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14. desember 2012
Statoil was established in 1972 as a wholly state owned company. To ensure the best possible control over Norway`s petroleum resources, the government wanted to be the biggest shareholder, as it is today. In 1972, the Norwegian parliament stated that the political motivation was for Norway to take part in the oil industry on the continental shelf, and build up the Norwegian competency within the petroleum industry to establish the foundations of a domestic oil industry. To acquire knowledge, the company started working in the petrochemical industry. This lead to the development of processing plants in Rafsnes and a partnership with “Norsk Hydro” (merged with Statoil in 2006). Statoil was the first company in Norway to acquire operator rights on the Norwegian continental shelf on the Gullfaks field. Statoil is a Norwegian energy based company with production and industry spread internationally. It has a highly international business structure with operations in more than 30 countries. Statoil currently operates approximately 80 per cent of Norwegian and gas production. Its international production is increasing every year. Statoil is the worlds largest operator at deep sea petroleum. It is also the 13th biggest oil and gas company in the world with operations in Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, United States and Venezuela. Statoil is also now looking for possible ventures in Egypt, Mexico, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. The company also have operating plants in Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany. The company are in other words, increasing their production worldwide. The Norwegian state owns 67% of the shares. The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy manages the ownership interest. With a marked value of NOK 465 billion KR ( Statoil is the biggest producer on Norwegian soil. Outside of Norway, Statoil is mainly a participant...

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