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  • Open University and Children

    Ethical Statement Title of course: The early years: Developing practice I am undertaking an E100 course with the Open University that involves the study of children‚ operating at‚ 0-7 year old age range. All children names have been excluded to protect their identity and their parents have given permission for their activities to be used in my assignments. The setting manager has given permission for me to follow this course. The settings anonymity will be safeguarded and kept under

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  • Open University and Original Travel

    References: Preston‚ D‚ Fryer‚ M‚ Watson‚ G (2012)‚ What is a business? Milton Keynes‚ The Open University. The Open University (2011) B120 Study Companion‚ “Study Companion”‚ Milton Keynes‚ The Open University1

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  • Advantages of Open Distance Learning

    Open distance learning is an idea of education system where separation between teachers and learners by space and/or time according to (Prospectus‚ 2011). The flexible aspect of open distance learning sense that there are no time and location constraints for learners. This means‚ learners can easily access for learning environment. The objective for open distance learning is to provide opportunities for those who could not commit as a full time student or study in traditional manner. Learners

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  • Model for free and open university courseware

    Framework for Implementation of Free and Open University Courseware in Kenya. Patrick Kinoti*‚ Adrian Kamotho Njenga* *Lecturer‚ Kenya Methodist University Corresponding email: Patrick.Kinoti@kemu.ac.ke Abstract Free and Open University Courseware (FOCW) refers to university course materials which may include lecture notes‚ presentation videos‚ syllabi and course outlines that are shared for free on the web. The concept of free sharing of university courseware is continuously gaining popularity

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  • Open University

    Professor‚ Centre for Corporate Education‚ Training & Consultancy‚ IGNOU‚ New Delhi Email:nayantara@ignou.acin Starting with two courses and 4‚000 students in 1985‚ IGNOU has reached the ladder of success being the world’s largest mega university‚ most diverse and inclusive institution offering over 3500 courses and catering to over 2.5 million students. IGNOU is committed to be accessible to all by ensuring learner convenience through its unique ‘age no bar‚ place no bar and pace no bar’

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  • open innovation

    Chapter 1 Open Innovation: A New Paradigm for Understanding Industrial Innovation Henry Chesbrough Executive Director Center for Open Innovation‚ IMIO Walter A. Haas School of Business‚ F402 University of California‚ Berkeley Berkeley‚ CA 94720-1930 Office: 510 643-2067 FAX: 510 642-2826 October 26‚ 2005 To appear in Henry Chesbrough‚ Wim Vanhaverbeke and Joel West‚ eds.‚ Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm‚ Oxford University Press (2006) 1 Defining Open Innovation

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  • open innovation

    Open innovation is a term promoted by Henry Chesbrough‚ a professor and executive director at the Center for Open Innovation at the University of California‚ Berkeley. The concept is related to user innovation‚ cumulative innovation‚ know-how trading‚ mass innovation and distributed innovation. “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas‚ and internal and external paths to market‚ as the firms look to advance their technology”

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  • open system

    In system theory‚ an open system is a system which continuously interacts with its environment or surroundings. The interaction can take the form of information‚ energy‚ or material transfers into or out of the system boundary‚ depending on the discipline which defines the concept. An open system is contrasted with the concept of an isolated system which exchanges neither energy‚ matter‚ nor information with its environment. The concept of an open system was formalized within a framework that enabled

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  • Open Carry

    Open Carry: Homeland Defense Aid or Hindrance Milliahn Valentino Wilmington University Armed and ready‚ the Miracle family of Sterling Heights‚ Michigan is fully prepared to take on any terrorist threat. Like a growing number of Americans‚ they believe such readiness‚ including a house with 25 firearms‚ is their civic duty. According to Lee Miracle‚ “We see preparedness as like having a fire extinguisher – you never want to use it‚ but it is there”. Lee Miracle also believes in his right to

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  • The Open Boat

    Open Boat Symbolism allows writers to suggest their ideas within a piece of literature. This is found in most types of writing. Stephen Crane expresses this in his short story‚ The Open Boat. Through symbolism and allegory‚ it is demonstrated that humans live in a universe that is unconcerned with them. The characters in the story come face to face with this indifference and are nearly overcome by Nature’s lack of concern. This is established in the opening scenes‚ the "seven mad gods" and in

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