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MANILA ZOOLOGICAL AND BOTANICAL GARDEN HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden or Manila Zoo emerged from the ashes of World War II, a proud monument of man’s innate love of nature and its multitude of creatures. This showcase of then Mayor Arsenio H. Lacson’s vision was born on May 18, 1959 by virtue of City Ordinance No. 4135 and inaugurated on July 25, 1959. Mayor Antonio Z. Villegas’ Executive Order No. 10, dated February 1, 1967, integrated into one office the Division...

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Manila Museum

Manila Museums Manila's history has seen it exposed to a variety of international influences and this has certainly played a major role in contributing to the cultural venues and museums that it now has to offer. The National Museum of the Philippines is arguably the highlight of this cultural scene in Manila and the one place not to miss, especially if you are at all interested in the events of the past in the city itself and other parts of the country too. Also very popular in Manila is the...

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Manila-Tagaytay Tour

Reaction Paper (BSBA MANILA-TAGAYTAY TOUR) “It doesn’t matter where you go, what matters is what learning you will gain from that place and what adventure could you do to make it another one memorable chapter of your life, together with the people you are with and the experiences that you will have.” Great Fun! Friendship! Expectations! Smiles! Excitement! These were the words that best describe our 3 days tour. Fact, more words could describe what we had in Manila and Tagaytay but these...

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The Rizal Park Hostage Crisis in Manila

he Manila hostage crisis, officially known as the Rizal Park hostage-taking incident,[3] occurred when a dismissed Philippine National Police officer took over a tourist bus in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines on August 23, 2010. Disgruntled former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza of the Manila Police District (MPD) hijacked a tourist bus carrying 25 people (20 tourists and a tour guide from Hong Kong, and four Filipinos) in an attempt to get his job back.[4] He said that he had been summarily and...

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Metro Manila and Quezon City

tattoos Eternal Death Wake 9: Halloween at Ghost Harbour Time: 8 p.m. Venue: Inggo's Grill, Roxas Boulevard, Manila Description: Features live performances by Anhura, Names Are For Tombstones, Switch, Solinari, Oremuz and Joelen Mingi of German goth-rock band The Angina Pectoris Entrance fee: P150 (inclusive of free beer) October Masquerade Time :5 p.m. Venue: Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City Fright Fest: A Rockin' Halloween Concert Time: 5 p.m. Venue: Eastwood City Walk, Libis, Quezon...

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Manila City Jail

Manila City Jail (Old Bilibid Prison) - Male Dormitory (Manila) Philippines / National Capital Region / Manila / C. M. Recto Ave., corner Quezon Blvd. The Manila City Jail (MCJ) has been ravaged by time. It is under-staffed, overcrowded, and its facilities in disrepair. Originally built by the Spaniards in the 19th Century, “Bilibid”, as it is commonly known, was home to prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation of Manila in World War II. Today it houses over 3,700 inmates - a 4x overcapacity...

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Effects of 2013 Gdp Growth on Micro-Enterprises in Sta. Mesa, Manila: an Analysis

POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY AND FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF BANKING AND FINANCE STA. MESA, MANILA ------------------------------------------------- Effects of 2013 GDP Growth on Micro-Enterprises In Sta. Mesa, Manila: An Analysis ------------------------------------------------- In Partial Fullfilment Of The Requirement Of The Degree Bachelor In Banking And Finance ------------------------------------------------- By: AMIEL C. MANANGHAYA BBF 4-10S 2013 AUGUST...

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Traffic Problems in Manila

Traffic Problem and Situation in Metro Manila I. Highlights of Online Sources The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will rehabilitate the stretch of the EDSA (Epifanio Delos Santo Avenue) and the construction of a flyover to cross over the EDSA-Taft Avenue intersection. It will begin in May 2013 and estimated to be a Php 3.7 billion project with expected 23 months of completion. The project has three phases, first, it will start from Roxas Boulevard in Pasay to Julia Vargas Avenue...

