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Business Law

an antiquated response. However, discrimination can and does still happen in a company, and is not limited to gender discrimination. Consequently, every company is very careful about their operations and employee treatment in today’s business world. Many business entities have put together a human resource department to properly manage and take care of their most valuable resource, their employees. Over the years the government has also helped ensure that employees get proper treatment. Measures...

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aspects of law

 Q1. State three most important aspects of law as related to business. Give your rationale as to why those are the most important. Ans. Business and law are interlinked to a large extent. It would not be possible to do business without law. There are some important aspects of law as related to business are given below. Organizational: Every organization needs a porichiti and it is known by a name which represent any business. Every organization has a name and it shows a distinction than...

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Law & Practice

in regard to insolvent trading and if they breach any law for insolvent trading what are the consequences they have to suffer and also law has given some defences for insolvent trading for directors in order to avoid penalty. S9 defines a director of a company- a person who is appointed to the position of a director or alternate director regardless of the name given to their position. Managing director is responsible for overall daily business. Non executive directors have part time involvement with...

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Business Law

There are many laws in the world today that some may find are neither rational nor fair for all the parties involved in the situation. I have chosen two laws that I do not think are logical, these two are apparent authority and executory process. The first law I will be discussing is an agency this is the right one person has to execute business on behalf of another person or corporation. There are three important parties involved in an agency relationship; the agent (this is who can enter a...

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Business Law

 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS TMC COLLEGE LAW Individual Assignment The Importance of Understanding Business Law in Malaysia PREPARED FOR Mr. William Tan PREPARED BY Ilyassova Daniya SUBMISSION DATE 2 June 2014 Table of Content No. Details Page When doing a business it is important to understand laws that apply to your business, laws depend on the country you live in, but there are...

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business organizationa and adr

Running head: BUSINESS ORGANIZATION AND ADR Business Organization and ADR Jennifer Sanders Business Law 575 November 18, 2013 Professor Natalie Brown Business Organization and ADR When starting a business as an entrepreneur involves the process of decision-making of several or one specific entity to assist with determining which type to form “such as,” general, limited, cooperative, joint partnership, a franchise, or sole proprietorship. However, determining the type of business to create requires...

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Forms Of Business Organization

Forms of Business Organization (provided by the Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Centers) One of the first decisions that you will have to make as a business owner is how the business should be structured.  All businesses must adopt some legal configuration that defines the rights and liabilities of participants in the business’s ownership, control, personal liability, life span, and financial structure.  This decision will have long-term implications, so you may want to consult...

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Forms of Business Organization

John Walter O. Boisvert TM 102 (12:20 – 2:00) FORMS OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION 1. Sole Proprietorship - is the simplest business form under which one can operate a business. The sole proprietorship is not a legal entity. It simply refers to a person who owns the business and is personally responsible for its debts. A sole proprietorship can operate under the name of its owner or it can do business under a fictitious name. ADVANTAGES: * Capital - Sole proprietor contributes...

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Important Business Terms to Know

Key Terms Business Activity • Barter System – a system of exchange which involves the swapping of goods between individuals. • Capital Goods – goods used to produce other goods, such as tools, equipment and machinery. • Consumers – individuals who use or ‘consume' goods and services to satisfy their needs and wants. • Customers – individuals who buy goods and services supplied by businesses. • De-industrialization – the decline in manufacturing. • Division of labour – specialization...

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Healthcare Business Organization Paper

Business Organization Paper Healthcare has drastically changed over the years in the United States. As our population is growing in size, a shortage of the number of health care professionals is also growing. Entrepreneurs have greatly benefited the world of health care by assisting with creating more jobs, producing products and services to assist and meet the growing needs of the population, and starting new business organizations to meet the needs of today’s economy. There are different forms...

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Small Business Idea Paper

Small Business Idea Paper University Of Phoenix ACC/561 Verbena Williams Small Business Idea Paper Starting a business can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. Before you can launch your business venture, deciding the form of business organization will be one of the first things necessary. Some of these business organizations include; sole proprietors, corporations, and partnerships. With choosing which organization to go with one must consider consequences in lieu of legal issues...

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business ownership

BUSINESS OWNERSHIP Compare forms of business ownership. Three basic forms of business ownership Sole proprietorship Partnership Corporation Sole proprietorship A business owned and operated by one ...

