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THERMODYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF AUTOMOTIVE HVAC SYSTEM. PRESENTED BY Prof D.V.THAKUR 1, 1AISSMS’S POLYTECHNIC PUNE-01, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Pune - 01 _________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT A experimental set up has been developed for refrigeration circuits of automobile air conditioning systems. The experimental set up includes a variable capacity compressor and a thermostatic expansion valve in addition to the evaporator and micro...

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Basic Components of Refrigeration system Compressors Types of Compressors: Reciprocating compressors: Scroll Compressor: Intake phase of Scroll compressor: Compression phase of scroll compressor Scroll Compressor Helical – Rotary (Screw) Compressors: Helical Rotary Compressor Centrifugal Compressor Open Compressor Hermatic Compressor: Semi hermetic compressor Cylinder Unloaders: Cycling on and off: Cycling scroll Compressors ...

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Environmental Control ME-262 Hydronic System Design Aliya Athiqah Azman Problem statement Use the information from assignments #2, and 3, to design a SERIES hydronic heating system for the building shown below. Make a table as shown below and determine the lengths of the baseboard heating units rounded to one foot. Also specify the type and model of a boiler suitable for this project. For the purpose of the boiler selection, assume that there is a constant 1.5 gpm hot water need that...

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Are HVAC Contractors Trustworthy?

Industry by the NBC’s Today Show, the author Herb Woerpel states “Are HVAC contractors trustworthy? A recent undercover investigation conducted by NBC News' "Today" show suggests that residential HVACR technicians are after one thing: a homeowner's money.”(Woerpel, 2012). NBC’s “Today” show investigative reporter shows the deficiency in business ethics. The concern that was raised by the investigative reporter, tried to show that HVAC contractors do not operate under ethical guidelines. The ground rules...

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Global Procurement of HVAC Systems Market- Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Research and Report, 2014 -2018

About HVAC Systems Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) refers to systems that perform processes designed to regulate room temperature, humidity, and air flow in buildings, as per their acceptable range. HVAC systems are an important part of: • Architectural design and space allocations • Building construction budget To Get More Details @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/global-procurement-of-hvac-systems-2014-2018-market TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Procurement of HVAC Systems...

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HVAC frequently asked queston

 What is a heat pump? A heat pump is a machine that by reversing its refrigeration cycle can provide heating instead of cooling. Because a heat pump uses a refrigerant it can upgrade the heat in air at even -15ºC to a usable heat source to heat buildings. Difficult to understand perhaps but imagine a domestic fridge or freezer, reverse its cycle and that black grille on the back will be very cold whilst inside will be very hot. Heat pumps can extract heat from air and water and are nearly always...

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Commercial Air-conditioning or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) J.Ilangumaran Commercial air-conditioning or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) It refers to the mechanical systems which heat, cool, filter or dehumidify air in a room or building. HVAC systems control the ambient environment (temperature, humidity, air flow, and air filtering) in homes and commercial buildings and are crucial in maintaining environmental conditions in critical applications...

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Comprehensive professional development

Advance Implementation of BGP CONTINUING PROFFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT My professional association has been with Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) field.  I have always tried to keep myself up to date with new developments in this field.  1. References to literatures : • Technical books on HVAC. e.g. Basics of Air Conditioning by P. Anath Narayan. • Journals and articles published by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers...

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Company Introduction, Market Segmentation & Product Positioning

Newport News, VA and offers magnificent HVAC services to a variety of cities in Virginia Beach area, including Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News & Chesapeake. BACS offer heating and cooling repair, replacement, and maintenance services. With Virginia mild winters and hot humid summers, BACS understands how important it is to have your heating and cooling systems running when you need them the most. Our expert heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services furnaces, boilers, and heat...

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Ako ay Maganda

Pagara January 31, 2013 BSME – 4 Engr. Rogelio Golez HVAC INSTALLATION 1. Make a thorough discussion on Construction Safety that involves Mechanical Engineering equipments, i.e., HVAC installation, piping installation, machine installation, etc. When installing a new Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, it's important to provide proper air flow, heating, and cooling in every room. The HVAC system should meet certain standards of quality in design, but also...

