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Distance Education

E-LEARNING: NEW MANTRA FOR DISTANCE EDUCATION Dr.R.Sivakumar Introduction The old correspondence courses were the first Distance Learning courses but with the advent of Internet in the eighties, e-Learning became new mantra for delivering higher education courses over really long distances. The Internet opened new possibilities and now any type of learning content, be it for school, graduate or masters level, employee training, research activity or any other type of academic offering...

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Distance Learning

year alone, there was a 13% increase in registration for distance learning classes throughout the public university system. (Beverly Creamer, 2003) It is now possible for people to learn conveniently from home or office. People that want to go to school can do so now because scheduling and geographic location does not matter with online classes because the class course is brought to the student rather than the student to the course. Is distance learning as effective as classroom based courses? This...

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Online Education

Online Education The modern age is the age of information technology and eLearning. The world has literally been placed on one’s finger tips. A click of a mouse can take you across the globe in a jiffy. The steep learning curve of knowledge never seemed so easy to scale in the past. Cyber technology and cyber learning are now the new mantras to success. Thanks to the internet traditional class rooms are rapidly giving way to ultra-modern online classes. Computer technology has opened up a new world...

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Impact of Online Education

Ayush Agrawal Prof. William MacPherson As the term suggests “online education”, the education that one gets through the usage of internet. Online learning is essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge, hence it is also referred as E-learning. This system of education applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration. About a decade ago, in the late 90’s who would have...

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Distance education

 DISTANCE EDUCATION: ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM BEYOND BORDER History Distance education dates back to at least as early as 1728 when an advertisement in the Boston Gazette promoted "Caleb Phillips, Teacher of the new method of Short Hand," who sought students who wanted to learn through weekly mailed lessons. Similarly, Isaac Pitman taught shorthand in Great Britain via correspondence in the 1840s. Distance education has a long history, but its popularity and use has grown exponentially...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

Advantages and disadvantages of online education Introduction It is basically credit-granting courses or education training delivered primarily via the Internet to students at remote locations, including their homes. The Online courses may or may not be delivered synchronously. An online course may need that students and teachers meet once or periodically in a physical setting for lectures, labs, or exams, so long as the time spent in the physical setting does not exceed 25 percent of the...

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Online vs Traditional Education

THE SIMILARITIES OF ONLINE EDUCATION VS TRADITIONAL EDUCATION There are two different environments of learning online learning and traditional learning. When people think about these two, they naturally consider their differences. For example, virtual classes are claimed to be less engaging then face to face ones, or less demanding, for that matter. Conversely, the fact that the former have a more flexible schedule than the latter is generally highlighted. In sum, differences favoring one or...

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An Emerging Trend in Education: the Online Classroom

An Emerging Trend in Education: The online classroom Phillip Stuart Lincoln Memorial University Trends and Issues within Educational Technologies EDL - 872 Dr. Chris Henderson July 06, 2012 An Emerging Trend in Education: The online classroom The National Science Foundation, which managed the Internet in the early years, prohibited using it for commercial purposes until 1993, when it lifted the ban. This led to the growth of the World Wide Web, with its user friendly features and colorful...

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Plagiarism and Online Education

Plagiarism and Online Education Info 103- Computer Literacy Instructor: Mr. Syed September 19, 2014 Plagiarism by college students is a serious problem in Online Education. I was astonished by the many hundreds of websites and links. This essay discusses plagiarism from an online perspective, as well as a current student of online college. I will also be commenting on academic policies about plagiarism. What is Online Education? Online education is fast becoming one of...

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Business Presentations

BEGIN ASSIGNMENT Imagine you have a meeting with the CEO and other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. Your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start. Fortunately, you have a mentor to whom you can turn for help. Using a business-like tone and format, compose a 2-3 page letter (Word Document) that would be suitable to send as an email to this mentor. Address the following so that your mentor can be...

