Website Development on Product Price

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Service Broker Website on Price of Goods from Retail Stores


Nur Nadiah Binti Abdul Rahman

Extended Proposal submitted in partial fulfilment of
The requirements for the
Bachelor of Technology (Hons)
(Business Information System)

September 2013

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bandar Seri Iskandar
31750 Tronoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan

1.1 Background of Study....
1.2 Problem Statement....
1.3 Objectives and Scope of Study..
3.1Elements Determination...
3.2Sample Preparation....


The problem of getting exact price information on several stores is quite a big concern towards middle income citizen, and much for lower, especially during the economic crisis which caused the increase of goods price as a whole. The presence of big retail stores drowns the smaller stores in terms of discount, advertising, and convenience of the building. But actually the price is more or less the same or the price at smaller stores and eventually cheaper than the big retail stores. Small retail stores seem to be camouflaged by big company, and at the end of the day, the small stores will shut down. On the other hand, people who really concern about money, everything to purchase needs to be calculated precisely, so that they do not over budget. The above phenomenon seems to cause this group of people having no choice, but to purchase at the so-called big convenience store at higher price. Besides, those who are more energetic, they might visit one store to another, just to do the price comparison. Thus, this study provides solution by developing website on goods price and information from several retail stores. This will be done by gathering and publishing price information from participated retail stores in selected area into the integrated service broker website. This website will act as a service broker by connecting the businesses with the people. This study believes that by providing information of goods to the people through website, this will make people's life easier and effective, and cost saving.


Information is a very valuable resource in our everyday life, especially in business sector. By having certain information, human life would be easier, effective, and people can achieve anything they want. What will people think if they are provided with the information on the retail store with the cheapest price of goods in town. They will be able to plan your budget earlier before go shopping. Besides, they will be able to save time and money 1.1Background of Study

Big retail stores drown the smaller stores in terms of discount, advertising, and convenience of the building. But actually the price is more or less the same or the price at smaller stores eventually cheaper than the big retail stores. Customers was blundered by the catchy advertisement and convenience of the shop, without knowing there are still other unknown shop that sale goods at lower price. But that is not their fault, it just that they are unable to get the right information. Customer need to go to several shops to do price and quality comparison. This applies to middle-income to low-income customers. 1.2Problem Statement

How does publishing price comparison of several retail stores on a website give effect on the sales of those stores?

1.3Objectives and Scope of Study
The aim of the project was to create a website on goods information available in several retail stores for the customers. The specific objectives of the project are as follows:
To gather retail stores together to...

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