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Theater 208 Comedy: Techniques behind the Laughter Comedy is the genre of film that makes even the saddest times bearable and gained a lot of popularity in a time when people needed a boost. Comedy is a unique form of film in its wide range of methods, and in all of these methods there is at least some of a select group of approaches. The true magic that comedy has arises from these select few techniques, that, when used properly, will never fail to generate a laugh. Comedy comes in a wide...

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Characteristics of a Comedy

Characteristics of Comedy There are many characteristics that make up a comedy. Characteristics such as mistaken identity, battle of the sexes, and jumping to conclusions are what set the comedic story apart from the tragedy. Within a comedy, no matter how much fault, and dismay may appear within the story, there always seems to be the classic ending of "…and they all lived happily ever after…" Comedies capture the viewer with a sense of compassion and love for the characters in the story...

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Lysistrata and Comedy

believed that tragedy served a higher purpose than comedy because of its cathartic effect. Therefore, comedy is delegitimized. But comedy does serve a social purpose that can be considered cathartic. It can be an outlet for social angst. At the time Lysistrata was written, Athens, a superpower of their time, had just lost a battle with Sparta. This probably shattered the conceptions of Athenians. And as a result, Aristophanes used a ribald comedy about the less-than-citizen women of Sparta and Athens...

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Tragedy or Comedy

Tragedy or Comedy The play writer William Shakespeare is widely considered one the greatest playwrights in history. His work transformed English literature forever. Most of his plays were either comedies or tragedies and some seemed to have the line blurred between the two as they contain elements of both. The play Merchant of Venice is one of these plays that contains flavours of both a comedy and a tragedy. Many scholars have frequently debated whether the play is either classified as a comedy or a...

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the king of comedy

201-03 April 19, 2013 The king of comedy Look tragedy through comedy “I made so many tragedies, but the audience thought I had been making comedies all the time”, Stephen Zhou stated. When we refer to comedy, what comes up to your mind, laughter, humor? Have it ever occurred to you that sometimes the director was trying to express a tragedy emotion behind the comedy atmosphere? When we talk about Chinese comedy, we have to come to the most famous Chinese comedy actor, Stephen Zhou, who acted in...

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Lear and Comedy

Lear and Comedy.... Lear and Comedy. Strangely enough, it is G. Wilson Knight, a critic famous (not to say notorious) for a vehemently Christian interpretation of Shakespeare’s plays, who notes in The Wheel of Fire some of the comedic aspects of King Lear[1]. Whether or not the harsh moral ecology of King Lear fits comfortably with the Christian ethos of forgiveness, structural elements of comedy are plainly present in King Lear, quite apart from the sardonic humour of the Fool. Indeed, a ‘happy...

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Comedy Essay

Comedy Essay Introduction When comedy is successful it makes us laugh. Laughter makes us feel good on the inside. It helps break down barriers between people. If the movie were watching makes us laugh then its successful comedy. The texts baby’s day out by Patrick read Johnson, Cinderella by Roald Dahl and Snow white and the dreadful dwarfs by Roald Dahl are all successful comedies. They use the techniques of slapstick, absurdity and black humour. Slapstick humour is a rough, clumsy and...

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Comedy and Humor

humor. Some may find it offensive because the joke makes fun of their culture or their personality. We experience comedy in our everyday lives, or when we sit down to watch a funny movie. In modern day most comedy targets a certain group of people or race. Humor is the quality or being amusing, however it is funny only to some extent otherwise it may become a form of bulling, and comedy is in our nature so people should laugh to stay happy. Humor is something amusing that makes you and other people...

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comedy analysis

ENGL 102 Comedy Analysis and Critique Sai Hao directed by Henry Koster, and starring James Stewart. I think that this is the best comedy I had never watched before. The story is about Elwood, a polite gentleman whose best friend is a 6-foot tall pooka named Harvey. He got a serious hallucination after his mom died and always believed the existence of Harvey. He did everything with Harvey, even though Harvey did not exist in the real world. He would always talk with his former...

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Mdst- Comedy

MDST –Comedy Movie Report For this assignment I choose to see the following three movies: My Man Godfrey, Gabriel over the White House and Meet John Doe. The three movies give different perspectives on how comedy is used and the role it plays in what the movie wants to convey. My Man Godfrey (1936) directed by Gregory LaCava present the typical screwball comedy of the 1930’s. The film presents the life of a rich family where the two daughters; completely opposite go down to a poor colony during...

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