Community Policing

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One of the most effective policing strategies used in law enforcement is community policing. Two experts in this strategy are Robert Trojanowicz and Bonnie Bucqueroux. They have done research and wrote many articles on the topic. Trojanowicz worked for Michigan State University and has recently passed away. Bucqueroux was a victim of domestic violence and has added ideas in this area for community policing. Over many years community policing has become one effective method used by law enforcement to help serve the communities better. The concept was to develop a partnership between the police and the community. People in the community need to be able to have trust in the police officers patrolling their streets, not having to be afraid to talk to them if they needed too. Community policing is geared at trying to find solutions to issues that may exist in the community. Police and members of the community need to work together to create a safe environment for them and their families. In community policing the idea is for the police to develop a connection with the people in the community. Officers do not just drive around in their cars and never get out. In the community policing plan the officers develop relationships with people, especially in the specific areas they patrol. They talk to these people on a regular basis, try to get to know them on a personal level, and hope to gain their trust. So if an issue does arise they can look to the community for help to resolve the issue fast and efficient. Many people have a negative view about police officers so they respond to them based on realistic impressions inscribed into their minds in from past experiences . Community policing helps the community see police officers not only as the police but also as normal people just like them. Police are not just patrolling the streets looking for crime they are patrolling to keep the area as safe as possible for the citizen of the community. They are...
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