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  • Management Consulting and Accenture

    Accenture has been its timing. "Accenture started life as the consulting arm of accounting firm Arthur Anderson…In 1989‚ Anderson Consulting separated from Arthur Anderson in order to position itself against its IT services competitors" (Keller & Kotler‚ 1994/2006‚ 366). Accenture was able to take advantage of its large parent company and use its massive support to concentrate on becoming an efficient and popular name in the consulting market. Leaving Arthur Anderson before the corruption with Enron

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  • Management Consulting In China

    CONTENTS Error! No text of specified style in document. February 2014 IBISWorld Industry Report 7433 Management Consulting in China Management Consulting in China February 2014 About This Industry ................................. 2 Industry Definition ........................................ 2 Main Activities ............................................. 2 Similar Industries ......................................... 2 Additional Resources ................................... 3 Industry Performance

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  • Benefits of management consulting

    MASTER PROJECT MANAGMENT MBP1163  Management Consulting Name : Student ID# : Semester : 2013-10 Academic Honesty Policy Statement I‚ hereby attest that contents of this attachment are my own work. Referenced works‚ articles‚ art‚ programs‚ papers or parts thereof are acknowledged at the end of this paper. This includes data excerpted from CD-ROMs‚ the Internet‚ other private networks‚ and other people’s disk of the computer system. Student’s Signature : _____________________________

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  • The Management Consulting industry in Sweden

    Introduction: Historically‚ as according to the research of Bäcklund (2003)‚ the Swedish Management Consultancy (MC) market has been characterized by heterogeneity and saturation.Björlin&Bojler (2008) suggests that this could be ascribed to the fact that Sweden’s local market is small‚ as is its population‚ relative to the existing global markets. According to Bäcklund (2003) there was a shift in the market landscape in 2001‚ when the Classical American styled consultancies together with the Big

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  • Consulting

    Management consulting - To the brainy‚ the spoils As the world grows more confusing‚ demand for clever consultants is booming May 11th 2013 | NEW YORK |From the print edition ELITE management consultancies shun the spotlight. They hardly advertise: everyone who might hire them already knows their names. The Manhattan office that houses McKinsey & Company does not trumpet the fact in its lobby. At Bain & Company’s recent partner meeting at a Maryland hotel‚ signs and name-tags carried a discreet

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  • Consulting Letter

    Consulting Cover Letter by Victor Cheng As a former McKinsey resume screener‚ I’ve read a lot of consulting cover letters for consulting roles of all types. Most applicants severely under-estimate the importance of the cover letter and end up paying more attention to the consulting resume/CV than they do the cover letter. I would argue the effort allocation should be reversed — much more time put into the cover letter than the resume or CV. Here’s why. Without a good cover letter it

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  • Consulting guide

    APC Nutrition 12 8 Profitability McKinsey & Co Mini-Bar 14 9 Profitability McKinsey & Co Vitamin Universe 16 10 New Product The Boston Consulting Group Bagging Co. (Popcorn) 18 Do not reproduce‚ store or distribute without written permission from the Graduate Consulting Group at McCombs School of Business 2 Case 1: Engineering and Construction Company Company: Booz & Co. A large engineering‚ procurement‚ and construction company has seen

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  • Taboo: Management Consulting and Policy Prohibiting Women

    The Taboo of Women in Management International management consulting firm Burns & McCallister is listed by Working Mother magazine as one of the top fifty firms in the United States for employment of working mothers and by Working Woman magazine as one of the top ten firms for women. The firm has earned this reputation for several reasons. First‚ nearly 50% of its partners are women. Second‚ it has a menu of employee benefits that includes such things as flex hours‚ sabbaticals‚ family leave‚ home-based

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  • The Top 25 Management Consulting Companies in Germany in 2004

    The TOP 25 Management Consulting Companies in Germany in 2004 Companies 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 22 23 24 25 McKinsey & Company Inc. Deutschland‚ Düsseldorf Roland Berger Strategy Consultants‚ Munich *) The Boston Consulting Group GmbH‚ Munich *) Deloitte Consulting GmbH‚ Düsseldorf Booz Allen Hamilton GmbH‚ Düsseldorf Mercer Consulting Group GmbH‚ Munich A.T. Kearney GmbH‚ Düsseldorf Mummert Consulting AG‚ Hamburg 1) Bain & Company Germany Inc.‚ Munich Droege & Comp

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  • Infosys Consulting in 2006

    company in 2004‚ established a strong brand equity and began to look for ways to combine its excellent reputations with service by launching a consulting unit. The company did not believe in acquiring existing companies as they thought it was not a viable option and solely focused on creating its own brand that was Infosys Consulting (ICI). This consulting unit was a wholly owned U.S based subsidiary. By the year 2006‚ this subsidiary employed over 200 employees. Through their model of low risk global

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