Online Cinematic Community and Reservation System

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An online Cinematic site where members not only receive services typical to those offered by any cinema, but where users can log in participate in an online community and be a part of a group of film fanatics has never been done before. If any cinema were to take the next step in offering its customers an immersive entertainment experience online it has the potential of expanding its customer base as well as double its stream of revenue. Powerful new capabilities would be unleashed if any cinema were to enhance its system from giving regular services that customers are accustomed to, to a system where users can come, share ideas and interact on a number issues related to films. The fact of the matter is the majority of the people here in Addis Ababa especially those in their teen years spend a considerable amount of their free time in watching movies. Films have become a source of conversation with which people can share opinions and forge friendships. Great films spark the imagination of the viewer entertaining thoughts and opposing views on a variety of topics. Whether it may be an intricately woven story telling film or a big action-packed blockbuster; films of every genre have become an integral part of the modern society these days. This project plans to take advantage of this desire people have and create an outlet where they can come and be a part of community of film fanatics whose thoughts and views are welcomed and entertained. Moreover this system will give its users a range of offers that will keep them coming back for more. This project contains all the ingredients to provide the users an entertaining experience and the staff an efficient way to accomplish their day to day tasks. 2 BACKGROUND

MattiMultiplex is one of Addis Ababa’s most popular cinemas. The company prides itself on giving its customers the ultimate cinematic experience by showing Movies that are current that resonate with people of all ages. MattiMultiplex has set itself apart from the pack by giving its customers a full-fledged entertainment experience where they enjoy a selection of a wide array of engaging movies of different genres. A trip to this cinema for a typical teen is an experience long to be forgotten. With its high-tech surround sound system and its showing of top of the line newly released blockbusters it has proven to be more than just a place to go and watch movies rather a place where one can escape reality and immerse themselves in a virtual world albeit for a couple of hours. It has redefined the movie going experience in Addis Ababa setting high standards not only with the films it shows, but also by the quality of service it offers each and every customer. Despite showing excellence in all areas of customer service, MattiMultiplex lacks an automated system where it can engage with its customers in an interactive manner. Although the cinema is equipped with a computer based ticket sales system it is yet to reap the full benefits it would achieve by having an online community site where members can participate in the decision making process and provide feedback of their experiences. 3 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

MattiMultiplex cinema does not yet have an online site where users can log in and be a part of a community of film fanatics where they can share experiences, vote on different genres and films, get news and updates of which films are making headlines. By providing customers an online immersive experience this cinema will be able to increase its customer base. Also by giving users the opportunity of being VIP customers, in which they will be awarded special privileges it will be able to attract more and more people to the site. Another problem that will be addressed is the seat reservation and ticket sales service that the cinema provides. By allowing customers to buy tickets and reserve seats online the current system will be improved a great fold. 4 OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT

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