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Different Types of Business Ownership; +'s and -'s

different types of business ownership, such as being a sole trader, in a partnership, franchises and limited companies. Sole Trader The advantages of being a sole trader are as follows;  They are easy to set up – There are very few complicated forms to fill in and sole traders can set up and run a business almost immediately.  They are easy to run – The owner can do what they want, when they want, without consulting with colleagues, as they are 100% in control of the business.  Tax advantages...

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Business Organization

Vanessa Lefler Bus 210 Week 2 Checkpoint A friend of mine and I are going to try and open a business doing accounting and bookkeeping but are having a hard time choosing if the form of business organization we will operate as will be joint stock, limited liability, partnership, or a sole proprietorship. A joint-stock company is where business owners raise capital by issuing stock certificates of its ownership. This means selling stock to investors that guarantee them a certain percentage...

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Business Plan

Business Plan Enter your business name Enter your name Section 1: The Business Profile Description of My Business (Session 1): Describe your product or service. Targeted Market and Customers (Session 1): Describe your customer profile and why customers want or need your product or service. Growth Trends In This Business (Session 1): Is the market for your product or service growing or shrinking? Pricing Power (Session 1): Explain the unique qualities or circumstances concerning...

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Small Business Analysis Week 2

Small Business Analysis Lindsey Brito ACC 561 Small Business Analysis There are four different types of business organizations that are popular among small business owners; sole proprietorship, partnership, C-corporation and S-corporations. Tax, legal and financial reporting may vary from organization to organization, so finding the right fit for your services and or products is crucial. Sole proprietorship is the most common form of business. It is the simplest and most inexpensive business to...

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types of business

or simply proprietorship - is a type of business entity which is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. Sole trading is widespread- A very large proportion of business conducted in the UK is undertaken by the trader working on his own usually providing his own money (capital) to start the business. The liability of any debts of the business will be down to him. In such a business there will probably be only one person doing...

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Creating a Business Idea and Types of Business Organizations

Small-Business Idea Recently the United States government has released funds for creating small businesses. An opportunity to acquire government funding for a business venture is one to take advantage of and to put dreams into reality. The intent of this paper is to outline the three main forms of business organizations including the tax and legal implications as well as the accounting requirements for each structure. In addition, this paper proposes creating a small business of a women’s only gym...

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Small Idea Business Paper

Running head: SMALL-BUSINESS IDEA PAPER Small-Business Idea Paper Bernard Petris University of Phoenix Accounting ACC/561 November 11, 2011 Small-Business Idea Paper There are five different forms of business organizations that I can consider when planning to start a business. They are 1. Sole proprietorship 2. Partnership 3. C corporation 4. S corporation 5. LLC – Limited Liability Company It is important...

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Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance – Leg 500

Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance – LEG 500   Explain if it matters that a parent literally had nothing to do with a biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to care for that parent. Under the Family and medical Leave Act (FMLA), a child can take care of their biological parent. This is even true even if that parent literally had nothing to do with the child growing up. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides an...

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The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Organisations in Zimbabwe

THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN PROMOTING CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS IN ZIMBABWE 1. InTRODUCTION This study will critically analyse how industry in Zimbabwe is exploiting the strategic role of Human Resources Management in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in order to give their business organizations competitive advantage. This introduction presents a context of the research proposal and helps to clarify how fulfilment of...

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Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures

Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Shannon Goshert ACC 537 July 25, 2010 Angela Rose Abstract Basic accounting concepts and business structures go hand-in-hand. Usually the business structure will determine the type of accounting concepts it will use. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are needed for effective accounting information. Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Basic accounting concepts and business structures are important to a business’s...

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Legal Issues with Business Organizations

Legal Issues in Business Organizations University of Phoenix June 29, 2012 SITUATION A Employee A’s leave of absence is covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993. FMLA applies to all companies with 50 or more employees. This act mandates an employee be allowed up to 12 weeks of leave for qualifying circumstances. The birth of Employee A’s child is a qualifying circumstance under the domestic responsibilities clause of the act. Longevity a clause in the FMLA also makes...

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Law531 R9 Business Forms Worksheet Wee

University of Phoenix Material Business Forms Worksheet There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, Franchise, and Corporation. 1. Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for each business form. 2. Provide a 100- to 200-word summary in which you provide an example business that you would start for each form. What is legally necessary to...

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Business Law

Research Paper: The law laid down in Soloman v. Soloman and Co. is often considered the source on the basis of which the jurisprudence of corporate personality has been written world over. However, the history of corporate-commercial litigation has witnessed situations where in the Courts have gone beyond the corporate cloak and analyzed the working and the motives of the members or directors of the company: In doing the same, the Courts have evolved the concept of lifting or piercing the...

