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NGO`s within Norway Norway is working effectively as a peacemaker. Norway acted alone in the early 1990s, but now there is more active engagement with the UN, other countries and international NGOs. Within Norway there is now more talk of the dugnad principle, of the value of community effort in building a barn or resolving a conflict. An example of such a co-operative international effort occurred after the Kenyan presidential election in December 2007, to prevent a potentially genocidal conflict...

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Norway Economy

The economy of Norway has undergone growth since 2009. The economy is doing relatively stable over a decade (2002-2012)1 i.e. low unemployment rate, steady growth, low inflation etc. even in the 2008 financial crisis, Norway was being hit lesser than other Europe country2. There are a few highlights regarding Norway’s economy performances. Strength | Challenges | * High GDP per capita * Mild and stable inflation * Increase in money supply * Reduction in unemployment | * Appreciation...

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Angelica D. Delos Reyes I-13 Norway I. Basic Information A. Capital B. Currency C. Language D. Population E. Total Land Area F. National Flag G. National Anthem II. History III. Government A. Leaders IV. Economy A. Resources B. Tourist Spots a. Fjords V. Culture A. Performing Arts B. Fine Arts VI. Custom and Tradition ...

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2013 Norway terrorist attack

2011 Norway Attacks The 2011 Norway attacks were two terrorist attacks committed one after another to the Norwegian government, civilian population and a youth run summer camp on the 22 July 2011, claiming the lives of 77 people. All by a lone terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik. The first was a car bomb explosion in Oslo within the executive government quarter of Norway. The explosion killed eight people and injured at least 209 people, twelve of them seriously. The second attack occurred less...

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Norway, Lng Plant

Norway is the world's second largest natural gas exporter. However, the project has been repeatedly delayed due largely to the immense technical and cost challenges. Reportedly, under current consideration is a switch to all liquefied natural gas (LNG) production to improve its economic feasibility, as well as a change of partners. A new agreement is now expected in autumn 2012 following the expiration of the original partners' agreement in June. Most of it was transported to Europe via its extensive...

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Early Childhood Services Norway

Norway Norway – OECD Country Note Early Childhood Education and Care Policy 1999/OECD Starting Strong 2: 2006. Main provision (0-6) Barnehage (Children’s garden/kindergarten). One Government Ministry/One Local Authority Department. Government goal – “all children whose parents wish it should have a place in a barnehage, full-time or part-time.” (OECD, 1999:12) “All municipalities must offer an ECEC place to all parents … who want to enrol their child. As yet, corresponding legislation has not...

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Management Statoil Norway-China Essay

Business Administration 14. desember 2012 Statoil Statoil was established in 1972 as a wholly state owned company. To ensure the best possible control over Norway`s petroleum resources, the government wanted to be the biggest shareholder, as it is today. In 1972, the Norwegian parliament stated that the political motivation was for Norway to take part in the oil industry on the continental shelf, and build up the Norwegian competency within the petroleum industry to establish the foundations of...

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There’s only one way,and that’s norway Do I really want to experience and explore the land of the midnight sun? And will I be a good ambassador for South Africa? Read this essay and enjoy my excitement, my craving for not only to learn knowledge but to share knowledge. I am positive that at the end of this essay the answer will be ‘’ýebo yes!’’ Last December my parent gave me the opportunity and the privilege to explore the culture, historical buildings, language, food and snow in 7 different countries...

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EU Membership: Should Norway become a Member?

This is one of the reasons why I have turned to it in my essay. I think the different parts of the discussion of why Norway should be a member, are very engaging, and there are many good arguments coming from both sides. For the many members who can join the EU-membership, including Norway, the membership is considered to have many positive consequences. The EU’s expansion into Norway will make an increased competition for the Norwegian economic life and trade, but it will also cause an expansion...

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Castles of Norway

Abstract Norway has a rugged terrain and a cold climate. Its most famous castle, named Akershus, is located in Oslo, Norway and was built in medieval times. Its architecture was advanced for that time period, and was extremely important in the protection and defense of Norway. Akershus was also a fortress as well as a castle, which led to better protection. This was also in the time of the Vikings, the much feared defenders of Norway, who were known to be very brutal in war. It was rebuilt, updated...

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