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Online School vs. Traditional School

affected by technology is education. At one time, the only option for students to complete their education was in a traditional classroom setting. There has become a major need for non-traditional education because there has been a growth in the amount of non-traditional students that exist in our society. The advancement of technology has recently allowed for education to be completed in an online setting instead of in a traditional classroom setting. Online education is an effective and comparable...

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Mercedez Benz

MERCEDES-BENZ USA: INVESTING IN IT INFRASTRUCTURE Question 1. How should Settle and his team evaluate the e-learning option? What factors should they consider when deciding between eLearning and traditional, classroom-based education? Settle should evaluate the eLearning option based on the following principles for delivering value: (1) Have a clearly defined portfolio value management process. In the case, Settle has had a basically financial budget already. There are two vendors that clearly...

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Literature Reveiw Analysis

The literature review has a strong influence on how the problem was formulated and how the research questions were applied and answered. Using references from Beaudion (2003) such as “leadership in distance education” as a stepping stone to creating innovative changes in online education (para. 3). The literature cited in the article supported the value of instructional leadership necessary in the online environment (Quilici, & Joki, 2011). o How clearly is the literature review...

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Read Only Participants

More than ever, online classes are becoming a viable approach and solution for students pursuing undergraduate and secondary degrees. However, the accessibility to these classes does not guarantee all online students are receiving a quality education. Recent studies have shown that as online course enrollment increases, issues with assignment completion, lower quality work, and dropout rates have risen. One study revealed the drop-out rate for online students is 20 to 50% (Nagel, Blignaut...

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Goal Statement

gaining a high quality education and the seriousness with which I treat academics, but also will attests to my leadership ability, maturity, and responsibility, both as a supervisor and manager at Africare and other programs in the future. Academic Experience My highest level of education is Masters in Development Studies specialization in Population and Development from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands (2003), while my undergraduate education is a Bachelor of Arts in...

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Education About.comDistance LearningSearch Distance Learning Online CollegeOnline High SchoolFree ClassesSharePrint Ads by BetterSurfAd Options Free Distance Learning Newsletter!Sign Up Discuss in my forum How to Succeed as an Online Student By Stephen Gatlin, President and CEO of Gatlin Education Services Ads: Take Classes Online Online Learning Master Online Certifications Online Work for Students Online Training Courses Ads 2014 CNA Classes Near You cna.campuscorner.com Take 2014...

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Video on Demand Research Paper

Demand (VoD) is so much more. VoD in today’s technology allows telecommunication network providers to offer such services as home shopping, games, education, and of course movies on demand. The applications that are available with VoD are: * Movies * Interactive video games * Television programming * Catalogue Browsing * Distance Learning * Advertising * Video Conferencing The most popular use of VoD is movies. With movies/television on demand, a customer can watch...

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Fundamentals of E-Learning

the Internet, intranets, audio- and videotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, and CD-ROM. The definition of e-learning varies depending on the organization and how it is used, but basically it is involves electronic means of communication, education, and training. E-learning implies a “just-in-time” instructional and learning approach. Designers, developers, and implementers make or break the instructional courses and tools. E-learning is simply a medium for delivering learning and like any...

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Personal Development Plan

college; you just don’t have to leave home to learn.) 2) A Distance Learning Degree Won't Be Accepted by Employers. The assumption is an employer will not even consider an online degree as real. (A lot of employers are turning to online education because of the ease of scheduling. “Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees knowing full well that the degrees are being earned online or through other distance learning methods.”) 3) Online learning shortchanges...

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Online Classes

pajamas.” I am literally able to complete my online school assignments lying in my bed and in the comfort of my pajamas. Online classes are a terrific idea for women with children or people who are working and going to school simultaneously. “Online Education” reports that “the flexibility of the format benefits students, particularly older ones who have full-time jobs or families” (1). Women with children would be better suited to online school because it would be easier to take care of their child while...

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Introduction Training Hris

encompass computer aided assessments, animations, simulations, games, and electronic performance support systems (EPSSs). There are some examples of e-learning methods: computer-based training (CBT), multimedia-based training (MBT), distance learning, open learning, open distance learning, virtual classroom, web-based training and mobile learning. The third stage involves the implementation of training. Organizations should specify resources needed, training methods, facilitators and participants, and...