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circulating through HVAC system. d. Can be used as personal antiseptic, for equipment and small wounds. e. Can be used on pets to stop skin infections, stop scratching. For offices and commercial buildings (hotels): for routine cleaning of HVAC systems and exposed surfaces, such as rooms, kitchens, bathrooms. Productivity will rise from less absenteeism. Combats Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Fecal coliforms. Schools: reduce and eliminate harmful airborne pathogens HVAC can be protected...

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The Five Management Functions

The Five Management Functions Within an HVAC Company r. Olson MGT 330 Instructor J. Davis August 27, 2012 The subject of this reflective paper is regarding the most critical organizational management functions. Critical management functions sit at the core of any organization and steer its leaders, managers, and employees toward success by utilizing the people and resources in the most effective manner. My intent is for the reader to be enlightened of how I helped manage a Heating, Ventilation...

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Personal Best

mechanical engineering -3-5 years’ experience -Proficiency with Word, Excel and possibly Project -Familiarity with use of FANUC robots -Reside near the Defiance, OH area Courses: Related Courses in Mechanical engineering 3. Lead Mechanical and HVAC system engineer Job Description: To provide program and functional leadership to ensure successful execution of program plans and accomplishment of departmental goals. To perform research, development, staff and consulting assignments of a professional...

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Mechanical Systems

limited to HVAC, and low voltage lighting and high voltage lighting. Every system I come in contact has been evolving over the years. One to Three years Within the next One to Three years there will be a lot of changes to my work place. Not to get in to politics but as we all know there are major budget cuts to the Department of Defense. With these cuts we are going to have to look in to way on reducing our energy consumption. As I mentioned we consume a lot of energy with lighting, HVAC, and compressing...

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Resume Example

December 2014 Rhvac Certification Northwestern Technological Institute Southfield, MI 2000 GPA 3.5 (4.0 scale) Recent Work Experience Hutchins Temperature Design Service Installer Tech Detroit, MI June 2013- Present Install and diagnosis HVAC equipment Perform job duties in a timely matter Deal with an array of commercial and residential customers Troubleshooting equipment such as furnaces, hot water tanks, and boilers MNP Corporation Boltmaker Trainee Madison Heights, MI ...

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HRM jindi enterprise

street to identify new constructions projects. Once recognized the sales lead, the sales engineer walks in and introduces himself and the product to sell. In most cases the potential buyer is an experienced worker without much technical knowledge about HVAC products. In fact, their primary concerns aren’t technical features but, rather, the price, the delivery time and the service. This sales approach is best suited to the low-end residential market. On the low-end market, the accessibility is much easier...

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Ecofriendly Classroom Features: Lighting, Ventilation and Climate Control

body better than women's and girls' clothing) 4. Smart automation where possible ("smart" in assumptions re users' behaviours and needs) * aluminum sensors for automatic heating/cooling and lighting (door opens = lights and HVAC go on; windows open = HVAC goes off) * carbon dioxide sensor in each classroom 5. Appropriate location for recycling/composting bins 6. Each classroom contributes to a "building that teaches," that is, a facility "in which the lessons embodied in...

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Resume Mehanical Engg

manufacture and freight of a flue gas exhaust duct worth $1 million in a thermal power station; which was successfully completed • Worked with a team of engineers, CAD designers, architects and clients on commercial construction sites for several HVAC installations • Supervise and inspect the installation, modification and commissioning of mechanical systems at construction sites or in industrial facilities • Preparation of contract documents and evaluation of tenders for industrial...

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Hotel Facilities Design

of facilities in the hospitality industry; one of the key elements is money making aspects of the business. (T/F) 3. HVAC is a system maintains comfort by modifying and controlling the factors that influence comfort which are moisture, temperature, filtration, supply of inside air for ventilation and air movement. (T/F) 4. Guestroom HVAC system types has been divided into two types which are centralized systems and Decentralized systems. The Decentralized system has been...

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Importance of Maintanance

to avoid future expenses. Older air conditioners may still be able to offer years of relatively efficient use. However, making older air conditioner last requires performing proper operation and maintenance. Air conditioning maintenance facts HVAC system failures are caused but common dirt and dust buildup caused by neglect. With both the indoor and outdoor components out of every day sight it is easy to forget to regularly service air conditioning system performance. If the filter is not...

