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Machine Dynamics

understood, basic principles to its solution. At the end of this subject, students should have gained an understanding of kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies, and free vibration of single degree of freedom mechanical systems. The three immediate learning objectives of this subject are:   Understanding basic mechanics concepts such as rigid body, force, motion, work, energy, power, impulse and momentum, and the relationships between them; Gaining skills in breaking down a simple machine into a series...

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Physics of Gymnastics

of an object without a change in its orientation relative to a fixed point, i.e. running down a straight path without changing direction. The kinetic energy that the gymnasts possess during the run can be calculated using the equation KE= 1/2mv2, where ‘m’ is the mass of the gymnast and ‘v’ is the velocity of the run. If I wanted to calculate my kinetic energy at the velocity of 10 m/s2 I would first have to convert my weight in pounds (122) to a mass in kilograms. This equation is mass= weight (lbs)/...

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Lab 6 Friction

AM Lab Instructor: Uttar Pudasaini Introduction In this experiment we will be examining how the kinetic friction coefficient is altered by changing the mass, surface area, speed, and material contacting each other. In order to find this value, we will be using a pulley apparatus that will allow us to measure the average velocity and manipulate Newton’s Second Law of Motion to find the kinetic friction coefficient. Based on contacting each other. Procedures First we began by leveling the track...

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Angular Momentum

accelerate to the same angular velocity.3<br><br>To calculate the moment of inertia of an object one can imagine that the object is divided into many small volume elements, each of mass ?m. "Using the definition (which is taken from a formula in rotational energy) I=?ri2?mi and take the sum as ?m?0 (where I is the moment of inertia and ri is the perpendicular distance of the infinitely small mass' distance from the axis of rotation). In this limit the sum becomes an integral over the whole object:<br>I = lim...

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Questions and Conclusion: 1. Based on your observations of the 4 collisions, describe the physical difference between elastic and inelastic collisions. in an elastic collision all kinetic energy of the bodies colliding before the collision remains after the collision and none is converted into noise, or any other form of energy. in the real everyday world all collisions are inelastic and it is merely a matter of extent. 2. How are you able to determine if conservation of momentum occurs in each collision...

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Will the average kinetic energy, average velocity, and frequency of collisions of gas molecules with the walls of the container increase, decrease, or remain the same under each of the following condition? Circle the correct answer. a. The temperature is increased to 100oC. Average Kinetic Energy Increase Decrease No Change Average Velocity Increase Decrease No Change Frequency of Collisions Increase Decrease No Change Average Kinetic Energy Increase Decrease ...

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How Does the Change of Mass Affect the Rate at Which an Elastic Powered Car Accelerates?

would slow down the initial acceleration, but the car would travel a longer distance due to increased momentum, which might overcome kinetic friction. Rationale: Some reasons of why that it was thought that the more weight added to the car would increase the overall distance travelled is because in order to stop the Lego car with an example of 40g in it, kinetic friction and the force of gravity will have to work harder to slow the car down, due to Newton’s law of motion. “Objects in motion tend...

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Physics Today

(ρ, φ, z). Besides the force of constraint, the only force on the mass is force F=-kr directed toward the originUsing z and φ as generalized coordinates find the Lagrangian L, solve Lagrange’s equations and describe the motion. 2. Show that the kinetic energy of any holonomic mechanical system has the form. T   a jk (q) q ( j ) q(k ) j 1 k 1 n n  . . 3. Consider a double pendulum (fig. 1) made up of two masses, m1 and m2 and two lengths l1 and l2. Find the equation of motion...

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Hydraulic Jump

created. The hydraulic jump should be stabilized at one point so that a productive investigation is achieved The rapidly flowing liquid is abruptly slowed and increases in height, converting some of the flow's initial kinetic energy into an increase in potential energy, with some energy irreversibly lost through turbulence to heat. In an open channel flow, this manifests as the fast flow rapidly slowing and piling up on top of itself similar to how a shockwave forms. [3] THEORETICAL BACKGROUND ...

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Lab Report: Impulse and Momentum

Give a brief explanation of the results.    ( /15) Background​ :  The topics included in the background should contain, but are not limited  to:  what is the definition of momentum and how is it calculated  what are the differences and similarities between momentum and energy?  when would you  use each to analyze a situation?  what is impulse?  how is it related to momentum?  how are force and time intricately related to each other in a collision?  use examples of  safety equipment from automobiles.  how would the graphs of force versus time change for ...

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