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Manila: a Beautiful City

MANILA: A Beautiful City The Manila tour was a very challenging and interesting experience for me, since I am not that familiar with those places that we have gone by. Although really very tiring, I had fun throughout the trip and enjoyed it so much. Our group did the tour last August 8, a Monday. First stop was the famous church here in Manila, the Quiapo church. The church is located in "old" Manila just north of the Intramuros. It is known for the Black Nazarene statue that is paraded through...

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Metro Manila and Gross Group Sales

shopping areas. Penshoppe further crossed barriers in 2002 by launching the brand in Xiamen, China extending its brand-building expertise beyond the national borders. Penshoppe unveiled its mid-year collection in a fashion show titled “Stylescape: Manila” during the recent Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2009 last May 30, at the Main Atrium of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Penshoppe models, led by Club Pen members Akihiro Sato, Victor Basa, Solenn Heusaff, Melissa Ricks, JC Tiuseco...

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Social and Economic Development Towards Sustainability in Tondo, Manila

ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING Social and Economic Development towards Sustainability in Tondo, Manila I. Abstract Every day, people suffer from hunger, poverty, and pollution as a result of a low economic standard of a locale. It is caused by either the misleading of the government or the community or society itself, their lack of obedience to higher authority. The main problem in this locality involves the social, environmental, and political aspects within. For this reason, the community within...

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Methodology: Metro Manila and Caloocan City

Research Locale The researchers conducted the study in the vicinity of Caloocan City area. Caloocan City is located in the northern part of Metropolitan Manila. The city is divided into two parts: the urban portion, which was bounded on the north part of Malabon, on the east of Quezon City, on the south of Manila and Navotas, and on the west of Manila Bay; the rural portion, bounded on the north by San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan, on the east and south of Quezon City, and on the west of Valenzuela. It...

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Mycological Quality of Sweetened Mung Beans Vended in the Public Market of Paco, Manila, Philippines

Quality of Sweetened Mung Beans Vended in the Public Market of Paco, Manila, Philippines Roxanne Mikaela Theryss S. Dalistan1, Ian Wilburt M. Oliva1, Jillian Louisse D. Magtalas1, Jiuliano Angelo M. Rodriguez1, Jayson G. Chavez1, 2 1Malayan High School of Science 8013 Paz Guanzon St. Pandacan Manila, Philippines 1011 2Graduate School and Research Center for the Natural Sciences University of Santo Tomas, España Manila, Philippines 1015 __________________________________________________________________________________ ...

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Metro Manila and Km Away Address

Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines View The Medical City - Ortigas Avenue Approx 1.905 KM away Address: Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines View Pasig City General Hospital Approx 1.945 KM away Address: Pasig City, Philippines View Pasig City Childrens Hospital Approx 1.977 KM away Address: Industria, Pasig City, Philippines View Pasig General Hospital Approx 1.988 KM away Address: 138 F. Legaspi Ectension, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines View Sabater...

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Metro Manila University Case Analysis

 Metro Manila University Case Study Submitted by: Group 6 Members February 19, 2013 Signature Ivy Silvano Wilson Tan Emilio Tecson Ethel Tubio Alexa Vania Villanueva Submitted to: Dr. Mirabelle Jordan-Engcoy CENTRAL PROBELEM How can Mr Aragon make the cashier come to terms to an agreement of efficiently holding the ₱50 Million of cash? OBJECTIVES 1. To have a good relationship between Mr Aragon and the cashier 2. To prove Mr...

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Manila Water Company

COMPANY PROFILE Manila Water Company ​ The true value of water is realized only when there is lack of it. It’s also why this is often taken for granted; water is so much a part of our everyday lives that the concept of not having it is too overwhelming. Unfortunately, this was once a way of life those Metro Manila residents faced every day.  Before 1997, the capital’s water supply and distribution was in disarray. Communal water sources were shared by hundreds of families who had to line up for...

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City of Dreams - Manila

CITY OF DREAMS Manila A New Era of Entertainment City of Dreams Manila is unlike anything you have experienced before. Envision a world of exhilarating gaming spaces, world-class dining experiences, plush accommodations, and awesome play. Find your own place in this integrated urban resort. A new era of entertainment is about to begin in Manila. Overview: • was recently opened last year, December 14 th • A 1.13 Billion integrated resort and casino by Henry Sy and Macau’s Melco Crown Entertainment...