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Porters Five Force Analysis for Paint Industry

United States and Concepcion Industries, Inc. of the Philippines. In just a few years, CCAC expanded from manufacturing window room air conditioners to becoming the market leader in virtually all categories of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment and services in the country.   CCAC brings to the Philippine market Carrier Corporation's long tradition of innovation and product excellence. It has the Philippines' largest air conditioning facility that makes an wide range of products...

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Home Maintenance

References Bundy, R. (n.d.). Water Heaters 101. Living With My Home. Retrieved July 23, 2012, from http://livingwithmyhome.com/101-home-tips/water-heaters.aspx Home Maintenance | A#1 Air Blog. (n.d.). Dallas Air Conditioning & Heating | Fort Worth HVAC | A#1 Air & Heat. Retrieved July 23, 2012, from http://www.anumber1air.com/blog/category/home-maintenance/ Home Owners - New Home Maintenance Schedules - Keeping your home looking good for cheap. (n.d.). The Dollar Stretcher: Frugal Living since...

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Development of a Low Cost Evaporative Cooler Unit to Suit an Industrial Environment

part. References Watt, J. R. (1986). Evaporative Air Conditinoning Handbook. London: Chapman & Hall. Standard 55, BSR/ASHRAE. (2003, February). Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy. Atlanta. ASHRAE. (2004). ASHRAE handbook of HVAC systems and equipments. Atlanta. Ryan, S. S. (2000, December). Desiccant Dehumidification Wheel Test Guide. Cole Boulevard, Colorado, United States. Scheuchi, R. (2009, March 10). Hoval Rotary Heat Exchanger for Heat Recovery in Ventilation Systems...

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Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems An air conditioning, or HVAC&R, system is composed of components and equipment arranged in sequence to condition the air, to transport it to the conditioned space, and to control the indoor environmental parameters of a specific space within required limits. Most air conditioning systems perform the following functions: 1. Provide the cooling and heating energy required 2. Condition the supply air, that is, heat or cool, humidify or dehumidify, clean and purify, and ...

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Competitive Advantage 46 Figure 7. 6. Porter’s Five Forces 47 Figure 7. 7. 5Ps of Strategy 48 Figure 7. 8. Sources of competitive advantages for international enterprises 49 ABBREVIATION BCG Boston Consulting Group Matrix EDI Electronic Data Interchange HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning technology HR Human Resource OJT On the Job Training JIT Just In Time M&A Merge and acquisition PDS Production Daikin System R&D Research and Development SBUs Strategic Business Units VOC Volatile organic compounds...

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HVAC handbook


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Building management systems

operation of chillers, boilers, cooling towers and pumps can be achieved by a control system which can regulate the equipment operation on the basis of loads. Load shedding: Another efficient control is called load shedding. This strategy changes HVAC equipment operation to minimize the energy that is being used. This could be done when a building is at risk of setting a new demand peak load, or it may be initiated in response to a signal from a utility. Lockout controls: Lockouts would save...

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air conditioning system in term of energy efficiency is part of this assignment as how wisely to manage and use the energy recourses in our daily life and how the technology can help us in minimize the energy use in building sector particularly in HVAC field, ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND RUNNING COST In energy consumption Australia is the world’s eighteenth largest energy consumer and ranks fourteenth on per person basis. Building sector is responsible for 19% of total energy consumptions of the country...

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Breathe Healthier Air Inc. In Jensen Beach FL Provides HVAC Summer Maintenance Solutions

Breathe Healthier Air Inc. In Jensen Beach FL Provides HVAC Summer Maintenance Solutions Stuart FL, 07-JULY-2014 - Breathe Healthier Air Inc and Kenneth H. Geary, owner, are pleased to announce that customers can be assured of clean and conditioned home air by using the maintenance services offered by the Stuart firm. The Jensen Beach Air Conditioning & Heating firm is well-known and respected in the area and has the knowledge to make systems economical and effective. According to Kenneth...

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MEP Design Drafting Services

that support our clients’ success. Our qualified mechanical engineer completes the most complex HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing design projects with ease. We follow SMACNA standards and ASHRAE standards for MEP engineering design projects. We also work in plumbing design projects, residential plumbing design, commercial plumbing pipes, HVAC engineering services, HVAC system design, HVAC duct design, HVAC products, electrical engineering services and electrical transformer design with lowest possible...