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Blended Learning

EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY BLENDED LEARNING PRIYANK JAIN M.ARCH (ARCH. PEDAGOGY FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE AND EKISTICS JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA Introduction:- Blended learning systems combine face to face instruction with computer-mediated instruction. Traditionally, these learning environments have co-existed as separate methods addressing the needs of different audiences. Digital technologies have primarily served a supplemental purpose, helping to support face to face instruction though interactive...

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Virtual Reality: How It Affects Our Lives

Virtual Reality: How it Affects Our Lives. INF. 103 September 5, 2009 We can find many uses for virtual reality in our lives, and we also find it in many instances that some would not even think of. We can use virtual reality for education, job training, social networking, and even gaming. In this paper I will give examples of each as well as how virtual reality was created, and how long it has actually been around. I will also tell how virtual reality can be detrimental to it users. ...

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Internet and Online

prospective students to find the right one”. Earning a degree from an online college can possibly lead to a promotion and/or salary increase, or prepare you for a new career. Even though classroom learning may be considered more traditional, online education is beneficial in its own right (10 Advantages to Taking Online Classes.). Students will be able to plan their study time around the rest of their day instead of the other way around. Having to work and attend classes at the same time can be very...

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Value Chain Analysis and Methodology

the development and protection of "knowledge" in the organization. 4. procurement, which deals with how resources are acquired for the organization (e.g., sourcing and negotiating with suppliers). The overall primary structure in an online distance education organization such as the UK Open University (http://www.open.ac.uk) or Athabasca University (http://www.athabascau.ca) can be described in terms of five sectors: inbound logistics, production, outbound logistics, delivery and marketing, and...

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E Learning

wide range of instructional material that can be delivered on a CD-ROM or DVD, over a local area network (LAN), or on the Internet. It includes Computer-Based Training (CBT), Web-Based Training (WBT), Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), distance or online learning and online tutorials. The major advantage to students is its easy access. There are some typical elements and a standard approach to developing or authoring e-Learning material. e-Learning provides the student or learner with information...

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Computer Literacy

be able to not only feel confident with this topic but also talk to others on this topic. In the following paragraph I will be explaining to you what web-based training is and consists of. Web-based training (WBT) is an innovative approach to distance learning in which computer-based training (CBT) is transformed by the technologies and methodologies of the World Wide Web, the Internet, and intranets. Web-based training presents live content, as fresh as the moment and modified at will, in a structure...

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Evaluation of Will the Web Kill Colleges

not work full-time. The other issue is there are some degree programs like nursing, engineering, graphic design; performing arts, fashion design, and mathematics that benefit more form a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. I think the education of the future will be completely online as well as libraries and sporting events where only the players will attend. There will be no need for dorms, campuses, bookstores, student union halls or stadiums any longer. Students will no longer know...

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My Work

you think make her or him typical? Do you consider these characteristics a stereotype? Why, or why not? IndividualDistance Learning Vocabulary and Course Forums | Resources: Appendix D, Glossary multimedia Imagine that you are trying to explain distance learning to a friend. Write a response of 200 to 300 words to explain how courses work at University of Phoenix. Use each of the following terms at least once in your explanation:          Threaded discussion         Electronic forum         Asynchronous...

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E Learning

E-Business Solutions for Education services e-Business planning activities and implementations are occurring in educational organisations around the world. Generally the developments are adhoc, occurring in single institutions or in part of the sector and not in others. Developments in e-Business are beginning to generate opportunities in the business of administering educational organisations. The various e-business solutions for educational services can be termed as e-learning. E-learning is essentially...

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Working and Going to School

but need to be broken down into tasks on a daily basis to meet the deadlines. Attending college courses is stressful. The decision to start taking college courses and working towards my B.A. in Accounting was easy. “How was I going to pay for my education?” I applied for grants and loans for this year. I had to wait several months before I did get my approval after starting my courses. I can breathe a little easier now but I still have several more years in order to finish my degree. I am in the midst...

