New York

Topics: New York City / Pages: 5 (1006 words) / Published: Dec 6th, 2012
Weaver 1
Kevin Weaver
English 101
Mr. Roper

“The Art of the City”

It was six o'clock in the morning, I lay there eyes wide open like a toddler on Christmas morning. Excitement flowing through my veins. I could hear the bustling movement of morning rush-hour, I could no longer wait for the others. I open the blinds to an inspiring view of the one of the most powerful buildings in the city, The Empire State building. Finally, the beautiful city of New York lay at my fingertips. I had waited my whole childhood for the chance to visit, to explore. I grew up seeing New York on the television. I grew up inspired by a city I hadn’t been to but yet, I felt so attached. I saw the city in a different light. How an artist sees a painting, or how an environmentalist perceives the wilderness. Art represents something greater than a visual aspect, it portrays an idea. The beautiful thing about art is how you perceive it, how you yourself can relate to it even if its beyond what its meant to be. The city itself was art in my eyes, I couldn’t get enough. Every aspect of the city spoke volumes to me, it represented dreams and the ability to make the impossible become possible. How could man even begin to plan for a city of this magnitude? let alone make it a reality. New York City has to be one of the biggest “well-known” cities in the world. People flock to the city from all over the globe. But what inspires these millions of people to come spend thousands of their hard earned dollars to explore a city they've only heard about, or seen on some form of media? From a personal point of view these people are intrigued by the art of the city itself. Every building has a history, every borough or neighborhood has its own unique style. Imagine it as art, different artist coming together to leave their mark on the city, representing
Weaver 2 their ideas and heritage. New York City is the melting pot of the world. So many diverse cultures influence the city daily, year

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