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Manila Grand Opera Hotel

History Manila Grand Opera Hotel The Manila Grand Opera House was built in the mid-19th century as the H.T. Hashim’s National Cycle Track, a circular wooden structure with a nipa roof. 1890, the name was changed to the Teatro Nacional (National Theater), where the Russian Circus and some American theater companies performed. The name was subsequently changed to the Manila Grand Opera House after an extensive expansion of the original theater and its conversion to an opera house in time for the...

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like owned property. In the 16th century, the Spanish missionaries protested to the king about keeping of slaves in the Philippines. Galleon Trade and Subsidy from Mexico It was named after the sailing ship which sailed once a year from Manila to Acapulco, Mexico and back. Products includes ( silk, porcelain, cloth, hemp, cigars, silver pesos, wines, woods, sardines, official documents). Real Situado-Royal Subsidy – The Spanish colonial government always needed money to keep on running...

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Metro Manila and Philippine Youth Congress

giving participants a rare chance to know the latest IT breakthroughs, establish a network of contacts and see how the field looks like. September 11, 2012 at 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon is the day when we’re all excited to pack our things going to Manila. We’re actually going there because we have a three days Educational trip or should I say we’re going to attend a seminar at UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES– Diliman Quezon City. We as the participant will draw a total of 125 including 6 ISU faculty...

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Hotel and Metro Manila

the extent or limitation of it is based on the needs and the purpose of the guests/strangers. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This study focused on the Effectiveness of selected Hotel and Restaurant Management in Metro Manila. This study seems reasonable within the vicinity of Metro Manila. The selected Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students and selected employees in Hotel and Restaurants were the respondents of this research. Knowing the Effectiveness of Hotel and Restaurant...

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Antipolo by Amorsolo

Philippine landscapes. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light. Born in Paco, Manila, he earned a degree from the Liceo de Manila Art School in 1909.[2][3][4] Born Fernando Cueto Amorsolo May 30, 1892 Paco, Manila, Spanish East Indies (now Philippines) Died April 24, 1972 (aged 79) Manila, Philippines Nationality Filipino Education Liceo de Manila, University of the Philippines, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando Known for Painting Notable...

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the start of revolution with the leadership of Andres Bonifacio. The Katipunan, son of the people teared their cedula that shows that as from that moment then they were not as under of the Spaniards. Rizal graduated from Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He obtained a Land Surveyor and Assessor Degree. He also studied Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Arts and Letters. And, this was not all; he registered for the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery...

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Economics and Utility Vans

struggles in Manila Port. II. Time Context: The problem arose on September 2014. III. Statement of the Problem: Last September 2014, the truck ban was no longer effective but the port is still congested. If it is not solved this early 2015, it’s hard for our country to achieve a high economic growth rate. What is the best alternative on order to solve the problem? IV. Statement of Objectives: This study aims to achieve the following goals: 1. Lessen the utilization rate of the Manila Port either...

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Chapter 20 of Rizal's Life, Works and Writings

by Families from the Phil. Isalands) * La Mano Roja (The Red Hand) * Constitution of the La Liga Filipina * Decision to Return to Manila * Reason why Rizal made up his mind to return in Manila in May 1892: * To confer with Governor Despujol concerning Borneo colonization project * To establish La Liga Filipina in Manila * To prove that Eduardo de Lete was wrong in attacking him in Madrid that he (Rizal), being comfortable and safe in Hongkong had abandoned...

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Worldwide Manila BBDO Guerrero Ortega / Proximity Philippines TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno JWT Manila DM9 JaymeSyfu Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Leo Burnett Manila Campaigns & Grey DDB Philippines Lowe Inc. Selecta Cornetto (20 pesos) Client: Unilever – RFM Selecta Agency: Lowe Philippines Inc. McDonalds (Karen po) Agency: Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide Phils. Co. Inc. Fita (Kahilingan ) Agency: Lowe Philippines Inc. Fita (Funny Commercial ) Agency: Publicis Manila Coca Cola...