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Foundational Business Skills

cheaper is not a fair statement. However what do you feel the level of education would be? Does the cost of the course dictate the level of education? Would the length of time in a traditional course dictate the level of learning? Would the professors for the Ivy League schools start teaching the online colleges or universities? Does the argument work What are the implications for education and the way education will function in the future? I believe that cost is not the only reasoning...

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E-learning and Web

and free articles. In addition to having these tools, degrees are not readily offered online for the completion of such coursework that is done in cyber classrooms. This is not only the least expensive, as stated above, but it makes getting an education more flexible for students since the work can be done at home. Being that cost is the driving factor to studeWhy wouldn’t a student want better and lower costs and more flexibility in these tough economical times? This is exactly why the move from...

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Public Administration

administration jobs. Public Administration and Management has a downloadable archive of articles covering all aspects of public administration from city to international management. This e-journal, sponsored by the Southern Public Administration Education Foundation publishes 4 to 5 articles twice a year. The National Academy of Public Administration has a large number of specialized publications to supplement your individual public administration course online. The categories of publications are...

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Distance Learning

Government College University Faisalabad Striving for Excellence tion 6th Posi in nking HEC Ra Distance Learning Education Admission Notice Programs Offered in Spring Semester 2013 B.Com (2 Years) Eligibility 1- Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 45% marks from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Punjab and Pakistan will be considered for admission. 2- In case of ‘A level’, the equivalence certificate from IBCC, Islamabad shall be required. M.Sc Economics (2 Years)...

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Distance Education

Distance Education We normally take our studies in a structured establishment called classroom located a place called school. Every day, we wake up early, leave our homes, pay for transportation fees and finally reach to our second home, the classroom. As we welcome ourselves in Mindanao State University, we are lucky to meet different kinds of people from different kinds of places. People from Glan, Tacurong, Marbel and all over Mindanao are your schoolmates and classmates. You share experiences...

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Advantages of Open Distance Learning

Open distance learning is an idea of education system where separation between teachers and learners by space and/or time according to (Prospectus, 2011). The flexible aspect of open distance learning sense that there are no time and location constraints for learners. This means, learners can easily access for learning environment. The objective for open distance learning is to provide opportunities for those who could not commit as a full time student or study in traditional manner. Learners...

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distance education

Many people use distance-learning programs (study material post, TV, Internet, etc.) to study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefits of attending college or university. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 第一次 Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the vehicle of accessing to knowledge and skills. However, whether people should be given access to knowledge by distance-learning programs or by attending college has caused...

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The Benefits of Distance Learning

The Benefits of Distance Learning I. Easy access for both students and teachers II. Knowledge of instructors and classmates A. Posting of bibliographies III. One-on-one contact between instructor and student A. Phone contact B. Web-site email C. Chat areas IV. Students learn just as easily as in the classroom V. Access to other students through online communication A. Personal emails B. Classroom and group discussion boards C. Online course chat rooms ...

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on line distance mode of learning

“Online Distance Mode of Learning” Edited / Authored By: Dr. K. RAVICHANDRAN1M.B.A.,Ph.D. Professor & HEAD Department of Entrepreneurship Studies Madurai Kamaraj University MADURAI – 625 021 Mobile:+ 91 – 93 60 50 54 43 Email:ravimba_mku@yahoo.co.in (or) ravimba.mku@gmail.com Co-Authored By: VENKATA SUBRAHMANYAM C.V.M.B.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D.) Research Scholar Department of Entrepreneurship Studies Madurai Kamaraj University MADURAI – 625 021 Mobile: + 91 – 96 553 – 83 745 ...