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Regan Thermal System Inc Case

Regan Thermal System Inc Case Regan Thermal System Inc was founded 9 years ago by brother and sister Carrington and Genevieve Regan. The company manufactures and installs commercial heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) units. Ragan has experienced rapid growth because of a propriety technology that increases the energy efficiency of its system. The company is equally owned by Carrington and Genevieve. The original agreement between the siblings gave each 50,000 shares of stock. In the event...

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Stock and Company

Stock Valuation at Ragan, Inc. Ragan, Inc., was founded nine years ago by brother and sister Carrington and Genevieve Ragan. The company manufactures and installs commercial heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) units. Ragan, Inc., has experienced rapid growth because of a proprietary technology that increases the energy efficiency of its units. The company is equally owned by Carrington and Genevieve. The original partnership agreement between the siblings gave each 50,000 shares of stock...

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David Crosthwait

and ventilation problems. He even designed the heating system in the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Throughout his career, Crosthwait had got 39 U.S. patents, and 80 foreign patents, relating to the design, installation, and service of HVAC power plants, heating, and ventilation systems. He also made a manual on heating and cooling with water and guides, standards, and codes that dealt with heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. In 1956 the C. A. Dunham Company...

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Mep Designing & Draughting Training

Company Profile Taiba Engineering Consultants (TEC) is a MEP consulting engineering firm that specializes in proactive design of (HVAC) Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm, Power and Lighting systems for commercial, educational and residential structures. Our staff is comprised of IGBC-AP’s [‘Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professionals’], Engineers and designers that have over 12+ years of collective experience in the design and construction...

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Stock Valuation at Ragan Engines

STOCK VALUATION at RAGAN, Inc Regan Thermal System Inc was founded 9 years ago by brother and sister Carrington and Genevieve Regan. The company manufactures and installs commercial heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) units. Ragan has experienced rapid growth because of a propriety technology that increases the energy efficiency of its system. The company is equally owned by Carrington and Genevieve. The original agreement between the siblings gave each 50,000 shares of stock. In the event...

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Go Green

steps to do so too. In the effects of trying to make Augusta Technical College “Go Green.” I have to decided to revise the energy plans to make the 800 building more energy efficient. By knowing the current energy plans, setting requirements for HVAC air and heating, and knowing the insulation needs are the primary steps to maximizing energy saving and decreasing energy lost. Findings The first way that I plan to make the 800 building at Augusta Technical College energy efficient is by knowing...

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Hovercraft: Inch and Volume Flow Rate

provided a summation for most of the topics covered in this course. II. Materials  Craftsman Leaf Blower (220 mph, 120 V, 12A, 8 lbs.)  ¾’’ Plywood (75 lbs.)  Milk Crate (3 lbs)  Spray Paint (12 oz.)  Blue Tarp  Staple Gun  HVAC Duct Vent Piping ( 2.5 ft.)  Duct Tape  Coffee Can Lid  3/8’’ Carriage Bolt  Jigsaw  Utility Knife III. Procedure 1. First, we gathered the supplies. 2. Then, we cut out the plywood hovercraft body with a jigsaw, and drilled out a hole...

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Essays About Break-Up of a Friendship

your particular issue, and offer options for repair or replacement, if need be. A faulty thermostat may affect the operation of your equipment, causing problems that you experience as inadequate temperatures, inconsistent operation, and more. Gillece HVAC Technicians are licensed, skill-certified, trained, and experienced. Gillece Technicians provide fast and efficient service that’s convenient for you. Call Gillece! Basic Information on Appliance Repairs Ads by Google Top-load Coin-op Washerswww...

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Industrial Ventilation

office to provide a source characterization with area diagrams of the contaminant sources, and employee work areas. Also, consider how the system being designed might affect the performance of any existing processes, industrial ventilation systems or HVAC systems. • Step 2. Consider how the facility is to be used or expanded in the future. It may be possible to initially specify fans that are capable of handling future needs at minimal increased cost. • Step 3. Select or design the exhaust...

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Supply Chain Mapping

real estate market and placed our company among top five companies. It appeared from the performance evaluation analysis for the year 2012 that it took much time and money towards repair and maintenance of Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) system especially in Edmonton area in Alberta province. Most of the time taken by the contractors to search and collect spares and the cost of services also charged much higher. Through a management decision a Preventative Maintenance (PM) department...

