Northern Luzon
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Chapter 14: Northern Luzon
A. Mining Communities
1. Mine fields of Igorots were located 1000 meters above sea level where temperatures could drop to near freezing.
2. Mine fields drained into the Agno and Angalacan rivers carry enough gold to make panning in riverbed placers profitable in the rainy season.
3. Refined gold was bartered with Pangasinan and Ilocano partners for rice, domestic animals, cloth etc.
B. The People
1. Igorots have lighter skin than lowlanders, shoulder-length hair and were also muscular and war-like.
2. They took head in war and sometimes captives for slave labor in the mines.
3. They celebrated victories with feasting of sacrificial hogs and cattles; skulls and bones were hung on houses as display of chiefly prestige.
C. Government and Religions
1. They had the so called Igorot Chiefs who ranked according to the number of animals they had butchered during a lifetime of prestige feast.
2. Their God was called Cabunian to whom they make offerings and sacrifice pigs and carabaos at their feast and banquets.
3. Religious ceremonies were held in the house of the wealthy person and it lasted for two-three days.
4. Ancestor worship is indicated by the expensive obsequies.
D. Ifugao (Igorot) epic culture
1. Ifugao epic cycle is called Hudhud while harvest songs are individual episodes which are commonly chanted to relieve the boredom of labor.
2. Ifugao epic is an aristocratic form of literature and its protagonists are all members of an elite class called kadangyan.
3. Ifugaos’ religious practitioners are male priests who must be familiar with the different deities and memorize long myths because those are recited during religious ceremonies.
E. Ifugao Material Culture
1. Ifugao houses display a unique style.
a. One-room wooden cubicles on four posts with cylindrical rat guards
b. Pyramidal thatched roof which descends to the level of the floor outside.
2. During Uya-uy feast, the greatest Kadangyan wear

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