Thesis Video Rental on-Line System: a Proposed System to A. Mabini Video City Inc.

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Video Rental On-line System: A Proposed System to A. Mabini Video City Inc.

Azcarraga, Jamen E. -2008-1032-M
Caadyang Ma. Rebecca E. -2008-0321-M

An undergraduate thesis submitted to the Computer Studies Department in University of Caloocan City, Gen. San Miguel St. Sangandaan, Caloocan City in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

In today’s modern age where computer has become a way of life, it is evident that a majority of the country’s foundation still do not adapt the high technology. Particularly in most video rental store, daily transactions are still done on manual transaction. We all know that computerizing video store has become a competitive necessity. Research shows that stores that have computerized are -always- more profitable. In this study, we hope to develop an online website that will minimize all paper works and manual records keeping, therefore allowing manager and staff ease in keeping track of customers, inventory, rentals, sales, late fees, provide quicker reservation. A system that is fully computerized, user-friendly, time effective and well-organize. By establishing a website with a shopping cart and payment features, customers can point and click their way through your products

Now an online website introduced to Video City Rental Movies that will provide all information about products and services in their daily transaction including the easy ordering and paying. It has a user friendly navigation which is built for those intellectual users in the field of computer and for those non intellectual-users. This website will have SMS notification where it will automatically send sms to notify customers about the product’s status with attached bill and other important announcements.

Background of the Study
Computer technologies have a great role now a day, it can easily and fastest transaction. On-line system is lessening the time of manual renting or ordering, because it is online many user can accommodate the system. Also the paying and ordering online was much good for an easy way transaction between the customers. And most it lessens the time will consume to perform other transactions.

Manual transactions takes a lot of time consumes and also the difficulty in paying and knowing products as well. Online system makes process or the transactions fast and less of time consumes and can accommodate customer very well. Website takes work, just like any other company. There aren’t any. An online business, just like a rental cd`s/dvd`s still needs to attract customers, sell quality products and services, and provide exceptional customer support. All of this takes time and effort.

Conceptual / Theoretical Framework

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Click the Movie linkTo view the movie page were posted the latest, new release and description Reviews
Click the Reviews linkTo view movie reviews were can be posted the comments and reviews News
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About us
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My account
Click the My account linkTo view the accounts info and to fill up the given form Add to cart
Click the Add to cart linkTo view the purchase product
Rental queue
Click the Rental queueTo view the lineup of product rented

Movie Page
Choose the movie thumbnails
Click the chosen movie
Click the add to cart buttons
Click the rental queueView the movie descriptions; title, categories,

Reviews Page
Choose movieInput comments
Click the ad to cart
Click the rental queueView the latest posted comments View the movie reviews

News Page
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