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File Sharing

the debate of whether or not file-sharing and illegal downloading of music is right or wrong, one must consider all the laws enacted to protect the original artist of the document and whether or not strict copyright laws have been breached. The fact remains that file-sharing has become one of the most popular on-line activities since the inception of Napster in 1999. In 2003 alone, there were more than three million users simultaneously sharing over half a billion files on what has now become the...

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P2P Downloading and File Sharing

Peer to peer downloading and file sharing is now one of, if not the most popular uses of the internet within today's generation. The downloading and sharing of files takes place in networks such as Limewire, which provide individuals the opportunity and tools to search and download files from each other on a limitless basis. One of the prominent features that have lead to the success and popularity of this medium of obtaining music is the variety of music itself. Because of the extensive number...

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Ethical Analysis of Online File Sharing

the participants of illegal file sharing do not directly hurt another person, they cause loss of profits for companies. By downloading music, videos and illegal programs, the respective industries are losing profits. Although one user will not make a big difference, if all consumers started downloading illegal files, soon the industry could no longer function and the industry would collapse. Also, when companies realize a large majority of consumers are using illegal files, they lose their incentive...

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File Sharing: Good vs. Bad

File Sharing: Good Vs. Bad In recent articles about file sharing, a few things have become very clear. What is the reason that the government and recording artists don't want you to share music files? Sure it has something to do with the lack of tax dollars it produces for the government and the loss in income for recording artists, but it also has a lot to do with the time and effort put forth to make these albums. In a recent article "Music industry worried about CD burning"...

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Sharing is Caring

and the U.S. recording industry accounts for fully one-third of that market" (RIAA). As technology rapidly increases, file sharing amongst consumers becomes faster and easier to do. The new phenomenon of the MPEG Layer 3 encoding (MP3) and the peer-to-peer (P2P) networks present a challenge to the traditional recording and distribution methods of music. MP3 is the fastest growing file format on the internet because it has the ability to convert songs from a CD into a smaller size that can be easily...

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Should Music Sharing Be Legal

For Music Sharing 1. Don’t want the whole CD * Sometimes a CD only has a few songs that are good * They are expensive Artists are for music sharing * Many artists support file sharing. Janis Ian -"The premise of all this ballyhoo is that the industry (and its artists) are being harmed by free downloading. Nonsense." Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore -"Trying to control music sharing - by shutting down P2P sites or MP3 blogs or BitTorrent or whatever other technology comes along - is...

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Relevance of Empirical Analysis of the File Sharing vs. Music Piracy Controversy

Relevance of empirical analysis of the File Sharing vs. Music Piracy controversy The music industry has been vehement in its condemnation of Internet file sharing programs like Kazaa, eDonkey, Limewire et al, citing the technology as a primary contributor to the drop in record sales . While file sharing does make piracy of copyrighted digital goods easier, the link between drop in record sales and increase in file sharing activity is tenuous at best (Zentner, 2004). Empirical investigations with...

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The Sharing Economy

Torres The Sharing Economy Read the article (on pages 8-11) closely, then answer each question below. Write at least two to five sentences for each response, using evidence from the text to support your answers. 1. Describe the author’s purpose in the first two paragraphs of the article. Renting objects and places 2. Analyze the reasons the “sharing economy” is taking off now, according to the author. Enjoying a good time with strangers 3. The author writes that “whether the sharing economy is...

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File Sharing

FILE SHARING Ethical Debate with Today's Technology (INTRO) You may have illegal content on your computer right now! File sharing has become a very large issue today in society even though it has existed for decades. It has been the recent advances in our technology that has made it main stream and in the eyes of the general public. File sharing today tests the limits of technology along with our ethics making it a fuzzy grey area. When discussing file sharing's effect on society, first...

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it comes to file sharing on the internet, more in depth Napster was one of the leaders in sharing music via the internet. In today's business world, e-business ractivities of various types contribute significantly to the efficiency of business processes, and to the recognition of products and services. “Napster is of significant importance not only for inventing peer-to-peer technology, but also for forcing record labels to play ball and work with tech companies to make file-sharing practices in...

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