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Women and Minorities in Law Enforcement

Women and Minorities in Law Enforcement Response Student: Course: Fundamentals of Policing The role of women and minority throughout policing history: Throughout policing history women and minorities have played roles in the equality opportunities in the workplace legislation. During the Nixon Administration the federal government began to push employers on obtaining a good faith effort to employ women and minorities and track to their progress. In 1969...

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 Law Enforcement Joanna Fain CRJ201: Introduction to Criminal Justice Instructor:  Joe Niehaus September 23rd, 2014 Law Enforcement The history of the police agencies can be trace back to the 1630s, during this time the earliest colonists use the English style of policing. The civic duty for all citizens was “watch and ward” this offered no training or pay, it was the responsibility of the citizens to monitor the behavior of community members...

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Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Policing

Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Policing Jurisdiction is defined in our textbooks, as “The legal authority or power to create and enforce laws within a particular area” (Wright, 2012). Law enforcement agencies have different divisions that supervise a range of jurisdictions, all with the collective intent: to safeguard citizens and implement the laws passed by local, state, and federal agencies of the government. The difference between federal and local police jurisdiction is determined...

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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is any system in which some members of society act in an organized manner to develop an obedience to the law by catching and punishing any person who violates the rules and norms of that society. We consider most of what consists of this system as the people who deal with the prevention and punishment of crime but there are a variety of organizations that try to prevent non-criminal acts of the rules and norms and are therefore punished less severely. Most law enforcement are...

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Expectations of First-Line-Supervisor in Law Enforcement

Expectations of a First-Line Supervisor in a Law Enforcement Agency By Daniel Parra Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field Professor Chavez May 15, 2013 Abstract The first-line supervisor in law enforcement is commonly referred to as a Sergeant. These positions are of great importance to a law enforcement agency. There are many pros and cons to becoming a first-line supervisor. These positions are tasked with the expectation of maintaining a level of balance within the patrol ranks...

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Law Enforcement

enterprise. Law enforcement efforts are focused on responding to citizen request for service. Policing at the state and local level is structured to meet the demands for service. Ideas such as community policing as well as problem oriented policing have attempted to move policing into a proactive, future-oriented process. Policing will be greatly impacted by the rapid changing cultural dynamics of our communities. The most significant trend will continue to be the utilization of technology to law enforcement...

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Law Enforcement

during this time due to the limited resources for law enforcement. About 580,000 people were employed in public law enforcement and 1,500,000 people were employed in private security in 1991. It was estimated that by the year of 2000, private security personnel was estimated to outnumber law enforcement four to one. Jurisdictional Levels Law enforcement is a function of the executive branch of government. It’s highly decentralized. Federal agencies have broad territorial jurisdiction and narrow...

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Historical Development of Police Agencies

Running head: Law Enforcement Law Enforcement December 12, 2011 Introduction The criminal justice system has many components that make up its system. This paper will explore the historical development of police agencies and their jurisdiction, while analyzing their roles in contemporary society. It will describe the main types of law enforcement agencies, including local, state, and federal agencies and their components...

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Federal Agency

States empowers a wide range of law enforcement agencies to maintain law and public order related to matters affecting the country as a whole. The Federal Law enforcement agencies are only authorized to enforce various laws generally only on a federal level. Majority of these agencies have broad federal enforcement powers, but most enforce only narrow portions of federal law. In some cases, they may be empowered to enforce state and local law as well. These agencies may generally have nationwide...

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Impact of Terrorism on Law Enforcement

Impact of Terrorism in Law Enforcement The devastating events of 9/11 provided a forewarning to our country concerning the dangers of terrorism. However, it has created a particularly greater impact on the duties and standards expected of law enforcement agencies on all levels (local, state, and national). Law enforcement has begun implementing new tactics in an effort to prevent future terrorist attacks from threatening our national security. One aspect of policing in which terrorism has brought...

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