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  • Law Enforcement

    enterprise. Law enforcement efforts are focused on responding to citizen request for service. Policing at the state and local level is structured to meet the demands for service. Ideas such as community policing as well as problem oriented policing have attempted to move policing into a proactive‚ future-oriented process. Policing will be greatly impacted by the rapid changing cultural dynamics of our communities. The most significant trend will continue to be the utilization of technology to law enforcement

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  • Law Enforcement

    during this time due to the limited resources for law enforcement. About 580‚000 people were employed in public law enforcement and 1‚500‚000 people were employed in private security in 1991. It was estimated that by the year of 2000‚ private security personnel was estimated to outnumber law enforcement four to one. Jurisdictional Levels Law enforcement is a function of the executive branch of government. It’s highly decentralized. Federal agencies have broad territorial jurisdiction and narrow

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  • Policing Function

    Policing Law enforcement in the United States is a very unique component of the criminal justice system. Police Officers are thought to be the guardians of the gate; however‚ there are different levels of law enforcement that police cities‚ counties‚ and states. Law enforcement is broken down into different agencies. According to Grant and Terry (2008‚ p.13-15) four levels of law enforcement exist in the United States; Most cities and counties have their own municipal and county law enforcement agencies

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  • Organizational Management and Operations Paper

    each organizational level will be identified. Local Law Enforcement  There are many roles in which local law enforcement agencies take part in. The duties‚ functions‚ and responsibilities of local law enforcement agencies are broken down into many different roles. Local law enforcement agencies are in place to provide routine patrol of the communities within their jurisdictions. They provide emergency services‚ and uphold traffic enforcement laws. They conduct criminal investigations/planning and

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  • Police Functions

    Law enforcement agencies have many different functions. Federal‚ state and local levels each are organized to effectively provide the services the public needs. Together these agencies work to accomplish numerous tasks. Although each level of police agency has its own responsibilities and job roles‚ their functions are very similar. A closer look reveals what the various functions of police agencies at each level are‚ how the agencies’ functions compare to one another‚ and the impact policing

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  • Police Response

    Policing Response There are many issues that law enforcement face in today’s police force. There is not a federal agency that has authority over the policing agency to ensure that all standards are being followed (2008‚ p. 81). Even though there are federal and state governments have required standards for the policing agencies to follow‚ they have no way of making sure the standards are being followed by the regulation. They also have

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  • Introduction to Policing

    duties‚ functions and responsibilities of local state law enforcement agencies are done by the police department. And this consists of patrolling‚ administrative‚ training and technical support. There is also arresting of law violators‚ performing routine patrol‚ investigation of crimes‚ enforcing traffic laws‚ providing traffic and crowd control at parades‚ public events and issuing special license and permits. One major thing is upholding the law and preventing crime. And last but not least is to

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  • police fragmentation

    United States is extremely fragmented. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics‚ there are currently 21‚000 federal‚ state‚ and local law enforcement agencies in the United States. In different levels of the government‚ there are thousands of different agencies that are responsible for specific tasks. Due to a high amount of different law enforcement agencies‚ it will always raise a concern on “what works” and “what does not work”.             In recent years‚ the structure of American policing

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  • Police Duties

    Local and State law enforcement agencies have many duties‚ functions‚ and responsibilities. Most people think that all law enforcement agencies are the same. They do have similarities‚ but also have differences as well. Some duties‚ functions‚ and responsibilities of local law enforcement agencies are to serve and protect our communities. Local law enforcement agencies arrest criminals‚ they do routine patrolling‚ they patrol our communities to stop and prevent crime. They investigate crimes that

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  • Adjusting to Terrorism. Essay

    been at the forefront for criminal justice agencies. In a recent situation‚ several men from Toccoa‚ GA‚ were involved in a terrorist plot to blow up government facilities and kill hundreds of human with the use or poison‚ by way of the bean plant‚ which is used for killing moles and a key ingredient in ricin‚ a deadly poison (Severson‚ Brown‚ 2011). In this current situation‚ local and federal law enforcement were involved‚ and due to local law enforcements initial involvement‚ it seems that some

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