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Title: Describe a Few of the Interesting Characters in Your Class.

definitely were. Hardly any objection was voiced to choose Uma as the monitor. With 170 centimetres tall and a loud voice that can crack any dreams, she is the perfect choice. Although this Indian girl is very strict, she also has a good sense of humour. That is why many of us cannot despise her for a long time. Moreover, she is very pretty with two long braided black hair and a smile, which is not very often she does. She seldom smile but when she does, it is just like a sun shining after down pouring...

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Village Cricket Match

In A Village Cricket Match A.G. Macdonell has used humour as the main ingredient of the story. Substantiate your answer with instances from the text. Ans: The story ‘A Village Cricket Match’ by A.G. Macdonell is replete with humour and this is very subtle. In fact, the humour is clothed in the garb of seriousness but in spite of that, the reader appreciates it and cannot help but smile while going through the lines. The first instance of humour is found in the incident of the negotiations between...

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Importance of Being Earnest How Does Wilde Create Comedy in This Scene

aristocratic young people, and relying on the use of verbal wit, stock characters and humour over developing a deep plot and sense of character. In this scene, Gwendolen and Cecily have just gotten into a fight over their alleged fiancés mistaken identity. Through his use of hyperbolic language, dramatic stage directions, character role and theme, Wilde creates a comic scene. Wilde use dramatic stage directions to create humour in this scene. For example: “CECILY: (very sweetly)” and “GWENDOLEN: (slowly...

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Stephen Leasock's "Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich": Satire

the chief reason...that so few are offended with it." Richard Garnett suggests that, "Without humour, satire is invictive; without literary form, [and] it is mere clownish jeering." (Encyclopaedia Britannica 14th ed. vol. 20 p. 5). Whereas Swift's statement suggests that people are not offended by satire because readers identify the character's faults with their own faults; Garnett suggests that humour is the key element that does not make satire offensive. With any satire someone is bound to be...

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Levi Roots Essay

language devices to persuade the dragons to invest in his product. He uses a variety of spoken language techniques such as pausing, overlapping, turn taking and accent in order to persuade the dragons. The dragons respond in a warm way, and join in the humour Levi creates throughout the interview; this suggests that Levi root was successful in persuading the dragons. His use of language also sets mood and tone in different situations throughout the interview. As Levi enters the room, he starts to sing...

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Born to Rock- by Gordon Korman

how I wound up in the wrong category." Isn't that a great first page line? It had me hooked as I thought that this was hilarious and almost gross at the same time. It is the perfect read from a male reader although I think that girls will get the humour although gross at times to be very amusing. Born to Rock caught my attention from the beginning and it was interesting to see how someone like Leo, who based on his upbringing could when forced to re-evaluate his situation could overcome the conflicts...

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The Secret Behind Seinfeld's Humor: Significance of the Insignificant

The secret of Seinfeld's Humor: The significance of the Insignificant The Secret of Seinfeld's Humor: The significance of the Insignificant, an article written by Jorge Gracia briefly outlines what the author believes to be the origin of the humour with which the popular television show Seinfeld achieved such broad based success. A show that embraced the ordinary of everyday life, while atypically avoiding the mainstay of violence and sex of most of today's popular visual media and culture....

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Performance and Stage Directions

Nick leave, Lewis is left alone with Roy and the reader is told that Lewis feels betrayed. This is an effective technique because it reveals Lewis’s nervousness and lack of confidence as a director. * Stage directions are also used to reveal the humour and action on the on stage performance. At the end of act one scene two, the audience is informed by Doug that there is a fire. Nowra uses stage directions to capture the chaos as the characters run of the stage trying to stop the fire and Cherry...

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Twelfth Night vs A Midsummer Night's Dream

audience in a belittling and/or dark way, much like Helena’s view of romance, as she opposes to the innocent persona Hermia plays. In conclusion, the mirroring characters of dark comedy and obscure romance compared to innocent romance and naive humour are shown in Shakespeare’s works, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “Twelfth Night.” The dissection of the character’s intentions and objectives mirror each other in the romantic theme, and leaning comedic plot. ...

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To What Extent Is Petruchios Taming of Kate Comic?

does have feelings for Kate and this lowers the amusement of the play for modern audiences, especially when Petrucio only “wooed” Kate because she was rich in the first place. The “taming” of Kate could also be seen as a type of slapstick and dark humour. This is because audiences find Petruchio’s “taming” techniques comical even though they are abusive and involve torture. For example, in Act 4, when Petrucio’s servants bring out the “burnt” meat, Petruchio turns it away, consequently depriving Kate...

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