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Socialism is better than Capitalism

And the solution is to hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I put it to you today that in socialism lies the future. Have you noticed that Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Finland and Norway, are always highly-regarded in measures of success such as the Forbes 2013 Prosperity Index. Let's take the example of Norway. The Norwegian tax system is more “progressive” than capitalist systems such as in the USA. Poor people pay much less. Wealthy people (and corporations) pay much more — with fewer tax...

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A Doll’s House Historical Context Women's Rights In 1888, married women in Norway were finally given control over their own money, but the Norway of Ibsen's play predates this change and provides a more restrictive environment for women such as Nora Helmer. In 1879, a wife was not legally permitted to borrow money without her husband's consent, and so Nora must resort to deception to borrow the money she so desperately needs. Ibsen always denied that he believed in women's rights, stating instead...

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Siva Im

http://www.sivaim.no Plans for the future. SIVA TECH AS changed name to SIVA International Management AS. SIVA International Management helps SIVA's network in Norway to connect to our network abroad, in Russia, Bosnia, Croatia and Romania. This initiative is in cooperation with NIN, a networking organization for business gardens in Norway. SIVA International Management has proved the effectiveness of implementing Norwegian innovation concepts in the developing countries. Its activities bring mutual...

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English, the undisputed champion of the world

English: Hinglish and Spanglish. It sounds a little different from the “correct” English, but it is highly understandable. It is a great thing because the countries hold on to their traditions, yet they are still becoming more international. Norway is a very small country in the world. We have a language that only the inhabitants understand. As a Norwegian you have to be able to speak English to communicate with people from around the world. A lot of Norwegians are good in English, and have...

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The Settlement of Iceland

Scandinavia and came here to seize the land in the areas which were inhabitable. In the Landnamabok, the first few chapters claim that the first discovery of the Iceland was discovered from the western Norway. The reasons for the local people leaving Norway were the lesser availability of land in Norway. Perhaps this was the reason that even the young people left and wanted to finally find a country which had plenty of land. The Settlement of Iceland and Irish Monks- 874-930 AD Norweig settlement...

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The word Viking, really means "Pirate" in Norse, is used as a term, for the people who lived in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during the early Middle Ages. They are most famous for the Viking raids of the Middle Ages and people often think of them as savage and bloodthirsty. Though many did have a life devoted to raiding and warfare, the vast majority of the Vikings lived from farming, fishing, and etc. Law The Vikings had a complex legal system. The word "law" is actually a Viking word. When...

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Aquaculture Research Paper

environmental effects on its surrounding ecosystems, therefore; issues such as, escaped fish and salmon lice will be analyzed. A brief history of the industry and its origin will be given, while also looking at its implementation and economic significance in Norway. This research paper is the result of an assignment given by Dr. Veronica Ardi-Pastores on March 3, 2014 in Bio 100, National University. The origins of aquaculture may stretch back as early as 6000 BC, when the indigenous Gunditjmara people in...

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Scandinavian Food

beverage is glogg, a hot alcoholic punch. Midsummer’s Day(June 24th) is a popular secular Scandinavian holiday. It features maypoles, bonfires, and feasting. In Sweden, fish accompanied by boiled new potatoes and wild strawberries are eaten; in Norway, Rommegrot, a cream pudding sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, is served and in Finland, new potatoes with dill and smoked salmon are typical festive fare....

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Ib Case

Should emgs go public in Norway or the US? The manager tried to decide whether emg list on Oslo Bors or U.S exchange. The detailed analysis follows up: • Initial preparation efforts and cost The Oslo Bors listing may be much easier and cheaper choice than the U.S exchange one. The financial policies and principles are not big problem since emg had already change its accounting from the Norwegian krona to U.S dollars. However, the U.S listing will cost more upfront legal fees, recruitment fees...

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Mrs Alving in 'Ghosts' by Ibsen

Through excessive parallelism and constant reference to “ghosts,” Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen portrays a view on the rewards of duty that clashes sharply with the accepted views of the time. In his native country of Norway, and indeed all around the world in the year 1881, ‘duty’ was seen as a powerful motivator in both religion and society. The abstract concept of duty was what constrained society into ‘acceptable’ boundaries, and people without a sense of duty were often shunned and rejected...

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