Namibia is renowned as an exemplary tourist destination in Africa

Topics: Capital punishment, Murder, Abortion, Crime, Namibia / Pages: 3 (599 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2013
Namibia is renowned as an exemplary tourist destination in Africa. This is owing to various factors such as infrastructure, cultural diversity and vastness, just to mention a few, but most of all, its political stability and peace.
Equally, article 6(protection of life), chapter 3 of the Namibian constitution, states “the right to life shall be respected and protected”. It further states that “no executions shall take place in Namibia”.
The above clearly states that no one has a right of whatsoever to take someone’s life. Namibia has nevertheless been hit by a series of gruesome murders against women by mostly their male lovers. This is done by men killing their girlfriends after having problems with their relationships. Most men feel insulted and unwilling to accept and respect the decision of their partners to end the relationship. Just over a year ago, Elizabeth Ekandjo, a 21 year old polytechnic student was strangled to death by her persistent boyfriend after she was trying to end the relationship.
A similar incident happened in Windhoek, woman was killed diabolically killed by the father of her kid, in front of their 4 year old daughter. One could not help imagining the degree of trauma that little girl had to endure, watching her father slitting the throat of her mother, something that would certainly affect the psychology the little girl for a very long time.
In this article (attached), as already mentioned above, Jeffrey Barman is alleged to have killed his girlfriend last year and the magistrate is against the idea of granting him bail. Based on this article, Barman 21 one year old man is being charged with the murder of 20 year old Melanie Booysen, the mother of his 4 year old daughter, during a birthday celebration in November 2012. This is a form of gender based violence called “passion killing”.
There are many causes of passion killings in Namibia. Before discussing these causes, it is imperative to define passion killing itself. Passion

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