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Generic Drug

Jeevandhara Sanjeevani generic stores a big hit, benefit Rs.2 cr to patients A Raju Hyderabad Monday, February 18, 2013, 08:00 Hrs  [IST] The chain of Jeevandhara Sanjeevani Pharmacy generic drug stores launched with the support of the state government are yet to spread to all over the state. Yet, these generic stores have helped to save up to Rs.2 crore to the patients in the state so far. The Jeevandhara generic outlets have turned out to be a big hit among the poor patients and have...

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Research Paper for Generics Pharmacy

coupled with free blood pressure check-up and full 20% discount in all branches 1949- THEGENERICSPHARMACY stemmed from its mother company 1959-the company began importing and wholesaling pharmaceutical products. 1989-the company decided to sell generic drugs primarily to government hospitals 2001- the company stepped up its distribution by opening its retail arm 2007, THEGENERICSPHARMACY tapped Francorp, the world leader in franchising, to engineer its franchise development and growth 2008- 150...

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Patent Protection and Trips Agreement

firms focus primarily on branded generic final formulations using imported APIs. Branded generics are a category of drugs including prescription products that are either novel dosage forms of off-patent products produced by a manufacturer that is not the originator of the molecule, or a molecule copy of an off-patent product with a trade name. About 80% of the drugs sold in Bangladesh are generics and 20% are patented drugs. The country manufactures about 450 generic drugs for 5,300 registered brands...

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Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd Swot Analysis

products are off-patent drugs that are manufactured and distributed without licensing from the original manufacturer because the patents on such drugs have expired. In December 2005, Ranbaxy's shares were hit hard by a patent ruling disallowing production of its own version of Pfizer's cholesterol-cutting drug Lipitor, which has annual sales of more than $10 billion.[3] In June 2008, Ranbaxy settled the patent dispute with Pfizer allowing them to sell Atorvastatin Calcium, the generic version of Lipitor(R)and...

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Antitrust Practices and Market Power

colluding to keep a generic painkiller off the market. As presented in the article "Novartis, J&J Face EU Antitrust Investigation" (Whalen, 2011), "In markets where J&J's patents on Fentanyl have expired, Novartis's generic-drug unit Sandoz sells low-cost copies of the drug". Upon expiration of the patent that J&J issued to the generic provider, the company opted to allow Novartis' generic drug unit Sandoz to sell low-cost copies of the drug instead of reengaging the generic provider. The article...

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Economics Commentary on Market Structure

relates: Candidate name: Sushmi Dey  |  New Delhi  March 30, 2013 Govt begins work on 3 more compulsory licences DIPP wants foolproof case on anti-cancer drugs of Roche, Bristol-Myers The department of industrial policy and promotion is actively considering the grant of compulsory licences for three new anti-cancer drugs. The department, a wing of the commerce ministry, which also looks at intellectual property-related issues, has sought details regarding prices, efficacy levels and...

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Competing on Differentiation: Case of Ranbaxy Laboratories

global operations is determined into generic molecules and does not aim to venture into other areas. While in domestic market it has taken conventional route of branded products with it seven brands enjoying good market share. Ranbaxy also makes it difficult for new or potential entrants to enter its segment as it is eschewing the highly competitive segments of the market. Moreover the skills required in its product line are not easy to acquire. The choice of generic molecules in its global operations...

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industry analysis on pharmaceutical industry

manufacturing industry among the developing countries. Presently, the industry meets 97% of local demand and exports to more than 80 countries. The industry has been experiencing robust growth over the last few years. A local industry supporting drug policy and effective regulatory framework, along with TRIPS relaxations are the key reasons for success of the industry. While the industry is achieving self-sufficiency, it yet procures 70% of raw materials from abroad. But developments are already...

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Gsk a Merger Too Far

transparency about drugs and price policy. Thus, the companies will have to face with pressure on customer service. Eventually, the market is likely to grow with increasing health concerns like the obesity issue which has become crucial in Western countries for the past decade. Legal: The market lives with many regulatory and legislative restrictions, particularly about ethics. Companies also tackle with the issue of intellectual property rights and the generic drugs. Moreover, they...

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Biocon Case Analysis

Biocon: Launching a New Cancer Drug in India Section E Group 5 Ankita Khandelwal (255) Bojja Raghavendar Reddy (265) Hitesh Chopra (275) Nikhil Singh Rawat (285) Raghavan K. V. (295) Vaibhav Saxena (305) Situation Analysis: • Biocon is an Indian Drug company that has evolved over the years: ▪ It was an enzyme manufacturer for food industry and developed expertise...

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