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to Generate Participation in Professional Organization in De la Salle University –Manila. Submitted To: Ms. Erlinda Pangan CBESTA1 Professor Submitted By: Alba, Viceni Castromayor, Nico Mendoza, Martin Montalbo, Katriziah Villadolid, Martin I. INTRODUCTION Background of the study De La Salle University – Manila, a prominent university located along the streets of the great city of Manila. De La Salle University alongside with 3 other universities just switch places amongst...

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History of Philippine Flag

(locally called "kundiman"). The color red symbolized the courage of the Katipuneros who stood ready to fight for freedom and shed their blood if need be. This was the flag which was unfurled during the "First Cry of Nationhood" at the vicinity of North Manila in August 1896. Early Katipunan One-K Flag. In some localities, only one while letter K was placed on a rectangular piece of red cloth. The Second Katipunan Flag (1892). A red flag with the three white letter Ks...

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Life Is a Journey

sixteenth year in earth, it is the time when I have to decide what course I should take and what school to spend my college life with. Finally, I reached into a conclusion that I will take up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in San Beda College-Manila. At present, I am in the second semester of my first year in San Beda. To be honest, my parents were able to send me in this school because of the scholarship that was granted to me for being a high school valedictorian in my former alma mater, Puerto...

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resources. It is evident that education and competitive athletics did not receive much attention from them. However, historical facts seem to point out that more extensive and organized athletics were introduced by the Americans since they landed in Manila on December 10, 1896. While the United States armed forces were busy establishing the military government, the soldiers were playing games among themselves such as baseball, basketball, and track and field. At the same time, The Philippine public...

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practicum report in adobo connection

PRACTICUM REPORT ON MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY (MIAA) MIAA ROAD PASAY CITY, MANILA Lyceum of the Philippines University College of International Tourism and Management Intramuros, Manila Submitted to: Ms. Princess Berba Practicum Adviser Submitted by: Rachel Claudine A. Serrano 576 A San Andres Street Malate, Manila Submitted On: I. INTRODUCTION In order to address the continuing increase in the number of air passengers, the Manila International Airport Authority...

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History of Nursing in the Philippine

cane close to the head of the sufferer. Health Care During the Spanish Regime The religious orders exerted their efforts to care for the sick by building hospitals in different parts of the Philippines. The earliest hospitals were: Hospital Real de Manila (1577) – it was established mainly to care for the Spanish king’s soldiers, but also admitted Spanish civilians; founded by Gov. Francisco de Sande. San Lazaro Hospital (1578) – founded by Brother Juan Clemente and was administered for many years...

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Spanish and american colonization in the past years in the philippines

strength of the Katipunan at 100,000 to 400,000 members. Historian Teodoro Agoncillo estimated that the membership had increased to around 30,000 by 1896. The Ilocano writer Isabelo de los Reyes estimated membership at 15,000 to 50,000. Aside from Manila, the Katipunan also had sizeable chapters in Batangas, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija. There were also smaller chapters in Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Pangasinan and the Bicol region. The Katipunan founders spent their...

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the moro’s outputs in lubang island. 1st attempt to conquer manila .a muslim kingdom that was being by sulayman .martin de goiti with juan salcedo together with 120 spaniards and 600 visayans warriors attacked manila. They demanded sulayman to recognized the Spanish savereignity. 280 spaniards and 600 visayans warriors 2nd Conguest of manila The eventualy lead to battle of Bangkusay on june 3’ 1571 On june 24 ‘ 1571 manila was declared as the insigne siempre leal ciudad or distinguished...

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Ang Kiukok

Metropolitan Museum of Manila held a retrospective of his works in the yr. 2000.  Named as a National Artist for Visual Arts last 2001, by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Death: May 9, 2005 “Ang Kiukok’s grave at the Libingan ng mga Bayani” Kiukok’s ACHIEVEMENTS… 1961- Outstanding Overseas Chinese in Art Award Outstanding Citizen, awarded by the City of Manila 1978- UST outstanding Alumnus Award 1978- Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan Award, from the City of Manila 1980- Mobil Art Award...

