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Pharmaceutical Drug

Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd [1953] 2 WLR427 is a well-known English contract law judgment on the nature of an offer. The Court held that the exhibition of a product in a store with a price attached is not adequate to be considered an offer, although relatively is an invitation to treat. Boots Cash Chemists had presently employed a new technique for its customers to purchase certain medicines. They would let shoppers single out drugs off the shelves...

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Brazil’s Pharmaceutical Industry Presentation

includes an external environmental analysis of Brazil’s pharmaceutical industry. The current pharmaceutical industry is still in its developing stage because the majority of pharmacological therapies made available to the public are either free or heavily subsidized by the government. The industry is also affected by a number of new regulations such as the National Drug Control System and Registration requirements for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in November 2009, and new labelling &...

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The Use of Plant in Pharmaceuticals

1. The use of plants has been central to medicine since the beginning of time and it remains important today. Discuss the drug development and characterization problems with using plant extracts as therapeutic agents. How are plants used today by the pharmaceutical industry? Use specific product examples in your answer. The use of plants has played an important role in medicine. The traditional herbal medicine, typically the Chinese herbal medicine, primarily relies on the use of...

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Generoso Pharmaceutical Inc

Malijan, Mary Erjoy D. GENEROSO PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHEMICALS, INC TIME CONTEXT 1978 and in 1988 - GPC engage in the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for both the domestic and export markets and the Generics Bill came in. SUMMARY / ABSTRACT This case examines the management of Mr. David Genereso in the GENERESO PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHEMICALS, INC to become a productive and successful company. Mr. David Generoso was a philosophy graduate of a sectarian university in the...

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Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Asset Management Market Worth $6.7 Billion by 2017

The "Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Asset Management Market [Wi-Fi RTLS, RFID (Tags – Active & Passive, Software), IR, Ultrasound, Equipment & Patient Tracking, Staff Safety, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring, Drug Counterfeit] - Global Forecast to 2017 " analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Rest of the World. Browse 133 market data tables with 13 figures spread through 279 pages and in-depth TOC on Healthcare/Pharmaceutical...

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Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Market 2014-2018

Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Market 2014-20180280035Pharmaceutical products are substances formed from a combination of several chemical ingredients. Since packaging of medicines is a complex process because of their molecular and chemical structures, they need to be packed in extremely protective and durable materials so that they do not become contaminated. The evolution of new diseases and increased health awareness have brought a transformation in the Pharmaceutical Packaging industry. ...

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Lorex Pharmaceuticals

for 10 ounce bottles of Linatol Introduction Lorex Pharmaceuticals recently gained FDA approval to market and sell a new product called Linatol. This memo will address the need to select a target amount to which each 10-ounce bottle of Linatol will be filled. The analysis of several target fill rates was conducted to determine the one that maximizes the contribution per case, therefore generating the maximum revenue for Lorex Pharmaceuticals. This ideal fill rate will allow more bottles to be...

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Naming a Pharmaceutical Brand: a Product Manager’s Dilemma

Background Information: The case is about the dilemma of a product manager of a pharmaceutical company, regarding the name of a new product that has failed to capture the market as expected. The case talks about brand extension of an existing brand which has a strong customer base in the field of neurology. It is named after the core brand so that it could enjoy a good brand recall. After completing the market research, the teaser campaign is started to attract the target segment i.e. gynecologists...

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drug actions

FACTORS AFFECTING DRUG ACTION In drug administration, many factors affect the action of the medication. These factors also affect the dose to be administered. The usual adult dose of medication as listed in standard references, is based on the assumption that the adult weighs 150 pounds, but since the following variables influence the action of the medication, they also may alter the quantity of the drug necessary to produce the desired results a. Weight. Heavy, burly clients require larger...

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Mercury Drug

Business name: mercury drugs Logo Product: pharmacy, drug BagumbayanStreet, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines (1945) The company began in 1945 with a single drugstore owned by Mariano Que. He named it after Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, whose caduceus is sometimes used as a symbol of medicine. The store began cutting packaged, bulk items into single pieces and selling them individually; this practise is colloquially called tingí-tingì in Filipino. Upon the invitation...

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