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There’s only one way,and that’s norway
Do I really want to experience and explore the land of the midnight sun? And will I be a good ambassador for South Africa? Read this essay and enjoy my excitement, my craving for not only to learn knowledge but to share knowledge. I am positive that at the end of this essay the answer will be ‘’ýebo yes!’’
Last December my parent gave me the opportunity and the privilege to explore the culture, historical buildings, language, food and snow in 7 different countries. I was so overwhelmed by the experience that it felt like I’ve been enrolled by the world university. I am now hungry and anxious to experience more and more, and as a proud and loyal South African I have the urge to tell foreigners about our beautiful country and its rich history and colourful rainbow nation, and to encourage the Norwegians to visit our country which will help with economic growth. As my imagination runs wild I already picture myself eating lutefisk, watching them celebrate constitution day wearing their traditional clothing, hearing the people greet each other with ‘’god dag’’experiencing the northern lights, meeting the Sami people and maybe just maybe I’ll meet a troll along the way. What I admire the most about Norway is the fact that all their education is free which give everyone an equal opportunity for a good education, even the poor.
As a friendly, jolly, enthusiastic, indapendent, easy adaptable, diplomatic, honest and goal orientated individual. I believe that you won’t regret choosing me to represent South Africa in Norway. So for me there is only one way, and

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