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New York Yankees

COMPARISION/CONTRAST ESSAY: New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox Everyone knows or has heard about the much heated and hated rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees Red Sox rivalry is one of the sports worlds greatest of all times. This rivalry has been going on for over 100 yrs. Some would say that it all started when the Red Sox sold then superstar George “Babe” Ruth to the Yankees; when he was added to the Yankees’ line up it became known as “Murderers’ Row”...

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Yankee Stadium: Old vs. New

Yankee stadium in New York completed its 88th and final year of hosting the Yankees. The new Yankees Stadium in New York just wrapped up their second regular season of hosting the Yankees, after they moved from their old ballpark across the street. In this paper I hope to compare some differences and similarities between the two stadiums. Specifically the cost of the stadiums, the amenities each one provides, and the differences a spectator may experience from visiting the new stadium compared...

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New York Yankees and Economics

Looking at the way that the New York Yankees make their money according to the New York News & Features, the best way to go about success economically is to buy a related business to the team. In 2004 the Yankees became the sole owners of the Yes Network television broadcasting, bringing in 60 million dollars in 2009. Owning a related company allows the team to bring in one hundred percent of the profit instead of being contracted by unowned television companies like the Chicago Cubs and WGN...

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Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears “Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world” these were the words once uttered by Babe Ruth. The Bad News Bears is a 1976 film, remade in 2005, about a little league baseball team full of misfits that were originally excluded from their Southern California baseball league for not being talented enough, but parent protest allowed for the team to be formed. The coach in charge of this team is a drunk, ex-professional baseball pitcher named Morris Buttermaker...

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Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter because I have been watching him play since I was 3 years old. Jeter started playing baseball at an early age, he is the leader of all-time hits for the Yankees and he established the Turn 2 Foundation. I’m going to tell you about his life, career, and foundation. Derek Sanderson Jeter was born on June 26, 1974, in Pequannok, New Jersey. At an early age, Jeter showed that he had all the makings of a baseball great. His family moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan when he was four so his father could...

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Alex Rodriguez "The Clean One"

Alex Rodriguez “The Clean One” Alex Rodriguez is a Major League Baseball player. He has played twenty seasons in the MLB and has played for the New York Yankees, the Texas Rangers, and Seattle Mariners. He has set a path of making records big and small. Many speculate that he would break the home run record and then some. His reputation is that he will be the one who breaks all the records without using any kind of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Last year he was loosely accused of...

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Nine Innings to Ground Zero

whatever is thrown at us. We took the same approach in 2001. The New York Yankees, predominantly hated by America, had become America’s team. The entire country (minus Arizona) were beginning to support the “Evil Empire”. The players of the New York Yankees were having such a major impact on nearly everyone’s life. The Yankees were going out of their way to do anything they could for the families impacted significantly. The Yankees consoled families at the armory, invited family members to Arizona...

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How to Win at Winning

wisdom and the beliefs of many baseball scouts and executives. By re-evaluating the strategies that produce wins on the field, the 2002 Athletics, with approximately US$41 million in salary, were competitive with larger market teams such as the New York Yankees, who spent over US$125 million in payroll that same season. Because of the team's smaller revenues, Oakland is forced to find players undervalued by the market, and their system for finding value in undervalued players has proven itself thus...

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Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Derek Jeter was born June 26, 1974 in New Jersey. His father was a Ph. D, substance abuse counselor and his mother an accountant. During his childhood they tried to reinforce the ideas of proper behavior by making him sign a contract every year that set acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. They also did not allow him to use the word “can’t”. His father played shortstop for Fisk University in Tennessee. His sister played softball in high school she was a star also, she is five...

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Article Summarization: Chants, Curses Can't Stop Red Sox

Chants, curses can't stop Red Sox NEW YORK (AP) _ Who's your daddy, indeed. No chants, no curse could stop the Boston Red Sox. They turned history on its head and the New York Yankees into baseball's most stunned losers to reach the World Series for the first time since 1986. "All empires fall sooner or later," Boston president Larry Lucchino said. He had once branded the Yankees "the Evil Empire," and he fought them hard without the resources that Yankees boss George Steinbrenner had. But...

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