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marrying an ideal husband like them. Now, I would still like to marry a charming prince, I always believe that one day, I will meet my ideal lover and build a happy family with an ideal husband. Some women say that a husband is impossible to find, but an ideal one may be easier to find. The qualities of the ideal husband are probably different for each woman. For me, the ideal husband is a love umbrella to protect his wife from all difficulties in life. The ideal husband should have good characters...

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Deputy Husbands

“Deputy Husbands” is an informative article written to help students of today understand better the workings of colonial households of the 18th century. The purpose of this article was to give students another way to look at the way colonial households were run, what the men’s roles were and where the women fit into those roles. Ulrich writes with many different opinions from other authors, giving the reader a broader look at what historians believe was going on. The author’s thesis is informing...

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Ghost and Husband

centuries ago, once it was a finished building, a couple moved in. The wedded couple that moved in had this house especially built for them to start their new lives, but it all changed. Four months later the wife was pregnant, she was excited, her husband couldn’t wait for his child. The next day she slipped on the staircase, she lost her unknown child. More terrifying thing was that the women couldn’t have any child, as for the previous incident. The husband’s attitude had changed after he found out...

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They Are Not Your Husband

depends on the speculations by the reader, and that the reader can analyze and understand the striped down dialog. That is the also one of the main marks in the short story “THEY’RE NOT YOUR HUSBAND” by Raymond Carver, who is known by his minimalistic writing. The short story “They are not your husband” begins in medias res, which mean you get very little background information. The short story if told over a few weeks, it’s told along with Doreen weight loss. The story is also told in a chronology...

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A Good Husband

A Good Husband There is a theory that every woman believes: a good husband does not exist. Love isn't finding someone perfect; it is loving someone imperfect, perfectly. A good husband is someone that has the eight qualities of a man. They show love and affection, respect vows, protect the family, adapt to change, provide structure and create great bond for the family, also are genuine and loyal, and demonstrate sensitivity. A good husband is a man who can see the pain behind a fake smile, and...

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Country Husband

Conformity in “The Country Husband” is what causes Francis Weed’s behavior to change Webster’s dictionary defines conformity as: action in accordance with some specified standard or authority, conformity to social custom. In “The Country Husband” Francis Weed had a brush with death, he then returned home to a less than enthusiastic greeting from his family. All Francis wants to do is tell them about his plane crash experience. This is not the greeting he gets from his family unfortunately. Francis...

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My Ideal Husband

The Ideal Husband Thesis statement : There are few characteristics of an ideal husband of mine such as loving, great personality, good looking and career man. A man who is a woman married to is called as husband. I believed that majority of women in this world wishing for an ideal husband to be their life partner, so do I. Unfortunately, finding those ‘quality man’ these days is not as easy as ABC. Why do I wish for an ideal husband? It is because good qualities in a husband can affect...

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Wives as Deputy Husbands

“Wives as Deputy Husbands” by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Article Review “Wives as Deputy Husbands” by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich was written to give the author’s opinion on the roles of women in the 17th and 18th century. Some historians thought women were merely there to do housework and take care of the children. They thought they were helpless. On the contrary other’s thought they were very involved in various affairs such as: blacksmiths, silversmiths, tinworkers, shoeworkers, tanners, etc. They thought...

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Why I Want a Husband

want a husband; I mean who wouldn't want a husband. A husband, by definition, is a man joined to a woman in marriage; a male spouse. Every girl grows up dreaming of the perfect husband, but when marriage comes knocking on their door, that special someone never seems to live up to that expectation. I've decided that by not expecting much from the beginning, I will not be disappointed in the end. In everyone's life, a male friend is very necessary for female. So it means that a husband is very...

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About the Duties of Husband and Wives

By Benjamin Wadsworth, A Well Ordered Family About the Duties of Husbands and Wives Concerning the duties of this relation we may assert a few things. It is their duty to dwell together with one another. Surely they should dwell together; if one house cannot hold them, surely they are not affected to each other as they should be. They should have a very great and tender love and affection to one another. This is plainly commanded by god. This duty of love is mutual; it should be performed b y...

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