An Exam On The Music Industry

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Midterm Exam
Music Industry II
Jordan Meisles

If I were to be hired as the new event coordinator at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, it would be of great importance to draw in crowds to make the theater a credible and desirable place for touring artists. There are many steps that would have to be implemented in order to make the theater more popular to artists and audiences alike. Especially when it comes down to bringing in audiences from outside of Bloomington, there has to be a drawing factor in efforts to entice potential customers.

One of the first steps would be to hire a promoter if possible. As the Concert Production reading describes, it is important to have a good promoter to find acts before they become too popular and the cost of booking them becomes to astronomically high (Baskerville 246). If a good act can be found and booked right away, the odds of eventually having a big show at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater would be much higher. The effects of housing a popular and talked about event will get word out to people outside of the borders of Bloomington and work as a great advertising tool in the long haul of things.

Once finding a band that I would think is going to be a good fit for the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, I would work on negotiating a contract fee. As the reading states, "promoters will want to negotiate a split point, which is a number based on ticket sales and at which point the act and the promoter divide the balance" (Baskerville 248). So with this in mind it is important to think about how many tickets the Buskirk-Chumley would need to sell just to break even. After noting how much it would take to cover all the expenses, the split point can be determined. Since the overall goal is to raise awareness for the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, it might be worth it to throw a couple of big publicity events as an advertising scheme regardless of if profits are minimal or even at a slight expense.

After a contract has been worked out with the performing artist, the next step is to promote heavily. If no one knows about the show no one will come. Advertising can come in many forms such as print media, radio, television, emailing, and posters. Not all options cost the same however, and cost must be accounted for when deciding how to advertise. For example, "Television's most expensive time lot is prime time: those hours of programing that fall between the early-evening local news and late-night local news" (Baskerville 255). Other types of media have little to no expense such as sending out a mass email.

The last important step I would focus on is the accessibility to purchasing tickets to the event. If the ticket is hard to acquire, it could result in a poor financial outcome. "Computers and the Internet have radically changed the way the audiences buy tickets" (Baskerville 261), with these advancements in technology it is important to utilize the Internet for ticket sales. Selling physical tickets at a box office is still a reasonable method especially before and after events but online is the most popular trend.

The first step to an artist career is for them to come up with in action plan. As easy as that may sound, it's actually much more complicated. "It's important to set aside some time every day to work on your career" (Field 56), so if an artist doesn't follow up on career opportunities aligning with their career goals, they will struggle. After determining how they want to go about their career goals, they have to record. How are you supposed to become an A-list artist with no original songs? Having a good album can only do positive things for the success of a band. Another step that needs to be taken simultaneously is extensive promotion. Maximizing all possible media outlets to spread awareness of an upcoming album is a tremendously resourceful tool. Many artists have trouble in the modern age earning an income relying on recording profits. However, if the album an artist has becomes...
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