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Personal Response to Cold Comfort Farm

I like a laugh, they told me it was hilarious and then proved how little they know about my sense of humour. Despite having interesting characters, poetic techniques and a solid theme I found the novel as a whole: disappointing. I didn’t learn anything of great epiphany significance, and no valuable life lessons, there was no exciting climax but the most disappointing thing was the lack of humour. The only thing I really laughed at being Aunt Ada Doom unable to get past how she ‘Saw something nasty...

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homour in real life

the ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing or comical. It is the source of laughter and the catalyst of smiles. Humor is the spark that lights our eyes as well as the cause of tears that never grows old. Humor is a state of mind. HUMOUR IN EVERYDAY LIFE Humor is one of the most important things in everyday life, chiefly because it is through humor that we can really see and appreciate some of the best and most beautiful things in life. Humor is another important tool in the key to...

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Humor in American Literature

“What Are You Laughing At?”: Americans can fully appreciate irony. They just don't feel entirely comfortable using it on each other, in case it causes damage. A bit like how we feel about guns. It's not so much about having a different sense of humour as a different approach to life. More demonstrative than we are, Americans are not embarrassed by their emotions. They clap louder, cheer harder and empathise more unconditionally. It's an openness that always leaves me feeling slightly guilty and...

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My Ideal Techer

lessons is fun for my age group because it is interactive. My age normally like using computers. Teachers with a good sense of humour are normally the most popular. Personally, I feel most teachers try and be funny sometimes by telling occasional jokes. This is fine as long as the jokes are funny. To crack funny jokes the teacher must understand children’s humour. Mr Edwards makes us laugh in Music when he pops his cheeks for a dotted minim! Boys my age find silly things funny. It also helps...

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Summary of 3 Men in a Boat

holiday on the River Thames. At first sight this does not seem a likely plot for a classic work of comedy, and the fact that it was written in the late Victorian period and was an instant bestseller seems even harder to believe. Nowadays a sense of humour does not immediately spring to mind as a defining characteristic of the Victorians, particular as Queen Victoria herself is famous for the remark, ‘We are not amused!’ Jerome K. Jerome later wrote, ‘I did not intend to write a funny book, at first...

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Bouncers Essay

the characters also added to the comedy, especially when they were representing the female characters, as their bodies were very relaxed and they used exaggerated feminine gestures. Additionally, their versatile use of vocals created even further humour, as they could be loud and raucous ‘lagalads,’ contrasting to soft and gentle women and this created a lot of enjoyment for the audience, keeping them engaged throughout the whole play. Godber’s choice of a completely open setting worked effectively...

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How to Be Funny in a Speech When You Are Not a Comedian

for content and delivery to get the laughs.     If you have a speech or presentation to give, and it needs to be funny throughout or more probably needs to use humour in parts, here are the factors you need to consider: How to find the humour “Comedy is a funny way of being serious” – Peter Ustinov The universal formula for humour and jokes involves three classic steps: Step 1: Take the topic or subject matter and identify a particular issue within it. Step 2: Examine that issue from a particular...

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Sense of Humor

The person with a sense of humour attracts other people with a sense of humour and in trying to amuse his eager listeners, as people possessing a sense of humour usually do, he shows wit, intelligence, vitality and a zest for life. A sense of humour can also lift a person up from the troubles of everyday life. Any person with a sense of humour is able to laugh at himself and find something funny in the sticky situations he gets into. By laughing at mundane problems, such as accidentally dyeing an...

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Drama Essay

insight was simultaneously hysterically funny and also tragically sad. The language of James was frequented with irony and litotes, typical of the Irish sense of humour, in our workshops we emphasised his speech patterns and phrasing because, much like the characters of Donny and Davey, the character’s language so perfectly expressed the humour of the ideas and ironies in the play. Lighting that foregrounded a limited portion of the stage in limelight furthered the notion of subjectivity and lack of...

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Conveys the distinctively visual elements of outback life - through black humour it highlights the mateship of the bush. * Unlike “The Drover’s Wife” Lawson is able to balance the harshness of the bush with the larrikin characters, allows him to make the story entertaining but also life-threatening. He is able to reveal the Australian sense of humour – once they have managed to survive then they can find the humour in the experience. * Lawson uses the almost dried up creek as an example...

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