The Brick and Mortar Video Rental Industry

Topics: Renting, Rental shop, Vending machine / Pages: 10 (2404 words) / Published: Jul 4th, 2011
The video rental industry is an ever evolving industry that changes with the economy, evolution of culture, and technology. Due to the changes in general environment surrounding the video rental industry, it can be said that this once lucrative brick and mortar industry has gone through a death and rebirth. New concepts of distribution such as Netflix, Redbox, and cable rentals have hastened the extinction of the weekend drive to the video rental store. Various forces influence the video rental industry as it transitions from a bricks and mortar industry into a more technologically advanced industry. To remain viable the video rental giants must be willing to evolve. Extensive organizational changes are essential in the progression of the video rental industry. By identifying and exploring the changes that need to occur, the changes that have occurred, and by assessing the implications and effectiveness of these changes one can determine the viability off and direction that this lucrative industry must take.
For the brick and mortar rental business to stay viable many changes need to occur. Organizational change may be varied in its definition and the amount of change that must occur. The text, Implementing Organizational Change Theory into Practice by Bert Spector states that one example of change might be “introducing a new business model to meet innovative competitors” (2010, pg. 1). For the former rental industry brick and mortar giants to remain competitive they must make changes and become more cost effective, convenient, technologically advanced, accepting of changes regarding the human implications, and managerially forward thinking. If these changes do not occur the likelihood that the former brick and mortar giants such as Blockbuster, Movie Gallery, and Hollywood Video will be able to compete with the new concepts of distribution such as Netflix, Redbox, and cable rentals is very minimal.
Cost effectiveness and convenience are two of the largest

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