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Mechanics: Work, Energy, Momentum, Kinematics of Rotational Motion

Mechanics: Work, Energy, Momentum, Kinematics of Rotational Motion Jacque Lynn F Gabayno, Ph.D. Lecture Notes 1 Work as defined in Physics r r W =F s Force× Displacement = Force × Displacement *SI Units: 1 N.m = 1 Joules (i.e. same as the unit of energy) 2 Recall “Dot Product” The dot product allows us to multiply two vectors to get something that is SCALAR. r A r A For a constant force: r r r B = A B cos ! r B = Ax Bx + Ay By + Az Bz Only those along the direction of...

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Chemistry 05.02 and 05.01

the particles are held together - The phase of matter is considered a physical property because a change in a substance’s phase does not change the chemical properties or identity of the substance. - The phases of matter are determined by the kinetic energy of the particles and the attractive forces between the particles. - Attractions between particles, called intermolecular forces. - The effects of the motion of the particles on these attractions determines the arrangement of the particles in...

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Energy of a Tossed Ball

Energy of a Tossed Ball Project PURPOSE: The purpose for the students of the Energy of a Tossed Ball Lab involved learning how to measure the change in kinetic and potential energies as a ball moves in free fall. Since there is no frictional forces working on the ball the total energy will remain constant and the students will see how the total energy of the ball changes during free fall. HYPOTHESIS: 1. The ball has potential energy while momentarily at rest at the top of the path. 2...

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Hydraulic Jump

enough to maintain the supercritical flow(high velocity liquid). The results, an abrupt rise occurred in the liquid surface. The rapidly flowing liquid will abruptly slowed and increase in height. This will converting the flow’s kinetic energy into potential energy, with some energy are permanently lost through confusion to heat. In an open channel flow, this demonstrated as the fast flow rapidly slowing and piling up on top of itself similar to how shockwave occurred. The smooth transition is possible...

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Midterm Cheat Sheet

direction. Acceleration is increase in speed. Linear momentum (p) of a single particle (point-like object) in vector notation: 
p = m * v. Specific types of friction: Drag (wind resistance) Static (maximum occurs right before the object moves) Kinetic (usually less than static) F friction = u*N (u is just the coefficient of friction) Terminal Velocity: you stop accelerating because you’ve reached mechanical equilibrium. The Action of Forces at Joints The rigid object is an extended...

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Factors Affecting the Speed of Sound in a Medium

" Factors affecting the speed of sound in a medium" Type of the medium- The speed of sound is not always the same. Remember that sound is a vibration of kinetic energy passed from molecule to molecule. The closer the molecules are to each other and the tighter their bonds, the less time it takes for them to pass the sound to each other and the faster sound can travel. It is easier for sound waves to go through solids than through liquids because the molecules are closer together and more tightly...

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the day i goy lost

-Revolutions* =radians -Revolutions* =degrees -Radians* =revolutions -Radians* =degrees -Degrees* =revolutions -Degrees* =radians -Trigonometry: Sinθ = opposite/hypotenuse; Cosθ = adjacent/hypotenuse; Tanθ = opposite/adjacent ) -Energy: joule (J) = kg*(m2 /s) -Gravitational constant G = (6.67x10-11 /s2 ) -Acceleration = m/s2 -Torque = m2 )*[(N*m2 )/(kg2 )] *kg/s2 /m] , v=25m/s, d=1337m would be 2 digits because of 25m/s θ = an angle Sinθ = y/r;...

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How Roller Coasters Are Affected by Math

at the top of the track, it has the most potential energy, which is the energy of a vertical position. This is based on how big on how high the ride is. Once the cars drop, they obtain kinetic energy. As it goes on, the ride goes through different heights. There are a few formulas used when a coaster is being created. Some of them are KEinitial + PEinitial + Wexternal = KEfinal + PEfinal This goes through the relationship between mechanical energy and external forces. KE=0.5 *mass* (speed) ^2 and...

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Liquid and Evaporation

evaporation. Evaporation of liquids can be explained in the terms of kinetic molecular model although there are strong molecular attractive forces which hold molecules together. The molecules having sufficient kinetic energy can escape into gaseous phase. If such molecules happen to come near the surface in a sample of liquid all the molecules do not have same kinetic energy. There is a small fraction of molecules which have enough kinetic energy to overcome the attractive forces and escapes into gaseous phase...

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Calculus

Here are a few problems which involve rotational kinetic energy. 4.1 Maximum Height of Ball A solid ball is rolled toward a ramp. How high will it be when it stops and begins to roll back down? 11 h Figure 4.1: Ball Rolling Up A Ramp The linear kinetic energy as the ball approaches the ramp is 1 K.E.linear = mv2 . 2 Since the ball rolls without slipping, v = ωR. The rotational kinetic energy is 1 2 mR2 ω2 2 5 1 2 = mv , 5 so the potential energy at the top of the rise is K.E.rotational = P.E...

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