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Need of High-Tech Seedbanks in Agriculture

Diversity Trust (GCDT) and the Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen). Construction of the seed vault, which cost approximately NOK 45 million (US$9 million), was funded entirely by the Government of Norway. Storage of seeds in the seed vault is free-of-charge. Operational costs will be paid by Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Primary funding for the Trust comes from organisations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and from various governments worldwide. * ABOUT SEED...

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Setting as a Clarification of Motives in Hedda Gabler

clarifies Hedda’s motives by using the play’s setting to offer hints and explanation regarding the character’s condition as well as the factors that make her a victim of society. By understanding Ibsen’s use of the broader setting of nineteenth century Norway, as well as the smaller and more detailed setting on stage, one can in turn begin to understand the reasoning behind Hedda’s final impassioned decision and the events leading up to the play’s tragic conclusion. The nineteenth century was a time...

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Motivation at Norsk Petroleum

Motivation at Norsk Petroleum Norsk Petroleum is a leading gas and oil exploration company based in Oslo, Norway. It employs 2564 people, and its business operations comprise the exploration, production and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. In 2007 most of its business was conducted in Norway and Canada, although its interests included ventures in West Africa, Australia, the Gulf of Mexico and Venezuela. When Usa Bohm, the human resources director for Norsk Petroleum...

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A Doll's House Gender Roles

over her own happiness. Ibsen decided to conclude the play how he did so he could show society that women are more than just housewives; they are their own people and deserve to be free, not someone’s personal property. The feminist movement in Norway played a significant role in Ibsen’s decision in dedicating “A Doll’s House” to spreading awareness on women’s rights. Up until the late 1800’s, women’s rights were practically nonexistent. In society, women were viewed as objects rather than human...

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Psychological Hardiness and Coping Style as Risk/Resilience Factors for Alcohol Abuse

see daily the need for more organizations to help those suffering from the disease of addiction. In addition to the general need, the neediness specifically for our veterans, both current and past, are even greater. Although this test was done in Norway, I believe much can be learned. Low Hardiness Vs High Hardiness Military personnel who have had numerous deployments and/or combat related wounds were not only at a higher risk of mental health problems; they were also at a high risk for alcohol...

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Hedda Gabbler

Manipulation, Wealth, Reputation, and Death. Since it is a play, it does not have a point of view. Summary Hedda Gabler is a play that takes place entirely in the living room and another room off to the side in the fashionable side of Christiana, Norway, in 1890 or earlier. The newlywed couple of Jurgen and Hedda Tesman come back from their 6 month honeymoon and wake to find that Jurgan Tesman's aunt Julle has come for a visit. This scene establishes Hedda's disinterest in Tesman, as she is rude...

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Norwegian Butter Crisis: Excess Demand and Lack of Supply

Name:  Paul Maillis Commentary Number: 1 Due Date: April 20th, 2012 Source: WallStreetJournal, “Norway: Embarrassed By Butter Shortage”, (December 19th, 2011), http://blogs.wsj.com/source/2011/12/19/norway-embarrassed-by-butter-shortage/. Accessed on 20th March, 2012 Word Count: 743 Section: 1, Microeconomics The Norwegian Butter Crisis was caused by excess demand and a lack of supply in the Norwegian butter market. Figure 1: Demand & Supply Curves for Butter Figure 1:...

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Hedda Gabler

that rear entries “can be quite attractive at times.”2 This ironic statement, amongst other crude suggestions from Brack presents the sexual tension between the once acquainted pair whilst indicating Brack’s power as a successful man in 19th century Norway. Both examples of verbal irony allow Ibsen to provide the audience an opportunity to comprehend the duplicitous nature of Norwegian citizens in 19th century. In addition, dramatic irony is employed to position the audience to be critical of the...

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Biome Paper

and Northern Asia (Siberia). The alpine tundra can be found in the mountains throughout the world at high altitudes where trees are unable to grow. They can be found in Northern America (Alaska, Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico), Northern Europe (Finland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden), Asia (Southern Asia-Himalayan Mountains and Japan-Mt. Fuji), Africa (Mt. Kilimajaro), and South America (Andes Mountains). {draw:frame} The average temperature of the tundra is 18°F (-28°C). In the summer the temperature...

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A Dolls House Reaction Paper-Drama

oppressive attitudes of her husband, Torvald, and of the society that he represents. In this play the author Henrik Ibsen uses symbolism in order to convey his own ideals of what the role of woman in society should be. The book takes place in 19th century Norway, when the common view on women by men is very condescending. Women should be self-sacrificial, giving up anything and everything for their social counterparts the husband. Nora's decision to leave her husband and children so that she can educate...

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