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Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a governmental agency belonging to the United States Department of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency (counterintelligence). Also, it is the government agency responsible for investigating crimes on Native American reservations in the United States[2] under the Major Crimes Act. The FBI has investigative jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories...

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Fbi Federal Bureau of Investigation

Stanley W. Finch. This force of agents was later named the Bureau of Investigations by the new Attorney General George Wickersham. The Chief Examiner was changed to Chief of the Bureau of Investigations. Stanley W. Finch was Chief from 1908 to 1912. The purpose of the Bureau of Investigation was to investigate the crimes "of national banking, bankruptcy, naturalization, anti-trust, peonage and land fraud (www.fbi.gov/history)." The Bureau had limited jurisdiction over crime until June 1910, when...

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The Importance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Laboratory

 The Federal Bureau Of Investigations labratory has been around since November 24,1932. Back then it was only a single agent in a single room with some basic equipment. Flash forward to today and it is one the largest and most state of the art facilities in the world. The FBI has 56 field offices throughout the U.S. Their main labratory is located in Quantico, VA. The lab is comprised of five sections each with varying numbers of sub-sections. The provide an array of services anyhting from maintaining...

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Federal Bureau of Prisons

Federal Bureau of Prisons Matt Bennett Dr. Peterson CJ 323-101: Corrections October 23rd, 2012 You may ask what is the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Well the Federal Bureau of Prison was established within the Department of Justice and charged with the management and regulation of all of the federal penal and correctional institutions. “This responsibility covered the administration of the 11 Federal prisons in operation at the time.” (“Federal Bureau of,”) With time passing and laws changing...

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Federal Bureau of Prisons

Federal Bureau of Prisons” The Federal Bureau of Prisons was established in 1930. Its main goal is to provide humane care for Federal inmates. There are 11 Federal prisons in operation. The Bureau consists of 115 institutions, 6 regional offices, a Central Office (headquarters), 2 staff training centers, and 22 community corrections offices. The Bureau of Prisons career opportunities web page is the place where you can learn about BOP careers, the employment process and...

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Local State Federal Police

Local, State, Federal Police Angela Brandon CJA/484 March 25, 2013 Frank Owens Local, State, Federal Police The United States uses police officers on three different levels to deal with citizens that violate the laws. The local, state, and federal agencies operate on different levels. Maintaining order and service functions, purpose of policing is to do investigation of suspected criminal activity and refer criminals to the American court. Police is needed to help maintain peace...

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Federal and Local Law Enforcement

Federal and Local Law Enforcement Sherle Spencer Everest College Intro to Criminal Justice Abstract Police agencies are shaped by the type of government under which they operate and our government consists of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. These agencies operate with a specific purpose and objective. This paper will focus on the similarities and differences between the FBI and the local police. Police agencies operate at all levels of government...

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Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Policing

Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Policing Jurisdiction is defined in our textbooks, as “The legal authority or power to create and enforce laws within a particular area” (Wright, 2012). Law enforcement agencies have different divisions that supervise a range of jurisdictions, all with the collective intent: to safeguard citizens and implement the laws passed by local, state, and federal agencies of the government. The difference between federal and local police jurisdiction is determined...

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Federal Tort Claims

and using deadly force in certain situations. But, with these powers officials must use discretion and act within the law thus ensure they do not violate an individual's rights which may result in any civil or criminal liability claims (Federal Bureau of Investigation). It is vital that criminal justice and security agencies ensure personnel do not abuse the authority bestowed upon staff, as individuals who behave “under the color of law”, which pertains to an officer committing an act that may or...

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Federal vs State Policy Comparison Paper

Federal versus State Policy Comparison Your Name CJA/463 – Criminal Justice Policy Analysis University of Phoenix Instructor: October 3, 2011 Federal vs. State Policy Comparison The United States Constitution is known for the Supreme law of the land in the United States, which creates a federal power system of government and shared between the state and federal governments (United States Court, 2011). Federal and state policies are both put into place to help protect business and individuals...

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