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Causes and Effects of Prostitution

rape of native women by the Spaniards created a reserve of “fallen” women who became available to service not only the homesick Spanish troops and dignities, but also the friars.  By the 19th century, prostitution was an occupation for women in Manila. 2. Prostitution during the time of the American Occupation in the Philippines  The outbreak of the Philippine-American War in 1899 and subsequent American rules led to the further entrenchment and proliferation of prostitution.  Olongapo was...

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Philippine Essay

and native dissatisfaction, as with every conquest, fusion of the nation in physical and spiritual terms took place.The first expedition to Manila in 1570 was led by Martin de Goiti and Legazpi's 18-year old grandson, Juan de Salcedo. The latter would provide a glamorous, dashing figure to the Legazpi chapter in the Philippines.Rajah Soliman, chieftain of Manila, and Goiti entered into a blood compact. But that was nullified when Goiti fired a short, ostensibly to recall a boat he had sent off on an...

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Scope, Delimitation, and Limitations of the Study In this study it is concerned about what are the benefits of educational tour in all of the HRM Students in Centro Escolar University Manila all year levels. Also they are gather here in the study how can they use it in our entire life. And have something and have an idea why can schools like CEU wants to have tour or trips in different places and explore more things and to know the capabilities why educational trips is very important for...

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Pedro Paterno - Proponent of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato

(1858-1911) Proponent of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato Pedro Alejandro Paterno was born in Santa Cruz, Manila on February 27, 1858 to the affluent couple, Maximo Molo Paterno and Carmen de Vera Ignacio. His father, a rich Filipino with Chinese ancestry, was exiled to Guam for complicity in the Cavite Mutiny of 1872. In 1871, Paterno graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He pursued further studies in Spain at the Seminario Conciliar de Salamanca for his philosophy...

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Swot Analysis of Manila Ocean Park

Management A SWOT Analysis on “MANILA OCEAN PARK” In Partial Fulfilment of the subject Recreation Management For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Submitted by: Gorospe Erika S. Maraan Joanna Mae H. Montoya Viromica S. Submitted to: Ms. Grace B. Gison March 10, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT INTRODUCTION A. Name and General Location * Manila Ocean Park * Behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines B. Company /...

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Medication Error

Nursing Education and Training, September 14-17, 2010 at the HRM Training Center, St. Paul University Manila ➢ 30th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting “Delivering Quality Nursing Care, Serving Communities: The Challenge to the Filipino Nurses Leading Chronic Care” By: Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. Manila Chapter, August 5-6, 2010 at Philippine Columbian, Plaza Dilao, Paco, Manila ➢ “Baby, Baby...Bakit ka ayaw ng body ni Mommy???”: A Seminar on Antiphospholipid Antibody...

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Illegal Logging a Major Factor in Flood Devastation of Philippines

Illegal logging a major factor in flood devastation of Philippines MANILA (AFP) Dec 01, 2004 Decades of illegal logging, unusually high rainfall and geography have all contributed to the devastation wrought by storms that have lashed the Philippines, the government and environmentalists say. With hundreds dead or missing in floods and landslides in Quezon, Nueva Ecija and Aurora provinces, blame has fallen on illegal loggers who have stripped hillsides bare and turned lush green forests into death...

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Squatting in the Philippines

capital, which is Manila?   The country I came from is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. Tourist just can’t get enough of its people’s hospitality, the tropical climate it possess, white sand beaches washed by clear blue waters of the sea, lustrous forest, vast stretches of green fields planted with rice, colorful jeepneys and a wide variety of sumptuous food. But not everyone knows that it is also plagued with squatter areas even in fully developed cities like Manila.   First, let...

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Philippine History of Jose Rizal

young age of five Rizal showed signs of his intelligence by already knowing the alphabet, and skill with artistry. By the age of sixteen Rizal received his Bachelor of Arts with an “excellent” rating. He earned his degree at Ateneo Municipal de Manila. After Ateneo he took classes at University of Santa Tomas where he learned letters and philosophy. During his time at Santa Tomas he simultaneously earned a degree of surveyor and expert assessor from Anteneo. When Jose learned that his mother...