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Sustainable Building Design Guide Book

LLC 2225 Franklin Avenue East Minneapolis, MN 55404 USA Authors René Sigg, Ute Houzer, Thomas Rühle, Stephan Tanner, Joel Schurke Date/Version March, 2006 / 09-01 V 09-01 SRE Sustainable Building Design Guidebook Introduction HVAC Systems Site Electrical Systems Building Envelope Water Energy Healthy Environment-Building Room Comfort Commissioning and Operation Content 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.1 1.2 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 4 4.1 4.2 4.3 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 6 6.1 6.2 7...

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Mechanical Electrical Process

of systems. Fast track projects increase the challenge. MEP systems must satisfy multiple objectives and criteria for design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Different types of specialty contractors (e-g., process piping, HVAC piping, WAC ductwork, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, controls) are responsible for these systems. Example of diverse criteria for system design include spatial (avoiding interferences), functional within a system (flow or gravity drainage)...

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Product Selection for marketing research analysis

market analysis is for the recommendation of adding Mitsubishi Electric's heating and air conditioning mini-split ductless system to current company product offerings. This is for the expansion of customer base and for the growth of a new segment in HVAC. This new segment is sure to grow significantly once plan is set into motion. For more than 30 years, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating has enhanced people's lives by improving comfort, conserving energy, and promoting environmental sustainability...

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Overcoming Barriers to Efficiency

by the U.S. federal government are owner-occupied.3 The majority of energy use is devoted to space conditioning, lighting and other equipment. Figure 1 shows energy consumption in commercial buildings. Barriers to Installation of High-Performance HVAC Equipment the viewpoint is different depending on whether the particular building is occupied by the owning entity or is leased. For owner-occupied buildings, the utility and capital expenses are ultimately included in one corporate budget. Thus...

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Case Study

Instrumental: Occurs when the individual or group allows researchers to understand more than what is initially obvious to observers. CONTENTS • INTRODUCTION • LOCATION • THEME OR STYLE • COLOR SCHEME • MATERIALS • HVAC • LIGHTING • CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION PC (Pearl Continental) is high class hotel. It’s a great place to stay for elite class and foreigners. LOCATION OF RESTAURANT: The PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, situated...

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Introduction to Heat Exchangers: Concept and Types

passages for heat transfer. This stacked-plate arrangement can be more effective, in a given space, than the shell and tube heat exchanger. Advances in gasket and brazing technology have made the plate-type heat exchanger increasingly practical. In HVAC applications, large heat exchangers of this type are called plate-and-frame; when used in open loops, these heat exchangers are normally of the gasket type to allow periodic disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. There are many types of permanently...

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Courtyard by Marriott Case Study

Environmental Aspects Sustainable features of hotel include preserving more than 90% of the existing structure and 50% of existing interior non-structural walls. High-performance building insulation and high-efficiency lighting combined with energy efficient HVAC systems accounts for total energy cost savings of 18.6%. Guestrooms and public space feature low flow dual flush toilets and low flow shower heads and faucets, which have contributed to a 40% reduction in potable water demand for the property. The...

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Boarding House

rather low reverberation time achieved, namely approximately 0.6 to 0.7 seconds. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) - All spaces will be provided with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) that meet that the demand of the building and, at the same time, are necessary for the comfort of occupants and users. Designers should consider an integrated HVAC system that will cost less, use less energy and will run more efficiently over time. Visual comfort - Visual comfort refers...

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Modelling and Optimization of Direct Expansion Ac

ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. Ó 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Article history: Received 26 September 2008 Received in revised form 6 August 2009 Accepted 12 August 2009 Available online 19 September 2009 Keywords: Energy conservation Fuzzy logic Indoor air quality Thermal comfort Ventilation Variable refrigerant volume Variable air volume 1. Introduction For over a century, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) community has witnessed a quantum...

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Air Conditioner Industry

setting a plant is considerably high as there needs to be sufficient investment in providing quality components and also in R&D to meet the changing technology. Thus there is a low threat of entry into this sector. Economies of Scale Manufacturers in HVAC industry need to build economies of scale due to high fixed costs and meet the demands. Due to this there is a low threat of entry into this sector. Customized Products In the central and packaged AC system level of customization is high and it is...