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Virtual Education

CHALLENGES OF VIRTUAL EDUCATION Mr Alejandro Franco J E-dUCO Research Group Moderador E-mail: alejofranco@yahoo.com Psychologist, Specialist in Psychoanalysis Software & Systems Engineering Undergraduate Student Research Group E-dUCO Moderator Social Sciences Faculty Professor Eastern Catholic University, Colombia Abstract The article shows the challenges at administrative, teacher-student and technological levels that should face the University to enter virtual education: the teachers� resistance...

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Online Education

ONLINE EDUCATION: PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES by Jarrod Novicke ABSTRACT Online Education is a rapidly growing field within a highly competitive educational market. With the advances in technology over the last several years, more universities are offering an online curriculum to a diverse range of students. The increased demand for an educated workforce; has increased the need for additional means of education beyond the traditional in-classroom experience. Due to this increased demand...

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Advantage of Technology in Education

revolutionary change in the classroom and teaching methods all over the world. This term grows along with advancements made in the field of education. With the increased use of technology in education ,the methods and aids used for learning and teaching have drastically changed in the past few years. Apart from this, there are many benefits of incorporating technology into education. Some of these benefits include: As many students recently graduated from High School, I found an interesting article about the...

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Study Skills for Distance Learning

Study Skills for Distance Learning Theme A BSc.(Hons) Engineering Management Degree Subject: Study Skills A report on the existing study skills of the author and areas where he can improve and develop his long distance work based learning techniques to successfully complete the Engineering Management BSc. (Hons.) Degree. Contents Page Title Page Content Page 1 Introduction 2 Learning Outcomes for Study Skills Module One Figure 1 3 Activity One Developing learning independence ...

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The Transformation of Music Education Through Distance Learning

The Transformation of Music Education through Distance Learning Introduction Having grown up in a rural community in Newfoundland and Labrador, I was taught by only three different teachers between grades kindergarten and grade six, in a multi-grade school structure. These teachers had to do everything from providing canteen services to teaching physical education. I did not have the opportunity to have a music program until I was bussed to another community for junior high. I immediately...

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Impact of technology on education

educational environment. Student learning styles are related to technology needs and teaching methodologies. The benefits of online learning and the demands needed to succeed are explored. Finally, future innovations and adaptation of technology in education are reviewed. All research shows that technology as part of the educational curriculum benefits student achievement. The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning Students today are benefiting from the use of technology in the classroom. Teachers...

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The Evolution of Education in America

The Evolution of Education in America Introduction Throughout the United States, students are enrolling in colleges and universities at records numbers. This trend is occurring in spite of the hard to swallow increases in tuition and fees by institutions of higher learning. For example, attending a two-year college in 1980 would cost a low-income family 6% of their income; in 2000, the number was 12%. Those attending four-year schools in the same period spent 13% in 1980 and 25% in 2000 (Higher...

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OUMH1103 LEARNING SKILLS FOR OPEN DISTANCE LEARNERS TABLE OF CONTENT CONTENT PAGE 1 Introduction 3 2 Study Skills 4 3 Conclusion 8 4 References 9 1.0 Introduction “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ―Margaret Mead. In this fast moving world education is has become an essential things in...

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Persuasive Essay - Distance Education Versus Face-to-Face Learning

December 1, 2009 Persuasive Essay – Game Theories Has Virtual Reality Taken Things Too Far? Distance Education versus Face-to-Face Learning In Clive Thompson’s “Game Theories”, the author illustrates how virtual worlds, such as Everquest and Second Life, have surprisingly become much like the real world. Everquest is an online virtual reality video game that allows individuals to create fictional characters to “generate goods as they play, often by killing creatures for their treasure and...

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Social Distance

The Difference Ideas of Social Distance Between American Culture And Chinese Culture How far the range of social distance should be? The correct range of social distance depends on different groups of society and is opposed to locational distance. According to Ashley Crossman a sociology expert, social distance is the degree to which people are willing to accept and associate with those having different social characteristics. For example, an unwillingness to live next door to a family of a different...

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Mobile Learning Via Sms Among Distance Learners: Does Learning Transfer Occur?

