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  • Casa Manila

    Casa Manila With the intention of understanding how Filipinos lived during the Spanish colonial era‚ we took a class trip to Casa Manila‚ a reconstructed Spanish colonial mansion of the mid-1800s‚ having in mind that we would get to see or have a preview of how the architecture was during the Spanish colonial period. Through taking a glimpse into a reconstructed replica of an original Spanish period house‚ we thought that the structure would enlighten us as to what the living conditions were like

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  • manila galleons

    The Manila Galleons Solongo Munkhsukh Colorado Heights University The Manila Galleons (1565 – 1815) There were extremely valuable ships called the “the manila galleons”‚ traveling between the Philippines and Acapulco‚ Mexico. As they describe the galleon at the Denver Art Museum “The salt cellar has a cut crystal base‚ a ship’s pearl-studded rigging‚ enamel sails‚ and flags bearing the coats-of-arms of several noble houses‚ as well as tiny

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  • Manila and Rizal

    Rizal Essay Even if this great man lived a century and a half ago‚ his teachings and the ideals he embodied are still alive today. In fact‚ there is a little bit of Jose Rizal in everyone if you only take a close look. He would probably squander his fortunes by now‚ because he loves women‚ and he is probably working as on OFW maybe as a Mercenary for a private military company abroad. Or he immigrated to Spain and worked as a Physician... And enjoys the weekend at the beach with his girlfriends‚

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  • Torre de Manila

    Torre de Manila: The biggest Photobomber “To foretell the destiny of a nation‚ it is necessary to open a book that tells of her past.” These wise words were said by our Philippine National Hero‚ Dr. Jose Rizal. Indeed‚ one has to ponder on the past in order to determine what future is ahead. Although it may not be the case when the Manila City government issued the building permit for the DMCI Homes‚ the developer of the most controversial Torre de Manila‚ who is dubbed as the “biggest photobomber”

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  • Manila Ocean Park

    cost of P1.2-billion. The park first opened on July 28‚ 1995. | San Lorenzo South Village‚ Santa Rosa City‚ Laguna‚ Philippines | Manila Zoo | It serves as one of the educational centers in the country where the viewing public can observe‚ discover and learn interesting facts about the beauty of Philippine fauna and flora. | Quirino Ave.‚ Adriatico St.‚ Malate Manila Luzon Philippines | Fantasy World |  Is a non-stock‚ non-profit corporation established primarily as a membership club which will

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  • Manila Trip

    Metro Manila is the capital city and overlooks Manila Bay. A bustling modern city‚ it comes alive at night with a host of vibrant bars‚ nightclubs‚ karaoke clubs‚ discotheques and pubs. Many tourists take flights from Manila to islands like Cebu; one of the larger islands with beautiful tropical beaches being the main draw. Mactan Island is best for water sports such as parasailing‚ windsurfing and jet skiing. With shallow crystal clear waters‚ there are also numerous dive sites. A definite side

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  • Manila Museum

    Manila Museums Manila’s history has seen it exposed to a variety of international influences and this has certainly played a major role in contributing to the cultural venues and museums that it now has to offer. The National Museum of the Philippines is arguably the highlight of this cultural scene in Manila and the one place not to miss‚ especially if you are at all interested in the events of the past in the city itself and other parts of the country too. Also very popular in Manila is the

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  • Manila: a Beautiful City

    MANILA: A Beautiful City The Manila tour was a very challenging and interesting experience for me‚ since I am not that familiar with those places that we have gone by. Although really very tiring‚ I had fun throughout the trip and enjoyed it so much. Our group did the tour last August 8‚ a Monday. First stop was the famous church here in Manila‚ the Quiapo church. The church is located in "old" Manila just north of the Intramuros. It is known for the Black Nazarene statue that is paraded through

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  • The Battle Of Manila Bay

    The Battle of Manila Bay Megan Howard On April 30‚ 1898‚ six American warships and three support vessels (the American Asiatic Squadron) entered Manila Bay in the Spanish Philippines. This would become the first major battle of the Spanish-American War. Leading the pack was Commodore George Dewey who was aboard the USS Olympia. The ships were made of steel and powered by coal-fired steam engines; also on board were electrical generators which ridding the need for lanterns to light the lower decks

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  • The Battle of Manila Bay

    The Battle of Manila Bay George Dewey‚ then a Commodore United States Navy’s Asiatic Squadron was waiting in Hong Kong when He received a cable from the then secretary of Navy‚Theodore Roosevelt‚ stating that the war had begun between the US and Spain. Dewey sailed from Hong Kong on board his flagship Olympia with six other heavily armed ships. He brought with him a report on the location of the Spanish ships in Corregidor and Manila at dawn of May 1‚ 1898. Dewey entered Manila Bay almost undetected

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