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  • Northern Luzon

    Chapter 14: Northern Luzon I. THE IGOROTS A. Mining Communities 1. Mine fields of Igorots were located 1000 meters above sea level where temperatures could drop to near freezing. 2. Mine fields drained into the Agno and Angalacan rivers carry enough gold to make panning in riverbed placers profitable in the rainy season. 3. Refined gold was bartered with Pangasinan and Ilocano partners for rice‚ domestic animals‚ cloth etc. B. The People 1. Igorots have lighter skin than lowlanders‚ shoulder-length

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  • Southern Luzon State

    APPENDIX A Questionnaire Republic of the Philippines SOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY Gumaca Campus Gumaca‚ Quezon Software Acceptability and Features | Rating | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | A. Functionality of the Propose System | | | | | 1. The system can accept organized data | | | | | 2. The system has the ability to be used by the admin‚ manager and user | | | | | 3. The system operates in real time | | | | | 4. The system prevents unauthorized person

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  • History: Luzon and Philippine Folk Dances

    Pandanggo sa Ilaw Luzon Folk Dance (Candle Dance) Pandanggo sa Ilaw - This popular dance of grace and balance comes from Lubang Island‚ Mindoro in the Visayas region. The term pandanggo comes from the Spanish word fandango‚ which is a dance characterized by lively steps and clapping that varies in rhythm in 3/4 time. This particular pandanggo involves the presence of three tinggoy or oil lamps‚ balanced on the head and the back of each hand. . It is said to have originated from Mindoro‚ the seventh-largest

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    CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY Science City of Munoz‚ Nueva Ecija OFFICE OF ADMISSION OAD FORM 6 Student’s Copy 2nd Semester SY 2014-2015 REG_CODE NAME COLLEGE CURR_YR 142164614 ID_NO 14-1646 JOSON‚ MARC CHRISTIAN DC. CEN AGE 16 BSAEn1-1 GENDER Male SCODE CAT_NO DAY 1 4001 CHEM 103 LEC M_W_ 2 4002 CHEM 103 LAB A Th_ 3 4004 COMSCI 100 LEC W_ 4 4006 COMSCI 100 LAB B M_ 5 4007 ENGL 105 T_F_ 6 4008 FILI 105 W_F_ 7 4009 HIST 100 T_F_ 8 4010 MATH 105 T_Th_ 9 4011 PI 100 T_F_ 10 4012 PE 105 Th_

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  • Proposal for Automated Speed Radars for North Luzon Expressway

    Proposal for Automated Speed Radars for North Luzon Expressway I. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose This document purposes an automated method teaching the speed violators at North Luzon Expressway. The automation system is necessary to easily detect those violators who are going beyond the speed limit and to improve the security in NLEX. 1.2 Background The North Luzon Expressway or NLEX runs a total distance of 84 kilometers from Balintawak‚ Quezon City to Sta. Ines‚ Pampanga.

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  • Dances of Luzon

    Dances of Luzon ( see side bar for pictures of many of the dances ) 1. * Dance: Idaw This dance sometimes has many names and different versions. Most common is this dance depicts the hunting ritual performed before a tribal war. The tribes men would go out and look up and watch for the scared Idaw bird. Which is said to lead the tribe to victory. Also look at the clothing‚ Philippines being a very hot climate‚ plus the use of as little material as possible‚ the traditional clothing was not

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  • Most Destructive Known Earthquakes

    areas: Mindanao and Borneo Cotabato Chinese School Gymnasium. Tamontaka Church before the earthquake.  Tamontaka Church after the earthquake. 2.) 1645 Luzon Earthquake - 600 deaths (Spaniards only) One of the deadliest earthquakes and was dubbed as the "most terrible earthquake" in the recorded history of the Philippines is the 1645 Luzon Earthquake. During this time‚ only Spaniards

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  • Formation Of The Philippine Islands

    Formation of the Philippine Islands The Indo-Australian plate is found south of the Eurasian and the Philippine Seaplates. It is generally oceanic‚ being submerged by Indian and Pacific Oceans‚ but it holds two gigantic land masses – the island continent of Australia and Indian subcontinent. Recent researches‚ however‚ show that these two land masses are moving independently of each other‚ thus‚ may actually be parts of separate plates. The Philippine Sea plate is found east of the Eurasian

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  • Current Enrollment System

    System in Southern Luzon State University Judge Guillermo Eleazar S.Y. 2012-2013 A Research Project Presented to the Faculty of Southern Luzon State University Judge Guillermo Eleazar In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology John Franz Louie L. Mendoza Glenn Patrick C. Escasura Jeric F. Dellosa Approval Sheet The research project entitled “Enrollment System: A new Solution system for Southern Luzon State University-Judge

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  • Economic Growth and Development Paper - Nlex

    NORTH LUZON EXPRESSWAY (NLEX) A. Significance of Toll Road Industry and the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Concession in the Philippine Economy Viewed from the perspective of the total road network of the Philippines having 202‚000 km.‚ the current length of all tolled expressways (about 320 km.) in the country represent a mere 0.16%. At the same time‚ all are operating and located in the Mega Manila area traversing the National Capital Region and nearby provinces in Central Luzon and

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