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Casa Manila With the intention of understanding how Filipinos lived during the Spanish colonial era, we took a class trip to Casa Manila, a reconstructed Spanish colonial mansion of the mid-1800s, having in mind that we would get to see or have a preview of how the architecture was during the Spanish colonial period. Through taking a glimpse into a reconstructed replica of an original Spanish period house, we thought that the structure would enlighten us as to what the living conditions were...

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Manila Zoo Background

MANILA ZOOLOGICAL AND BOTANICAL GARDEN HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden or Manila Zoo emerged from the ashes of World War II, a proud monument of man’s innate love of nature and its multitude of creatures. This showcase of then Mayor Arsenio H. Lacson’s vision was born on May 18, 1959 by virtue of City Ordinance No. 4135 and inaugurated on July 25, 1959. Mayor Antonio Z. Villegas’ Executive Order No. 10, dated February 1, 1967, integrated into one office the Division...

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Manila Museum

Manila Museums Manila's history has seen it exposed to a variety of international influences and this has certainly played a major role in contributing to the cultural venues and museums that it now has to offer. The National Museum of the Philippines is arguably the highlight of this cultural scene in Manila and the one place not to miss, especially if you are at all interested in the events of the past in the city itself and other parts of the country too. Also very popular in Manila is the...

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Manila-Tagaytay Tour

Reaction Paper (BSBA MANILA-TAGAYTAY TOUR) “It doesn’t matter where you go, what matters is what learning you will gain from that place and what adventure could you do to make it another one memorable chapter of your life, together with the people you are with and the experiences that you will have.” Great Fun! Friendship! Expectations! Smiles! Excitement! These were the words that best describe our 3 days tour. Fact, more words could describe what we had in Manila and Tagaytay but these...

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The Plight of Manila Zoo's Elephant, Mali.

The plight of Manila Zoo’s elephant, Mali Mali, the 38-year-old female elephant, has been living in an enclosure in a small enclosure of Manila Zoo for thirty-four years. In 1979 Mali was given by the government of Sri Lanka to the Republic of the Philippines as a form of a gift between two nations. After three decades of captivity in a concrete enclosure, a new opportunity has opened for the lonely elephant to spend her remaining days in the wild. PETA Asia, along with other animal activists...

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Metro Manila and Quezon City

tattoos Eternal Death Wake 9: Halloween at Ghost Harbour Time: 8 p.m. Venue: Inggo's Grill, Roxas Boulevard, Manila Description: Features live performances by Anhura, Names Are For Tombstones, Switch, Solinari, Oremuz and Joelen Mingi of German goth-rock band The Angina Pectoris Entrance fee: P150 (inclusive of free beer) October Masquerade Time :5 p.m. Venue: Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City Fright Fest: A Rockin' Halloween Concert Time: 5 p.m. Venue: Eastwood City Walk, Libis, Quezon...

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The Great Flood of Metro Manila

Saturday, September 26, it is way beyond words what Metro Manila has gone through in the hands of the recent storm, Ketsana. With the unusual amount of rain that Ketsana brought, it flooded where it never flooded before. Water seeped into houses and in a matter of minutes, reached 30 feet. The speed of the flood took everyone by surprise. People have gone to their rooftops or their neighbor’s roofs to save themselves. Rich or poor, everyone was caught off guard and no one was spared in this massive...

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Traffic Problems in Manila

Traffic Problem and Situation in Metro Manila I. Highlights of Online Sources The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will rehabilitate the stretch of the EDSA (Epifanio Delos Santo Avenue) and the construction of a flyover to cross over the EDSA-Taft Avenue intersection. It will begin in May 2013 and estimated to be a Php 3.7 billion project with expected 23 months of completion. The project has three phases, first, it will start from Roxas Boulevard in Pasay to Julia Vargas Avenue...

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Manila City Jail

Manila City Jail (Old Bilibid Prison) - Male Dormitory (Manila) Philippines / National Capital Region / Manila / C. M. Recto Ave., corner Quezon Blvd. The Manila City Jail (MCJ) has been ravaged by time. It is under-staffed, overcrowded, and its facilities in disrepair. Originally built by the Spaniards in the 19th Century, “Bilibid”, as it is commonly known, was home to prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation of Manila in World War II. Today it houses over 3,700 inmates - a 4x overcapacity...

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Effects of 2013 Gdp Growth on Micro-Enterprises in Sta. Mesa, Manila: an Analysis

POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY AND FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF BANKING AND FINANCE STA. MESA, MANILA ------------------------------------------------- Effects of 2013 GDP Growth on Micro-Enterprises In Sta. Mesa, Manila: An Analysis ------------------------------------------------- In Partial Fullfilment Of The Requirement Of The Degree Bachelor In Banking And Finance ------------------------------------------------- By: AMIEL C. MANANGHAYA BBF 4-10S 2013 AUGUST...

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