic partnerships, empowerment of employees and creating an ever growing subscriber base to transform the traditional video rental in to a 21st century on-demand concept. Video-on-Demand is the recent video streaming technology where pay-per-view programming merges with Internet downloading. Netflix, an online subscription-based DVD rental company, entered the...

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Thesis Video Rental on-Line System: a Proposed System to A. Mabini Video City Inc.

Video Rental On-line System: A Proposed System to A. Mabini Video City Inc. Azcarraga, Jamen E. -2008-1032-M Caadyang Ma. Rebecca E. -2008-0321-M An undergraduate thesis submitted to the Computer Studies Department in University of Caloocan City, Gen. San Miguel St. Sangandaan, Caloocan City in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Introduction In today’s modern age...

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Essay on Renting Hearts

travels, time travels, creatures, end of world, different universes etc.[1] The short story takes place in the future where the technology has taken over, and where people can buy their happiness for money, and that human now just can go to a rental shop and get a new heart in order to avoid pain When you fall in love, often you will get or end up with a broken heart. It happens for almost every one, who gets in relations with other people. But in this short story, you can get out and rent...

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Research Paper

connection in a workplace. Explanatory research- Targets on why questions. For example, it is one thing to describe the car rates in a state, to examine car rental rates over time or to compare the rates in different states. It is a different thing to come up with explanations about why the car rental rates are as high as it is and why some types of car rental store rates are rising or why the rate is higher in some states than in others. Using quantitative and qualitative research I would use both of these...

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Blockbuster Video Analysis

The video rental industry was one of the more growing services retailers in the mid-1990s. However, due to Blockbuster, many rental video companies have failed to compete against this category killer. West Coast Video, Video City, and Hollywood Video, which are among the few and only large competitor's of Blockbuster in the tri-state area. Many family-owned video rental stores could not compete against Blockbuster's assortment of videos. Blockbuster opened its first store in 1985 and has grown...

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Managing People

Case 1 – What Customers Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them, or Will it? Sitting at her desk at the car rental shop where she worked, Elena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Gripping the phone tightly, Elena listened as the head manager of the company’s legal department told her that a car that she had recently rented to a customer had blown a tire while the customer was driving on a nearby highway. Although the customer, Jim Reynolds, tried to maintain control of the vehicle, he crashed into another...

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Netflix Paper

Introduction Netflix is a DVD rental company which has been founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in 1997. When Netflix was first launched, it started by offering DVDs on a fee per use basis. In 1999, it introduced monthly subscription service and in January 2007, Netflix started offering on-demand video streaming over the internet. Since then, Netflix has enjoyed huge success to the point that it has become one of the largest online providers of movie rentals in U.S. Netflix has been able...

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operation managment argumentataive

EBay, Redbox and Amazon are the best places to shop because of their competitive advantage through differentiation, cost leadership, and response three strategic actions that are used to achieve a mission. Some People feel is the worst place to shop, feel they will get ripped off, and feel unsafe when purchasing their products. I will show the benefits, guarantees and advantages of shopping in eBay, Amazon, Redbox, and have no reason to be afraid. ...

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THE DOWNTOWN VIDEOS RENTAL SYSTEM Down Town Videos is a chain of 11 video stores scattered throughout a major metropolitan area in the Midwest. The chain started with a single store several years ago and has grown to its present size. Paul Lowes, the owner of the chain, knows that competing with the national chains will require a state-of-the-art movie rental system. You have been asked to develop the system requirements for the new system. Each store has a stock of movies and video games for...

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