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my long term goals

A)Features of an enterprise under VN law ( as compared to the US ) _ VietNam same US: 1/ Each enterprise must have its puper name. It must be printed or written on transaction papers, documents, materials and printed matters issued by the enterprise. 2/ Each enterprise must have property 3/ Each enterprise must have its head office. It must have a definite address, telephone and email address 4/ Business registration,Enterprise must carry out formalities which law ask to be able to establish legally...

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Bus 401 Final Exam Questions

BUSINESS LAW 401 – FINAL EXAM 1. Name three ways to finance a new business. 2. What is the primary purpose of federal bankruptcy law? a. To protect creditors b. To treat all creditors equally c. To preserve business relationships d. To discharge the debtor from burdensome debts by giving him a fresh start 3. Martha started a flower shop as a sole proprietor. After one year, she was forced to close the shop because business was so bad...

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advantage of limited company

solely classed as a business cost can be claimed back on expenses. Trading through a Limited company means you can claim on a wider range of expenses such as accountancy fees, equipment, software, phones, travel, Internet and much more. Complete control of your business – you keep complete control of your financial affairs meaning you do not have to risk your money with any third party administrator or umbrella company. Personal assets are covered - As a non-limited business, personal assets can...

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Im Sample


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Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor People generally know if they are an employee or an independent contractor, but with some jobs or businesses knowing for sure can be difficult. Understanding what the laws to know the difference between the two is important. According to the "U.s. Small Business Administration" (n.d.), " Knowing this distinction will help you determine what your first hiring move will be and affect how you withhold a variety of taxes and avoid costly legal consequences.” (Hire a...

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Corporation and Tax Identification Number

Introduction: For many Business students their main goal is to one day own and run their own businesses. During this assignment I would like to break down the initial steps needed to start a business. Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. Below are the steps that could help you plan, prepare and manage your business. Items needed You will need to have: • Business plan • Location or place of purchase via...

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The Money Doctor

1. Is “The Money Doctors” a partnership, and if so, who are the partners? Main Issue: To identify if “The Money Doctors” is a partnership and if so, who are the partners of the business. Relevant Law: Partnership is the relation which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit. There are four conditions in which all must be satisfy are the followings: Agreement Partnership relationship may be formed by deed, in writing, verbally and lastly by inference...

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Hrm 300 Week 3 Team Eeoa Rights Review

Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Business environments today display diversity, a numerical composition that reflects different kinds of people, such as men and women of different ethnic origins, educational experiences, and professional backgrounds (Beamish, Morrison, Inkpen, & Rosenzweig, 2003). A vast amount of organizations are emulating a diverse workforce. Fair treatment of employees is the responsibility of the human resource management team within a firm. Footsteps...

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Advantages of the Corporate Structure

A company is a legal entity created separately from those who own and operate it. As a separate entity, the company's debts and taxes are separate from its owners (shareholders), thereby, offering the greatest personal liability protection of all business structures. A company is an artificial "legal" person. It is owned by shareholders who have limited liability (i.e., they are not personally responsible for the company’s debts). A company is run by directors. Because the company continues...

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Res 351 Week 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS Business Structure 2 Sole Proprietorships 2 Partnerships 2 Limited Liability Companies 2 Corporations 2 Identification Numbers 3 Taxes 3 Recordkeeping 3 Assets 3 Business Checkbook 4 Tax Year 4 Insurance 4 Guidelines for Potential Store Owners Preliminary Draft Campbell’s Confections often receives requests from individuals to open and manage a new candy store. To help prospective owners, Campbell’s Confections has prepared a guide to provide answers...

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Week 1 Business Law Assignment

different business name from that of the partners' names must file a "doing business as" (DBA), or "fictitious" business name, as explained on the Citizen Media Law Project website. S corporations rarely file a fictitious formation documents. Many states require S corporations to include a corporate identifier business name. Rather, S corporations list the name of the business in the company's in the business name such as "incorporation," "corporation," or the correct abbreviation. The business name of...

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UVU LEGL 3000 Test 4 Sample Questions

steals some of the cash. Meals n' More may suffer the loss under the doctrine of a. apparent authority. b. express authority. c. implied authority. d. no authority. 5.Sonia manages a Tasty Pastry store for United Food Company. To manage the business, Sonia's authority can be implied from a. the position Sonia occupies. b. any statements Sonia would make. c. any inference Sonia chooses to make. d. no inference. 6.Bud approves on behalf of Codybut without authorizationa contract with Dik...