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Mechanical Engineer CDR

COMPETENCY DEMONSTRATION REPORT Narratives: 1- 3 CE.1: Air-conditioning system by using steam. CE.2: HVAC - Bone Marrow Transplant Unit CE.3: Conventional Direct Pumping Systems Vs. Variable Flow Pumping Systems Declaration All the statements and facts mentioned in this report are true to the best of my knowledge and I have made claims of acquired competencies in good faith. This project report is written in my own words and is a true representation of my personal competence...

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Solar Air Conditioning

transform the use of directcontact liquid-desiccant systems in HVAC applications, improving comfort and indoor air quality, as well as providing energy-efficient humidity control Liquid-desiccant conditioners and regenerators are traditionally implemented as adiabatic beds of contact media that are highly flooded with desiccant. The possibility of droplet carryover into the supply air has limited the sale of these systems in most HVAC applications. The characteristic of the new conditioner and regenerator...

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Plate Heat Exchangers

Transfer in a Compact Design Armstrong’s gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) product line includes more than 20 different models and offers numerous configurations, connections and material options, providing a superior heat transfer solution for any HVAC application. Market Challenges Rising demand for tenant space in commercial buildings and an ever-increasing focus on reducing energy consumption have created numerous challenges for designers and contractors. These challenges include the requirement...

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Energy Utilisation in the Built Environment, Simulation, Wuxi China

Energy Efficiency Evaluation Labeling CDD Cooling Degree Days COP Coefficient of performance EPDB Energy Performance of Buildings Directive FTX Ventilation system with energy recovery GBDL Green Building Design Label HDD Heating Degree Days HVAC Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning IECC International Energy Conservation Code LEED Leadership in Environmental Energy Design MOC Ministry of Construction MOHURD Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development U-value Heat transfer coefficient...

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Cv Saif

Practice Metal work Arc Welding Gas Welding Milling Machine Drilling Lathe Machine Basic Engineering Labs Boiler Shop june2011_August 2011 MIA Corporation Islamabad Installation of HVAC at FFC Head Quarters Rawalpindi. Aug 2011_Sep 2011 Incoming exchange coordinator ACHIEVEMENTS Secretary Memberships, ASME-PNEC Student Section (2010, 2011) Organized ASMEEGG Drop...

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makes a difference in lives of its co-workers and community. Mission To Contribute to society by providing the most advanced air conditioning solutions, ensure continues customers satisfaction Our goal for Cruise is to be the most respected Indian HVAC company through innovation, lean manufacturing and encouraging the use of efficient air conditioning in an honest, trustworthy, reliable and an environmentally sound manner. Dedicated to providing the best customer service and comfort solutions to...

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Indoor Air Quality

service or laundry areas) or when cleaning large areas. • Insulate cold surfaces to prevent condensation on piping, windows, exterior walls, roofs and floors where possible. • Keep the building and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in good repair. • Clean up any floods or spills immediately (within 24-48 hours). See below for more information on cleaning, etc. • For floors and carpets, remove spots or stains immediately. Reduce the amount of water used when cleaning...

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Environmental Systems

with daylight) and through the inclusion of plants indoors for psychological reasons and for air quality enhancement; • Greater attention to construction, maintenance and operation of buildings to reduce build up of microbial agents, especially in HVAC systems and construction materials. As this list demonstrates, the benefits of green building design currently focus on interior environmental quality and individual performance, health, comfort, and overall satisfaction. Although these outcomes are...

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exchanger 2.3 Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger 2.4 Plate fin heat exchanger 2.5 Fluid heat exchangers 2.6 Waste heat recovery units 2.7 Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger 2.8 Phase-change heat exchangers 3 Direct contact heat exchangers 4 HVAC air coils 5 Spiral heat exchangers 5.1 Construction 5.2 Self cleaning 5.3 Flow Arrangements 5.4 Applications 6 Selection 7 Monitoring and maintenance 7.1 Fouling 7.2 Maintenance 8 In nature 8.1 Humans 8.2 Birds, fish, whales 9 In industry...

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Natural Ventilation Design for Houses in Tropical Region

pressure due to wind and stack effects. It has served as an effective passive cooling design strategy to reduce energy consumption and dependency of air conditioning. Almost 68% of the energy is used for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems (HVACs) [3]. In a favorable climates and building types, natural ventilation can be used as an alternative to air conditioning plants, saving up 10%-30% of total energy consumption [4]. According to Givoni [5], building components that affect natural ventilation...

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