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Law Enforcement Agencies

Local law enforcement is made up of a city’s police department, a sheriffs department, and some small town police departments. The local city police have the job of patrolling the streets for law violators, traffic violations, criminal investigations, and also providing crowd control. Most counties have a sheriffs department that can handle its crimes. The sheriffs department has the responsibility of handling the local jails; they are bailiffs in the local court rooms, they are coroners, as well...

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Ecommerce Law

existing laws such as the Consumer Act of the Philippines also applies to e-commerce transactions. (section 33) Anyone who uses the Internet, computer, cellular phone, and other IT-enabled devices has the duty to know RA8792. As the old saying goes, "Ignorance of the law doesn't excuse anyone." There were several hacking/cracking incidents that took place in the past five years. I am worried that these people behind the hacking attempts are completely ignoring RA8792 or The E-Commerce Law. In one...

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Ethics in Law Enforcement

Abstract The analysis of the ethical decision making process in law enforcement agencies has been the subject of numerous research articles in the past several decades. The following research project uses a non-experimental design to collect and analyze the responses of police officers in a suburban agency, to survey items that attempt to measure officer perceptions of the seriousness of specific ethically problematic behaviors. Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...

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Law Enforcement Today Paper

Angeles Police Department, more and more law enforcement administrators are faced with the task of reforming police department, with little guidance on how to bring about the necessary changes. This is not the first time in our country’s history that corruption and brutality have been front page news. Part of our current problems stem from the unprecedented level of drugs, gangs and guns in our cities. Systemically, the problems are caused by law enforcement agencies that continue to hire the wrong type...

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Law Enforcement Today

As one may correctly assume, law enforcement agencies face multiple issues in today’s society. There are many stressors in police work. Much of the stress associated with police work comes from recruiting and retaining police officers. One of the chief stressors of recruitment and retention flows from the nature of our diverse societies. Both the U S. and Canada have significant ethnic populations living within their borders. In areas of each country with non-English speaking minorities, police...

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law and ethics case analysis

Law Case Analysis According to the law case EEOC v. FREEMAN, the EEOC filed a law suit against Freeman and alleged the company’s hiring policy which includes criminal background and credit history checks, has a disparate impact on African-American, Hispanic, and male applicants. And the material fact of this case is whether Defendant’s hiring criteria of conducting criminal background and credit history checks is consistent with business necessity. Since the Defendant was charged by the EEOC with...

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Role of Federal Agencies

those with high intent and high capability to inflict damage or death in the U.S., to illicitly acquire assets, or to illegally obtain sensitive or classified U.S. military, intelligence, or economic information. As both an intelligence and law enforcement agency, the FBI can address every facet of a cyber-case—from collecting intelligence on the subjects in order to learn more about their networks to dismantling those networks and prosecuting the individual perpetrators. The ability to take action...

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Race and Ethnicity in Law Enforcement Hiring

Race and Ethnicity in Law Enforcement Hiring 1 Race and ethnicity play a significant role in law enforcement. This is true in both how communities are policed, as well as what the racial and ethnic make up is of a law enforcement entity. On the application at the police department I work for, there is verbiage that says, “Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.” Why is this present? It may be that the department really does want women and minorities to apply, (I believe this...

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Police Department and Organization Ppt

2013 All law enforcement agencies in the United States are connected to one another due to the fact that most agencies have multi levels of government and overlapping jurisdictions. In general all levels and departments of law enforcement work and co-operate together to protect the citizens, and to prevent and solve crimes. Local law enforcement agencies are entrusted with the power to serve and protect the public and maintain peace within the community. Most local law enforcement agencies are small...

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Article Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Group

there has always been tension and an on and off relationship between the community they serve and law enforcement agencies. And as with any relationship between two people there are misunderstanding, break-up and disagreements and the same is with the relationship between the community and its law enforcement agencies but just with any relationship at day’s end both the community and law enforcement have and share common concerns such as justice and deterrence. With many of communities in America...

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