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  • Music Industry

    Filipinos dedication and love to music started during pre-Hispanic period. Early Filipinos love to express themselves through ethnic musical instruments. These early settlers played diversity of musical instruments which includes flutes‚ nose flutes‚ gong and guitar to play appropriate songs in commemoration of courtship‚ marriage‚ and harvest. Even during the hardest time of Philippine revolution when we were invaded by several countries‚ Filipinos cling to music as outlet of entertainment and leisure

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  • sound and music industry

    Unit 39 – The sound and music industry – task1 Introduction: Music industry has four areas. The different roles and jobs are link to the different areas of music industry. People need to sign the contracts and every areas of music industry have different content of contracts. People or companies have copyright. Licensing and copyright are very important in music industry. P1 Describe four areas of the music industry. 1. Music publishing In the music industry a music publisher or company

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  • Ethics In The Music Industry

    the music business industry; a basic artwork has taken to the digital world‚ and the range of the ‘Art’ is forming more variety with depths with digital technologies. Music streaming has become the primary engine behind increased revenues; the music has entered a new era that both the music industry and its consumers must accept. According to researcher SoundScan‚ some 164 billion songs were streamed in just the United States during 2014 via audio and video platforms. While the music industry looks

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  • Analysis of the Music Industry

    Music may be defined romantically as `the food of love ’ (Shakespeare) or more prosaically as `sound with particular characteristics ’ (Wikipedia)‚ but it is undeniably a `vibrant artform ’ (Arts Council England) and one which touches more people‚ in more ways‚ than any other art form. In commercial terms‚ music certainly generates a higher market value than the other arts‚ although a comprehensive market size for music in all its manifestations is impossible to calculate. Key Note has put a value

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  • Success in the Music Industry

    Essay October 11‚ 2009 "Modern music is people who can ’t think signing artists who can ’t write songs to make records for people who can ’t hear." Frank Zappa Starting a career in the music industry is a difficult task. There are many important steps that you need to take along the way‚ and the path is often long and confusing. The people that you meet along the way will guide you along this path‚ and hopefully help you become a music industry success story. The goal is to not let

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  • An Exam On The Music Industry

    Midterm Exam Music Industry II Jordan Meisles If I were to be hired as the new event coordinator at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater‚ it would be of great importance to draw in crowds to make the theater a credible and desirable place for touring artists. There are many steps that would have to be implemented in order to make the theater more popular to artists and audiences alike. Especially when it comes down to bringing in audiences from outside of Bloomington‚ there has to be a drawing factor in

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  • Globalization in the Music industry

    Globalization in the Music Industry Jonathan Ben Ami ACOM 388 The music industry has been around for over two centuries (PBS). Its volatility can be measured by its ability to shift and change according to its time period‚ the technologies that arise through the ages and the public’s shift in musical taste. The music industry is comprised of many different components‚ organizations and individuals that operate within it. Some of these components include the

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  • History Of The Music Industry

    now music industry The music industry 10 or 15 years ago is a lot different from the music industry today. The music industry is growing in the world today‚ and in order for music artists to continue making music they have to earn money. Advertising is a good start for small and big artists music to grow and get more popular in the music industry. Advertising can get artists far into a good career‚ and can lead them far in the music industry. "For artists that are serious about there music career

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  • Internet and the Music Industry

    Internet and the Music Industry Cassandra Utz University of Phoenix In our society today‚ there is a growing number of consumers using the Internet as a main source for music. The smaller music companies are having to come up with new and different ways to use the Internet to increase their sales. The music companies can drive there sales because so many

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  • music industry report

    How has the internet benefited the music industry The music industry is dying. At least‚ this is the common expression among music businessmen. The availability of music for cheap prices and the abundance of illegal downloading have effectively crippled traditional music sales. While it’s true that the Internet has dramatically debilitated the traditional institutions that dominated the music industry‚ the Internet is actually aiding music as a cultural institution by transforming it from its flawed

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