MOBILE LEARNING VIA SMS AMONG DISTANCE LEARNERS: DOES LEARNING TRANSFER OCCUR? Mobile Learning Via SMS Among Distance Learners: Does Learning Transfer Occur? doi:10.3991/ijim.v4i3.1180 Aznarahayu Ramli, Issham Ismail, and Rozhan Md. Idrus Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia Abstract—The purpose of this study is to determine whether learners are willing to transfer learning in this mobile learning environment via SMS. The reason for this is to measure the effectiveness of the new...

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The Effect of Technology on Education

of Technology on Education Check Point: Rough Draft Rosemary Martin COM/220 RESEARCH WRITING (AXIA) July 21, 2010 MATTHEW SINEX The Effect of Technology on Education In this year 2010 Technology is making breakthrough’s in regards to education and access to learning material. Studies show test scores have showed little improvement overall since increased use in technology in education However there are...

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Computer and Long Distance Education

easier and simple. Computer creates a great opportunity for us. We are changing our life style quickly through computer. We are using it in education sector, medical sector, research and experimental job, designing, architectural designing, planning, public administration and etc. Computer changed our education system. We can learn through long distance education system. Now we do not need to go far from home to learn something. We can save our time and money by this. Without that we are able to get...

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Distance Learning is More Effective than Traditional on Campus Schooling

Long Distance Learning Is More Effective than Traditional on Campus Schooling As technology advances nowadays, the popularity of online schools has grown over the previous years. Online schooling has become an accessible option for Colleges and Universities due to the improvements of technology. Students can have their lecture and studies through electronic devices such as computers, and videoconferencing. There are many colleges and universities are trying online schooling program to improve their...

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Content Analysis of Sports Illustrated

respondents’ opinions about online courses in higher education. This study will also examine some of the fundamental questions about the nature and extent of online education. These questions are as followed: Has the growth of online enrollments begun to plateau? Who is learning online? What types of institutions have online offerings? Have perceptions of quality changed for online offerings? What are the barriers to widespread adoption of online education? A non-random survey will be used to collect data...

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Distance Learning - Rhetorical Analysis

" Illinois Online Network. Web. 02 Apr. 2010. The author--John E. Reid, Jr.--clearly writes in favor of Distance Education, or as he calls it, Computer Mediated Distance Education. He argues that for adult learners, the conveniency of being able to take classes, and then work the material, watch lectures, at their own preferable time. Reid claims that the traditional system of education is well on the verge of being swept away by online learning. Many universities offer dozens of courses for...

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Analysis of Communication Barriers to Distance Education

meaning of the communication in education and distance-learning are best understood, when the types of communication among the participants involved in distance education and some related communication theories are mastered thoroughly. The communication among the students and the communication between the members and the content should not be underestimated even though the communication between the teacher and the student is a vital element of successful distance education. If it is important to attain...

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Table of Contents Distance Education Plan Purpose of this Plan The Distance Education Task Force was formed in February 2005 to develop a Distance Education Strategic Plan for the Sierra Pacific Community College District (SPCCD). This plan incorporates the work done by a district-wide group over the last two years regarding the future of distance education (DE) within the three-college district and lays a foundation for the future of DE at SPCCD. Distance Education Modes All DE modes offered...

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Distance Learning

Distance learning Distance learning has been around for a long time in the form of correspondence, in which assignments were completed without supervision and submitted to an instructor via mail. Most courses were quite basic and did not allow for much, if any, teacher-student or student-teacher interaction. The introduction of the Internet, however, changed this model for delivering and submitting educational content. Computers allow more complicated information, more engaging instructional materials...

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Virtual Education

Virtual Education Dr. S. Balasubramanian Mr. S. Kannan Former Director – IPR Research Scholar Anna University Coimbatore Anna University Coimbatore Coimbatore Coimbatore E-mail: s_balasubramanian@rediffmail.com Abstract Virtual education is a term describing online education using the Internet. This term is primarily used in higher education where so-called Virtual Universities have been established. Virtual courses – a synonym is online courses – are courses delivered on...

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