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Business Law

OUTLINE 1. Introduction: The nature and function of the law Administrative matters The first part of the seminar covers an explanation of how to successfully study in this course. In particular you need to understand: • • • The tuition pattern of the course; that it operates as a package: three hour seminar (lecture and case study), prescribed readings, E-tutorial and revision notes. How to download and install the First Principles of Business Law E-tutorial software. There is an early piece of assessment...

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Phi - Employee Health Information

necessary to create laws to protect employees from discrimination, they have had to create laws to safeguard an employee’s protected health information (PHI). These laws include: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHAct). While each law explicitly protects employee health information, it also allows employers to use certain PHI to meet certain requirements of each law and to ensure the...

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Family and Medical Leave Act

and complex laws in the United States. Since 1993, over 35 million eligible workers have taken leave for family or medical reasons. For all the employers covered by the act, 80 percent reported that it had a positive effect or noticeable effect on business productivity, profitability and growth. (www.familyleavesurvey.com) As the FMLA has evolved, it has had positive effects on both employees and employers. However, even though it is very effective, it is also a very complex law. FMLA covers...

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The Impact of Fmla on Human Resources

must provide a minimum of 12 weeks of unpaid job protected leave. The employee must have worked for the organization for a minimum of 12 months and must have clocked a minimum of 1,250 working hours within that 12-month period. Congress passed this law in 1993 under President Bill Clinton, and it “is designed to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities by allowing them to take reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons. It also seeks to accommodate the legitimate...

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Finance Management Overview

CHAPTER 1 AN OVERVIEW OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Forms of business organization Answer: c [i]. Which of the following could explain why a business might choose to organize as a corporation rather than as a sole proprietorship or a partnership? a. Corporations generally face fewer regulations. b. Corporations generally face lower taxes. c. Corporations generally find it easier to raise capital. d. Corporations enjoy unlimited liability. e. Statements...

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LIT1 Task 310

company, records will need to be reviewed to insure that the employee was given the proper notice concerning his rights under FMLA as required by law. Are the rules for FMLA posted in the office where Employee A worked? Did the former manager properly notify Employee A that the leave was going to be designated as FMLA leave within the required five business days? If these provisions were met and can be documented, then the leave can be classified as FMLA leave and no violation exists. Situation B Facts...

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LIT1 Task 2

have occurred that require investigating. Since employment and hiring practices are a part of my duties here at Company X, I have been charged with the investigation into these situations. In the subsequent report, the laws that companies must abide by will be outlined and how these laws affects the outcome in each of these three situations. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 is one that ties in heavily to the first situation. “The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides certain employees...

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employees would want to make sure they have plenty of time off for emergencies. The employer needs to post the Employee Rights and Responsibilities under the Family Medical Leave Act guide poster in a visible place within the buildings of the company, business, or institution. The employer has to explain FMLA and other relevant company policies to the employees which happen normally during orientation. The Employer needs to provide health benefits and other benefits that would be given, as it is to people...

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Mcgee Cake Company

organization from a sole proprietorship to an [limited liability company] as well as “the advantages and disadvantages of changing the [company's current form of business organization] to a corporation” (Ross, Westerfield & Jordan, 2013, p. 18). In addition, the McGee's have asked me for my recommendation as to which form of business organization I believe the company should undertake and the reasons/rationale behind my recommendation. CASE STUDY ...

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in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) prevents employers from denying applicants forty years old or older employment based on their age or discharge an employee due to age, unless age limitations can be shown to be necessary for the operations of the business. The act also shields older employees from denial of benefits and promotions due to age. We start by justifying the employee’s ability to be covered by the Age Discrimination Act. First, the company has 75 employees which is above the minimum requirement...

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Introduction to Principles of Accounts

The Purpose of Accounting: 1) It provides reports on the financial position of an organization and the profitability of its operations. 2) It helps management to make effective and efficient decisions in terms of control and directing of business activities. 3) It provides a way to measure the effectiveness and performance of an organization over a particular period of time. 4) It provides economic information to interested parties so they can make informed and reliable decisions...

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Business Law Chapter 31 Notes

(Second) or Agency (an authoritative summary of the law of agency) defines agencies as fiduciary relationships • Fiduciary – (adj) involving trust and confidence • Agency relationships commonly exist between employers and employees • Agency relationships can also exist between employers and independent contractors Employer-Employee Relationships • Normally, all employees who deal with third parties are considered to be agents • Employment laws apply only to employer-employee relationships,...

