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Application of Energy

Application of Energy ------------------------------------------------- Forms of energy Main article: Forms of energy Energy exists in many forms: Heat, a form of energy, is partly potential energy and partly kinetic energy. In the context of physical sciences, several forms of energy have been defined. These include: * Thermal energy, thermal energy in transit is called heat * Chemical energy * Electric energy * Radiant energy, the energy of electromagnetic radiation *...

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Conservation of Energy

CONSERVATION OF ENERGY OBJECTIVE The purpose of this experiment is to calculate the gravitational potential energy through experimental values, to calculate the theoretical potential energy given the experimental kinetic energy in an isolated system while also using the kinetic energy to find the spring constant, and to compare kinetic energies and potential energies in an isolated system to see if they are equivalent. METHOD To calculate the gravitational potential energy through experimental...

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Goo Goo Dolls

tree, when its branches are shaken? OR Why is spring made of steel not of copper? 11. A light body and a heavy body have the same momentum . Which one will have greater kinetic energy? Justify. 12. A projectile is thrown with a velocity 5 ms¯¹at an angle of 30º with the horizontal . What is the maximum height attained by it? (Take g=10ms¯²). 13. State the conditions necessary for a satellite...

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CHM2330 Midterm Exam 1 Review

law of effusion. > Long Answer Questions: 1) The mean speed for a pure unknown ideal gas at an unknown temperature is 212.0cms-1. i) What is the root-mean-square speed? ii) The most probable speed? 2) Determine the degeneracies of the first four energy levels for a particle in a three-dimensional CUBE. Show your reasoning for full marks. 3) Consider a particle on a 2D ring which is described by the (UNNORMALIZED) wavefunction. Ψ𝑚𝑙 (𝜙) = 𝑒 𝑖𝑚𝑙𝜙 a) Find the normalization constant for this...

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Physics for Future Presidents Notes-Final Exam

Energy: the ability to do work. Work= force x displacement. Power=energy/time Power is measured in watts or horsepower. Joules/sec=watts 1hp=746w=1kw Basal metabolic rate 2000kcal/day= 100w Batteries store energy in chemical form. They release energy by pumping electrons’ through wires from the minus pole to the plus pole. Devices inbetween convert this energy to another form, Efficieny- e.motor=85%, combustion= 20% Hydrogen is not a source of energy but a means of transportation Types of energy:...

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Collisions and Conservation of Momentum

conservation of momentum in collisions using two bodies. We also calculated the amount of kinetic energy in elastic and inelastic collisions before and after the collision. Introduction: When bodies collide with each other, the total momentum p = mv, is always conserved regardless of the type of collision provided no external forces are present. There are two types of collisions. In an elastic collision, both the kinetic energy and the momentum are conserved. An inelastic collision is one in which only the...

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Collision Physics Lab Conclusion

their momentum, so the momentum after the collision differed. Kinetic energy differed more than what was expected, it was significantly less after the collision, the difference before and after the collision was 63.7%, so 36.3% of that momentum was lost. This have occurred because the collision is inelastic and since there was friction when the two pucks collided, their speed became less, and speed is directly proportional to kinetic energy. Category 2: the change of momentum before and after the...

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Dina Ahmad

SPH4U0 2-D COLLISIONS LAB PURPOSE To determine if momentum and kinetic energy are conserved during elastic and inelastic collisions. PROCEDURE AND CALCULATIONS 1. Run both the elastic and inelastic collision simulations and record the data as instructed by the teacher (you will do an import). You will need to base your calculations on the data before and after the collision. Do not use data in the middle because it is not clear exactly when the collision occurs. The software measures time...

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Geothermal energy

and businesses, geothermal power plants use superheated fluids from the earth’s geothermal energy to generate electricity. When magma heats up the water from underground, it creates superheated fluids. When these super-heated fluids reach the surface they will be turned into steam. This steam will then power a turbine, which will in turn power a conductor. The conductor will then produce electrical energy. ¬¬¬¬¬¬To create enough steam to power the steam turbines, the superheated fluid must...

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A Biomechanical Analysis of a Sprint Start

and the athletes reactions to the start of the race. Although the three variations of the sprint start have their own benefits and plus points the aim of this experiment is to try and determine, using calculations for velocity, acceleration and kinetic energy, which sprint start technique is the most effective. METHOD In order to carry out this experiment effectively, first a set of parameters and guidelines must be set out. One subject was used for the entire experiment; a course of 25 meters was...

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