Background of the Study

Topics: Management, Internet, IPTV Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: October 2, 2010

Larger internet cafés provide their shop with a cafe management software that helps them in managing their customers, controlling computers, securing systems, accounting and billing. This kind of software or system is capable of handling any number of workstations, more than that it makes it easier for the owners to handle their business much easier and without needing to hire numbers of staff. While the other internet café businesses cannot afford this kind of software and instead uses a manual process of handling their business. Here in the Philippines, owners and staffs used to record all their financial report using a log book. They have to assist their customers to their respective terminal and ask them how many hours they would like to consume in using the computer or if they want an open hour after that the owner or the staff will have to record the time that the customer started using the computer and their end time. Then the staff will have to warn the customer 5 or 10 minutes before their end time, and the customer will have to pay depending on the time that they have consumed in using the computer.

One of the internet cafés who cannot afford this kind of system is the Internet Shop. With the proposed project the “Monitoring and Billing system” they can now handle their business with much easier way. This kind of system will have an easy to use features and interface it will also enable the owner of the Star Bear internet shop to offer high quality service to their customers. It will be a benefit for the Shop to have this system since most of today’s businesses uses a software or system that can help their business in giving a faster, easier and high quality of service to their loving customers.
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