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Topics: Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, 16th century Pages: 3 (299 words) Published: April 16, 2013
CHAPTER 18: Northern Europe, 1500 to 1600

During the 16th century, artists from Europe north of the Alps (Flanders, Germany, and France) become more aware of Italian art styles and humanist ideas.

Some artists retain a northern emotional expressiveness and the traditional northern concern for detail but many attempt to incorporate Italian Renaissance ideas into their work. Albrecht Dürer is the leader in bringing Italian ideas to Germany.

Art and society in Europe are increasingly impacted by issues arising from the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther.

Works to identify and know in depth:


DürerFall of Man1500s(18-1)


GrünewaldIsenheim Altarpiece1500s(18-2)


DürerGreat Piece of Turf1500s(18-4)


DürerFour Apostles1500s(18-6)


AltdorferBattle of Issus1500s(18-8)


HolbeinThe French Ambassadors1500s(18-9)


BoschGarden of Earthly Delights1500s(18-13)


MassysMoney Changer and his Wife1500s(18-15)


Pieter Bruegel the ElderHunters in the Snow1500s(18-21)


Questions to prepare for Exam 2 (as well as the 5 numbered questions on study sheet for Ch 14):

What especially interested Albrecht Dürer on his visits to Italy? Why did he make prints? What Italian ideas did he incorporate into Fall of Man? What is typically northern about this work?

Why are Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian featured on the Isenheim Altarpiece?

What features seen in the Battle of Issus would suggest it was painted in Germany rather than Italy? Why did the Duke of Bavaria commission this painting?

Why did Hans Holbein go to England?

four temperaments:melancholiceasily depressedelk
phlegmaticsluggish, apatheticox
sanguinesturdy, cheerfulrabbit
iconoclasm: opposition to and destruction of...
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