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managing financial resources and decision

organisation there are a number of factors that should be considered. Depending on these factors will determine how your business will be set up, the three main types of business being Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies. Sole Proprietors - This business is wholly owned by one person only and will usually be financed personally by the owner. As the business grows, the owner can employ personnel for different functions. Advantages Easy start up Fewer legal formalities ...

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Real Estate Interview

person through a favor done from my friend. My overall assessment of this interview is that it turns out that in the real estate business there is more to it than what I had imagine. Many of the questions that I had asked seemed to be answered by the time I got there for interview. Mr. Tijerino Seems to be a real great person at what he does and how he deals with his business, but three very important aspects that seemed pretty relevant about him is that he was very clear about what he said and got the...

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Labor relations and labor-management relations are terms used to define the business activities between labor unions and employers. Large organizations employ labor relations or employee relations specialists who operate as a liaison between labor and management. In smaller organizations a human resources manager knowledgeable about labor and employment law handles labor relations matters. Labor relations activities may include contract negotiations, employee grievances, arbitration and mediation...

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Relations of Partners with Third Party

firm (3) The act done must relate to a matter which comes within the scope of partnership business (4) The act done to carry on the business in the “usual way” Ordinary or Non commercial Partnership: Implied authority includes: (1) Receive payment on debts of the firm & issue receipts (2) Assign/transfer debt due to the firm. (3) Purchase goods on credit for the firm which are required to carry the business in the usual way (4) Sell any of the partnership goods. (5) Enter into a contract if...

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What a Sole Trader? A sole trader describes any business that is owned and controlled by one person, although they may employ workers, e.g. a newsagent's shop. Individuals who provide a specialist service like hairdressers, plumbers or photographers, are also sole traders. The Advantages of Sole Traders 1. The firms are usually small, and easy to set up. 2. Generally, only a small amount of capital needs to be invested, which reduces the initial start-up cost. 3. The wage bill will usually...

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Corporate Finance Chapter 1 Solution

involves investments because decisions have to be made about which assets should be acquired by a business. Given the close relationship between these three areas of finance, it is impossible to discuss one of them without some discussion of the others. In investment decisions , managers consider the amount invested in the assets of the business and the composition of that investment. Managers of the business are therefore involved in the task of choosing, usually from a long list of available projects...

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Sole Proprietorship

Bekaert AIU Online Abstract A business has many advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right one, all of these aspects must be explored beforehand. These aspects must be explored for the business to be successful also. Taking your time to do this will ensure that you are not only making the best decision possible, but that you are making an informed one. Compare and contrast all the aspects of each type of business, then make your choice of which business is best suited to meet those needs...

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Advantages Of Sole Traders

sole trader. A person can set up a business immediately. There are few, if any, forms to fill in or procedures needed to set. Easier to run than any other types of business. The owner is in sole charge, easier in terms of decision making. Tax Advantages Taxed differently eg. NI contributions are low There are no legal fees to set the firm Control The owner is in sole charge – can make whatever changes they want No meetings required to implement Capital a business nearly always needs some capital...

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Roles and Challenges for Sole Proprietorship in Bd

for: Mohammad Tamzidul Islam Lecturer Brac Business School Brac university Date Of Submission: Introduction: A sole proprietorship is a form of legal organization in which the owner maintains sole and complete control over the business and is personally liable for business debts. There are no legal requirements for establishing a sole proprietorship business other than obtaining the necessary local business licenses and permits. In a sole proprietorship...

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Contributions of Diversity to the Workplace

the workplace tend to come naturally, (Goessl, Leigh 2008). Diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more, (Greenberg, Josh 2004) With today's business environment moving towards a global platform, organizations made up of a diverse group of individuals are growing at a rapid rate. Establishing diversity initiatives in an organization is of great value, and organizations which embrace diversity...

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Advantages of Private Ltd Company

THE ADVANTAGES OF HAVING A PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY AS BUSINESS ORGANISATION Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, private limited companies enjoy certain exemptions and privileges, which are peculiar to their constitution and nature. A private limited company is variously described as, ëquasi-partnershipí, ëfamily concerní, ëclose corporationí etc. A private limited company also has many advantages over proprietorships and partnerships, as elaborated below. 1. Limited Liability ...

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