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Proposal: Medical Service Facilities

I. System Name: MEDIKSYS II. Field Industry: Medical Industry (Clinic/Hospital) III. Target Company: Clinica Terencio and Hospital A. Business Address: 185 J. P. Rizal Street, Maypajo, Caloocan City, 1400, Metro Manila B. Contact person: Emmanuel Terencio, M.D., FPAFP, DFM C. Contact number: (02) 287-21-86 / (02) 288-24-65 IV. System Overview Mediksys is a clinic management system designed to help the clinica terencio and hospital in managing their patient record and accommodating during...

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planning to keep up with the ever-growing modernization of Manila became imperative. The Intramuros Administration was created by virtue of a Presidential Decree 1616 signed by President Marcos on 10 April 1979, amended by PD 1748 on 10 December 1980. The implementing rules and regulations governing the development of Intramuros were adopted and promulgated on 27 April 1981. The office on the 5th floor, Palacio del Gobernador near the majestic Manila Cathedral, was a brainchild of then Budget Minister...

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Juan Luna

family moved to Manila and he went to Ateneo Municipal de Manila where he obtained hisBachelor of Arts degree. He excelled in painting and drawing, and was influenced by his brother, Manuel Luna, who, according to Filipino patriot José Rizal, was a better painter than Juan himself. Luna enrolled at Escuela Nautica de Manila (now Philippine Merchant Marine Academy) and became a sailor. He took drawing lessons under the illustrious painting teacher Lorenzo Guerrero of Ermita, Manila. He also enrolled...

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BS Chemistry (Course Description and Requirements) in the Philippines

University of the Philippines, Manila (Manila, Metro Manila) - BS in Chemistry (4 yrs.) Ateneo de Davao University (Davao City, Davao Region) - BS in Chemistry (4 yrs.) - MS in Chemistry(2 yrs.) University of the Philippines Los Banos (Los Banos, Laguna) - BS in Chemistry - MS in Chemistry Philippine Normal University (Manila, Metro Manila) - BS in Chemistry for teachers - MS in Chemistry Ateneo de Manila University (Quezon City, Metro Manila) - BS in Chemistry - MS in Chemistry ...

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Corregidor Island

Mindanao. Its capital city is Manila. The country is known for its very rich culture, history, scenic spots and most especially by being hospitable due to warmth acceptance given to the guest. One of the places that are mostly visit by the tourists is the Corregidor Island and probably the most historical place in the country. Corregidor is a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers west of Manila which is strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay and is a part of the municipality...

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and Sofia Sionil. He is married to Maria Teresa Jovellanos, father of seven children. He helped support his family at a young age raising hogs and working as a farmer. He studied at the Rosales Elementary School, Far Eastern University High School, Manila College of Pharmacy and Dentistry and the University of Santo Tomas (UST). He took literal arts in UST and became an editor in chief of “The Varsitarian” and “Commonwealth”. He became inspired because of the works of Dr. Jose Rizal. He has great...

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Spanish Educational System

Tagalog grammar written by Fr. Francisco Blancas de San Jose. Doctrina Christiana en lengua espanola y Tagala was the first book printed in the Philippines in about 1590 to 1592. the goal of the book was to propagate the Christian teachings around Manila. Other books: * Doctrina Christiana letra y lengua China * Tratado de la Doctrina de la Santa Iglesia y de Ciencias naturales written by Fr. Juan de Cobo (1593) Pedro Chirino and Francisco Martin had established a school for Visayan boys...

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Casa Manila

Casa Manila With the intention of understanding how Filipinos lived during the Spanish colonial era, we took a class trip to Casa Manila, a reconstructed Spanish colonial mansion of the mid-1800s, having in mind that we would get to see or have a preview of how the architecture was during the Spanish colonial period. Through taking a glimpse into a reconstructed replica of an original Spanish period house, we thought that the structure would enlighten us as to what the living conditions were...

