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Legal Terms

Ruling: Yes. The petitioner is liable to respondent for she suffered from severe anxiety on account of the speculation over her enjoyment status, and that stated on art 19 and art 20 a. Article 19 of Civil Code, a person must, in exercise of his legal right or duty, act in good health b. Article 20. Every person who, contrary to law, willfully or negligently causes damage to another, shall indemnity the letter for the same. G.R.143989 July 14, 2003 Lahom vs Sibulo Fact: Mrs Lahom applied...

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Legal issues of Ferox Co.

SEMINAR II The first legal issue relates to the nature of Ferox Co. The relationship between Alex, Brian, Christina and Sally also need to be clarified in legal terms as well as the relationship of Dominic and the firm at each stage. The second issue is who the persons liable for the first £50,000 debt and the second £50,000 from Emily. The third issue deals with the £30,000 that Dominic borrowed from Francis and the responsible parties who are liable for it. The fourth issue revolves around...

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Legal Memorandum

MEMORANDUM OF LAW To: Brenda Young, Supervising Attorney From: Steven Carp , Legal Assistant Date: September 26, 2012 Re: Enforcement of non-competition agreement against Brett Young I.QUESTIONS PRESENTED Whether the restrictive covenant is enforceable against Brett Young for working with a competitor of Finance R Us. II. SHORT ANSWER: No, the covenant is not enforceable against Brett Young for leaving Finance R Us and working for Titles Unlimited when the III. STATEMENT...

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The Legal System and ADR AnalysisWK1

 The Legal System and ADR Analysis Lawrence V. Webster B.S. AVM Business Law/531 October 13th, 2015 Professor Amy Cabrero The Legal System and ADR Analysis The Legal System and ADR Analysis is a non-judicial way of creating a cost-effective and less time-consuming way of settling a dispute for or against another person ort business associated with a business or person. I will attempt to explain the benefits and losses in this form of going through litigation as well as ADR resolutions...

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Purpose and Types of Legal Documents

Purpose of Legal Documents This assignment is to correctly identify and briefly explain the following types of legal documents and their purpose(s) in their respective case(s). Document Example #1: Memorandum of Law - This document relates to the case of Jackson v. Centerville Diner. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the facts of the case, the issue(s) at hand, a summary of the case and the relevant laws and their potential application to the case. The conclusion of...

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Citation- Legal Brief

Citation: Babine v. Gilley’s Bronco Shop, Inc. District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District May 13, 1986 Facts: The appellant, Michael P. Babine brought suit against Gilley’s Bronco Shop, Inc. damages from injuries sustained at Kevin’s West, Inc. a nightclub, where he was thrown off the mechanical bull “El Toro”. The mechanical bull was sold to Kevin’s from Gilley’s. Gilley’s purchased it from another party. The purpose of the mechanical bull was for training rodeo cowboys. The appellant...

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Know Your Right

A contract is an agreement entered into voluntarily by two parties or more with the intention of creating a legal obligation, which may have elements in writing, though contracts can be made orally. The parties may be natural persons or juristic persons. A contract is a legally enforceable promise or undertaking that something will or will not occur. The word promise can be used as a legal synonym for contract, although care is required as a promise may not have the full standing of a contract, as...

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MGT 623 Week 2 Assignment

 Tiffin University Problem Solution Analysis Paper Submitted for Course Number MGT 623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Management Dr. Dave Ibarra By: Lauren M. Middleton November 2nd, 2014 1. What does employment-at-will mean? Employment at will essentially means that an employer can basically fire an employee for almost any reason, which includes no explainable reason at all, and employers are not legally guilty of any wrong for the discharge of employees under this policy...

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Chapter 2: List for Basic Rules of Trusts: Property, Obligations and trusts 1) Equitable title exists whenever equity will require the legal owner of property to hold the property for the benefit of some other person or group of persons (which group may include the legal owner himself.) 2) Cestuis que trust=beneficiaries 3) Settlor and trustee can be the same person. 4) Settlor and beneficiary can be the same person. (Settlor can convey property to a trustee on trust for himself.) 5) Express...

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chapter 11 hw - law

1) a- Yes, P may recover, as this is a breach of the contract. P, in agreeing to accept the pension, forfeited his rights to take another job in the industry. This is a legal detriment to P, the promisee – one which did not exist prior to the formation of the contract. b- This is not enforceable. This is an example of past consideration, which is not consideration. P had already rendered the service at the time the company’s promise was made. In other words, the service was not induced by or given...

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