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  • Starting an Independent Record Label

    Starting an Independent Record Label Introduction Throughout these four chapters I will be discussing how to start your own record label. Part one will be talking about how to get started‚ like what a record company does. Part two will be talking about setting up the actual label‚ like record deals‚ contracts that you will need‚ and making your business plan. Part 3 will be discussing how to find the group you will represent‚ like what to look for in an artist‚ what is the artist looking

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  • Record Label and Sound Buzz

    and | | |friends |service | |Supplier’s bargaining power |Record labels‚ EMI‚ BMG‚ Sony‚ limiting their |Increase price‚ reduce quality | | |powers |

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  • Label & Studio

    THE LEGAL ASPECTS OF RUNNING A RECORD LABEL AND STUDIO. NAME: John Woods. COURSE TITLE: The Music Business. COURSE CODE: MUSI- 1045. ASSIGNMENT ASSESSMENT: 2 TUTOR: Peter Self. SUBMISSION DATE: 10/06/2011. WORD COUNT MAIN ESSAY: 1630. WORD COUNT BROCHURE: 950. The objective of this project is to discuss the legislation involved with running a record label and recording studio. I have created a brochure‚ which could be given to people who are considering this as an employment option

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  • The Independent Record Labels of the 1950’s and 1960’s

    The Independent Record Labels of the 1950’s and 1960’s History of Music Production Eric Eller Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s‚ a wave of new musical movements by independent record labels and new artists emerged in the United States. This movement is captured in the stories of those label creators and owners‚ and in the turbulent journey through their successes and failures. The first emergence was fueled by multiple factors: competitive economic circumstances‚ up-and-coming local musical

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  • Compass Records

    Backgrounds Alison Brown and her husband Gary West‚ who were both musicians‚ founded compass Records in 1995. Compass Records is a small independent recording company that centered on folk and roots music. Compass Records occupies only a tiny part of the 32-billion dollar music recording industry‚ competing with some multi-national corporations dominating 86% of the business‚ such as Sony/BMG‚ Universal Music Group‚ Warner Music Group‚ and EMI. However‚ the industry has witnessed a stagnant growth

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  • Compass Records

    COMPASS RECORDS BACKGROUND Compass records is a small‚ independent music recording company and co-founded in 1994 by musicians Alison Brown and Garry West. Compass is a new breed of roots-music label: eclectic‚ sophisticated‚ and artist-friendly. It is called “one of the greatest independent labels of the last decade” by Billboard Magazine‚ Compass Records has provided a thriving haven of creativity for artists and a reliable beacon of quality for music fans. Its 2006 acquisition of the Green

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  • Cliques & Labels

    has separated itself into various groups that have are defined by a certain label. This label would be any characteristic that makes them unique. Some may label their selves differently from what the average person would on first glance. This creates conflict and segregation in society. Cliques and labels can sometimes be a positive thing‚ but more often than not they cause conflict. The reason behind cliques and labels is for people to find somewhere they fit in. Small social groups are just a

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  • how to get a record deal

    ← Older posts How to Get a Record Deal Posted on July 13‚ 2010 by admin INKED! 10 Tips from Entertainment Insiders on What Gets You Signed! “While working at Universal/SRC‚ my ex boss used to say‚ the easiest thing is‚ getting signed” -Monique Baines The phone rings and on the other end is a voice‚ that can’t quite express himself‚ at least not intelligently. The typical random caller to the label that wants to “sign” his artist usually says something like “Uuh…my name is blah blah….and uh

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  • Compass Records Executive Summary

    Descriptions In 1993‚ Brown launched Small World Music in Nashville‚ Tennessee with husband Gary West and then went on to create Compass Records in 1995. Compass records is a small‚ independent artist-run company that established their niche in musical genres such as folk‚ roots‚ and celtic. In the context of the 2-billion dollar music recording industry‚ Compass Records has low market share in comparison to the multi-national corporations dominating the business. Brown was formally an investment banker

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  • The Functioning of Independent and “Diy” Record Labels in the Digital Age

    The  Functioning  of  Independent  and  “DIY”  Record   Labels  in  the  Digital  Age     By     Nathan  Wiggin                       Research  Report   As  Part  of       Leeds  Metropolitan  University                         Project  Research  &  Planning     BSc  Music  Technology     The

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