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  • 'Neuroanalysis In Tom Mccarthy's Remainder'

    Tom McCarthy’s Remainder is a piece of metafiction that helps to “map the paradoxical remainder of the genre after everything novelistic has been subtracted from it”. It centres around a nameless narrator who‚ in the aftermath of an undisclosed accident‚ finds himself coming into eight and a half million pounds in compensation and uses said money to fund actors to replicate scenarios in order to find true authenticity. Marco Roth claims that the neuronovel “allegoris[es]the novelist’s fear of his

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  • Remainder Theorem Questions 1

    5. Remainder Theroem 1. June 1986 Paper 2 #1 (16 marks) a) Find the remainder when x³ + 3x – 2 is divided by x + 2 [2] b) Find the value of a for which (1 – 2a) x² + 5ax + (a – 1)(a – 8) is divisible by x – 2 but not by x – 1. [7] c) Given that 16x4 – 4x³ – 4b²x² + 7bx + 18 is divisible by 2x + b‚ i) show that b³ – 7b² + 36 = 0 [3] ii) find the possible values of b [4] 2. June 1987 Paper 2 #1 (16 marks) a) Given that f(x) = x³ – 7x + 6 i) calculate the remainder when f(x) is divided by

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  • chinese remainder theorem

    Chinese remainder theorem The Chinese remainder theorem is a result about congruences in number theory and its generalizations in abstract algebra. It was first published in the 3rd to 5th centuries by Chinese mathematician Sun Tzu. In its basic form‚ the Chinese remainder theorem will determine a number n that when divided by some given divisors leaves given remainders. For example‚ what is the lowest number n that when divided by 3 leaves a remainder of 2‚ when divided by 5 leaves a remainder

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  • Cryptography and Matrices

    Linear Application and Hill Cipher. Cryptography has played an important role in information and communication security for thousand years. It was first invented due to the need to maintain the secrecy of information transmitted over public lines. The word cryptography came from the Greek words kryptos and graphein‚ which respectively mean hidden and writing (Damico). Since the ancient days‚ many forms of cryptography have been created. And in 1929‚ Lester S. Hill‚ an American mathematician and

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  • The Symbolism Of The Horse In Jewel's Horse By Anse

    How can you get around without a horse? Well‚ with a wagon of course‚ but Jewel’s horse still makes a multitude of appearances throughout the book. The horse develops a very unique physical and literal meaning to every person. Ultimately the horse represents the independence exists between Jewel and the family because he doesn’t want to be a Bundren. The family sees the horse as unloving and separate from everyone else that is part of the family‚ which makes it appear like an extension of Jewel

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  • Analysis Of Komati 4 Star Lodge

    Komati Gorge Lodge is one of the few Mpumalanga Resorts that is situated on eco estate with such luxurious accommodation. Our suites and cottages are equipped with amenities and commodities for our guests’ utmost comfort. As far as Mpumalanga Resorts go‚ Komati 4 Star Lodge is quite competitive with rates and with the features we offer. Most of our Accommodation has indoor fireplaces or floor heating for those chilly winter evenings and when summer comes round‚ our guests can cool down in our swimming

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  • Sexism In Jurassic Park

    In 2015‚ The Jurassic Park film series came out with a new action-packed film to wow audiences and send them on a new adventure with a dinosaur that had been genetically modified to be bigger‚ better‚ and badder than any other on the island. Jurassic World is set twenty years after the first film and was made seventeen years after Jurassic Park was released. Yet‚ for all the advancements in graphics‚ acting and storyline‚ there is one thing that it seemed to take a step back with. Jurassic World

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  • Case Study: Demand INtercity Professionals

    Case Study #5: Demand Intercity Professionals Presented by: Sameer Wagherkar I Major Facts: DIP is a major telecommunications company‚ providing services across several major cities. DIP has received large number of customer complaints regarding improper charges on phone bills. DIP COO has authorized a project to review existing billing system and develop a new system with better efficiency. DIP COO wants to bring in an external management consultant to work on this project. DIP Project Manager

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  • Cross Country Traditions

    I did as she said and rolled down the remainder of the hill. She did the same. I reached the bottom of the hill before she did‚ and stood up. The world around me was spinning as I felt Paige’s body crash at my feet. I fell down again‚ but I was uncontrollably laughing this time. “See‚ it’s not

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  • The Warrior: A Short Story

    Though scorching‚ her hands did not react‚ the skull of her mate‚ her lover‚ her friend in life. His hand reached into the wicker basket removed two large red stones‚ placed a stone in each of the skull’s eye sockets. They began to glow‚ intensifying until they became fiery red staring into her eyes and soul. She breathes in the fragrance of incense and that of the cauldron’s brew‚ most pleasurable among fragrances her mate’s blood covering her body in its most natural state. She brought it to her

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