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Rizal Works

landscape and sketch of a figure Side sketch of Rizal's nurse Side sketch of Señor Monroy Sketch of artist Juancho Padre Burgos Mt. Makiling Sketches of his stay in Japan Imitation of Japanese art Studies of passengers of SS Djemnah Parting view of Manila Cover of Noli Me Tangere Sketch of friends in Cafe Madrid Sketches of scenery and Filipino customs Pen sketches of Drs. de Wecker and Becker made by Rizal  Sketch of the ascent of Mt. Makiling Sketches of diary: De Heidelberg a Leipzig pasando por...

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Sample of Resume

Alvinpailan@yahoo.com OBJECTIVES: To obtain a position that will best fit my qualification and develop further my ability and skills for a Continues career development. WORK EXPERIENCE Employer: ASIAPRO COOP., Project: MANILA DOCTORS HOSPITAL Address: UN Avenue Ermita Manila Position: Plumber Maintenance Inclusive Date: November 3, 2008 to Present Job description: -Responsible for maintaining of submersible, motor pump and installation of piping -repair plumbing...

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History of Swimming

Military forces, the rudiments of the sports were impressed upon the Filipinos who saw in 1907 the construction of the first swimming pool in the country at Fort McKinley YMCA.                     The holding of the first dual swimming meet between Manila YMCA and the Fort McKinley YMCA in 1910 marked the formal inception in the Philippines of swimming as a competitive sports. This initial competition among members of the defunct Philippine Scouts of the US Army in the Philippines with the motive power...

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Philippine History Timeline

-Multiple Austronesian migrations from Taiwan * c.3000 BC - Presumed date of the Angono Petroglyphs * 900 AD - People from Southern Annam called Orang Dampuan established trade zones in Sulu * 900 AD - Established settlements were already present in and around Manila as seen in the Laguna Copperplate Inscription * 1240 AD - Tuan Mash`ika ,a Muslim traveled and introduced Islam to Sulu * 1300s AD - Birth of the Baybayin, Hanunoo script|Hanunoo, Tagbanwa, and Buhid scripts * 1380 AD - Karim ul-Makhdum...

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Jose Rizal's Timeline

and Teodora Morales Alonso-Realonda y Quintos (born in Sta. Cruz, Manila, Nov. 14, 1827). 1861, June 19 -- Rizal born, their seventh child. 1861, June 22 -- Christened as José Protasio Rizal-Mercado y Alonso-Realonda 1870, age 9 -- In school at Biñan under Master Justiniano Aquin Cruz. 1871, age 10 -- In Kalamba public school under Master Lucas Padua. 1872, June 10, age 11 -- Examined in San Juan de Letran college, Manila, which, during the Spanish time, as part of Sto. Tomás University...

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Literature: a Tool for Philippine Liberation

literature during this period. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Spain already ruled the Philippines for at least 300 years before Philippine nationalism was developed. Towards the 19th century, the bureaucratic centralized government established in Manila had caused widespread discontent in the entire archipelago, but there was yet no united front against the Spanish Regime. Not until the martyrdom of the Gomburza. Gomburza is an acronym for Fathers Mariano Gómez, José Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto...

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Rizals Love Affair to Josephine Bracken

this, Taufer proceeded to sell some of his properties, paid off his debts, and in late 1894 along with Josephine and his natural daughter Sarah, set out to find him. In Manila they heard that he was in the town of Dapitan on the southern island of Mindanao. Sarah, having formed a relationship with a man she met on the ship to Manila, choose to remain there. Josephine and her adoptive father continued the search and by about January of 1895 they arrived at Dapitan and met Rizal who was living nearby...

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Leche R. Zamora Linmark, Coffee House Press, 2011, 355 pages I. Author’s Biography R. Zamora Linmark, the famous author of the book Leche is a Filipino-American writer, a poet, a novelist and a playwright. He was born in Manila, Philipines and is educated in Honolulu, Hawaii and he has also lived in Madrid, Spain and Tokyo, Japan now being a recipient o the U.S-Japan Friendship Commission and NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) fellowships and Fulbright Foundation. He has taught as a visiting...

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