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Management Consulting

Accenture has been its timing. "Accenture started life as the consulting arm of accounting firm Arthur Anderson…In 1989, Anderson Consulting separated from Arthur Anderson in order to position itself against its IT services competitors" (Keller & Kotler, 1994/2006, 366). Accenture was able to take advantage of its large parent company and use its massive support to concentrate on becoming an efficient and popular name in the consulting market. Leaving Arthur Anderson before the corruption with Enron...

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Pyramid Principle Consulting Methodology

to find a method for the consultants to structure their advice and consulting reports. Nowadays every McKinsey Consultant is trained to learn and apply this method and it is also used by many other consulting companies worldwide. Consulting Methodology made the Minto Pyramid Principle an essential part of the Issue Based Consulting training program. Together with some other techniques Issue Based Consulting is the ultimate consulting toolkit. This white paper explains briefly what the Pyramid Principle...

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Moaz kassam: consulting intern

one week into the case, the circumstances were very unfavorable. Already a matrix of problems is installed and Kassam arrived to an unwelcoming ground. Problems started with the expectations and deception of the client’s management team and do not end with how his own management team is handling the situation. Basically the client was promised an experienced team of consultants, and instead received younger less experienced ones. That made them disgruntled and consequently built tremendous pressure...

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Expression of Interest (EOI) Consulting Firms

Expression of Interest (EOI) Consulting Firms Project Number Project Name Project Country I. Consulting Firm Information CMS NumberCountry of IncorporationConsultant NameAcronym Associations (Joint Venture or Subconsultancy) CMS NumberConsultantAcronymCountryJoint VentureEOI Submission Authorized ByPosition Present the rationale for and benefits of working in association with others rather than undertaking the assignment independently (as appropriate). Describe the proposed management and coordination approach...

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Cover Letter for Consulting Company

recruitm ent, m ost of the people have laid too m uch concentration on their stereo-type assessm ent for em ploym ents, salary and w elfare for instance. H ow ever, w ith a substantial goal to be a problem solver, I’ll explicate w hy and how the consulting career hits m e and presu m ably, you w ill speak highly of m y characteristic as a head -scratcher issue tackler. When searching inform ation on the Bain w ebsite, I’m intrigued prim arily by couples of d iversified facts, am ong w hich the “Everything...

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Management consulting - To the brainy, the spoils As the world grows more confusing, demand for clever consultants is booming May 11th 2013 | NEW YORK |From the print edition ELITE management consultancies shun the spotlight. They hardly advertise: everyone who might hire them already knows their names. The Manhattan office that houses McKinsey & Company does not trumpet the fact in its lobby. At Bain & Company’s recent partner meeting at a Maryland hotel, signs and name-tags carried a discreet...

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Case - 7-1 Primus Consulting

Background Primus is a consulting firm that focuses on process reengineering and quality improvement initiatives. Northwood Industries, a potential client, has asked Primus to perform a study at a fee rate lower than the normal standards. Historically Primus has billed clients for consulting time at standard flat rates plus actual travel costs and estimated overhead. Primus is considering accepting the job because it has capacity (i.e. available staff) to take on the new contract with out having...

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Elliott Associates Research Consultin

Elliott & Associates Research Consulting Global Markets: What it Involves David Frigstad, Chariman of Frost and Sullivan, says that “corporate growth is driven by globalization, free market economies, and increased global competition.” As such, his company focuses on developing innovative strategies for their clients through Customer Research, Market Consulting, Growth Workshops, Market Research among other services. Research obviously plays a vital role in enhancing business growth. Like Frigstad’s...

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Arthur Andersen Llp

1. For many years, strategy and environment of Arthur Andersen changed especially with regards to the materials.  The management of Andersen’s businesses reacted to the changing environment by making the related changes to the organizational architectures such as performance evaluation, decision right and reward systems. In the book, it is revealed that poorly designed organizations architecture in response to the changing environment in term of material can result into company’s underperformance...

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Restaurant Industry

School of Management has three choices after he graduates. The first one is an excellent job offer that he received from a top-flight management consulting firm. The second option is to open an upscale restaurant that will serve Indian gourmet cuisine. The third option is to open the restaurant with his aunt. Each option has positive and negative aspects, but when Sanjay compares them only the financial benefits are relevant. If Sanjay takes the job offered by the management consulting firm he would...

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