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The Pigtail

grows in front of our head, we would be unable to see, breath understand it would affect our normal life and we would have to face so many bad consequences. The illogical, irrational behavior of this sage creates humour, and we readers cannot help agreeing that the poet has made humour successfully , out of sage’s behavior. “he mused upon this curious case And swore he’d change the pigtail’s place” Actually this case neither has anythi g to worry...

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Essay on life accumulated by love

an informal piece of writing. Levine has made humour a major element from the beginning of the extract. The use of humour is exemplified when the writer includes a familiar image by comparing this race to the famous cartoon animations, "Wacky Races". At this point, she tries to involve the Western culture with that of the Eastern one, by adding a pinch of Western aspect in a quite humorous and indeed an interesting manner. This adds a sense of humour to the piece and it performs well with the colloquial...

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And Humorous Character on Catch Us If You Can

A Humorous character on Catch Us If You Can Apart from love and teamwork, humour is also one of the elements that is depicted throughout the story. Therefore, the most humorous character in this story is Granda, Rory’s grandfather. He is humorous in the way that he does things that not many people would do. There is a number of evidence that portray Granda’s humour throughout the story. First of all, we can see that Granda is confused and forgetful in a funny and extraordinary way. Sometimes, he...

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"Othello" and use of persuasive language

appealing to humour, repetition, appealing to emotions and the timing of revelation of information. One predominant technique used by Iago to manipulate other characters is by appealing to humour. This is mostly evident when Iago persuades Cassio to become intoxicated using songs. "And let me the cannikin clink, clink..." (2, 3, 60) This comical song about drinking appeals to Cassio's sense of humour encouraging him to drink more. Thus, Iago is able to persuade Cassio through humour. The scenes...

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The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender and Parrot: Lawyers and Criminals

manipulates her voice in order the gain information about the death of Mark Banister. Day uses the character of Claudia to express her purpose of commenting on the development of Sydney, the use of new technology and the rise feminism in he 1970-80’s. The humour and wit of Claudia is entertaining with the puns “curse, cursor” to illustrate the twin aspect of her investigation. It highlights the curse of crime and is linked to the computer jargon of the curser on the screen. Day also challenges the stereotypical...

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Mao Last dancer

been three months married to her, sitting in my state” - Malvolio Technique- Soliloquy (source of humour) “And the spirit of humors intimate reading aloud to him” – Sir Toby Belch technique- soliloquy of narration (sharing the humour) technique- word play (used for humour) “And “o” shall end, I hope”- Fabian “I do not now fool myself, to let imagination jade me” Technique- dramatic irony (humour) and (when the audience knows something the character doesn’t” “I could marry this wench for this...

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One stair up

One Stair Up by Campbell Nairne The book “One stair up” was written by a Scottish novelist Campbell Nairne in 1934 and describes the life of a working-class family from Edinburgh. And we can see a fragment that shows fine style and good sense of humour. The scene takes place in one of the Broadway cinemas. Two young people – Andrew and Rosa – decided to watch some movie. The culminating point of this story is the moment when Andrew says in excitement, “Good, isn't it?”, but receives the answer...

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

appeal to the humor of the Elizabethan audience from the most unsophisticated peasant to the most proper and formal noble of the era. Humour has a very important role in Romeo and Juliet as it creates a vast array of emotions and prepares the audience/reader for more serious and less humorous events to come later on in the play. The most obvious form of humour that is evident in the play is the use of puns, jokes and ironic comments. These forms of humor are used most by the character of the Nurse...

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An Analysis of Bewitched

one-day normal family, are expectation Darrin and Samantha both have for their relationship, which of course are completely different and contradicting. A situation comedy wouldn’t be one without any humour. Humour is an important component of a sitcom and like expected Bewitched definitely has humour. In this episode there are numerous techniques used to generate a humorous response. This is evident in the use of irony when only minutes before Shelia had been commenting on Samantha’s appearance,...

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The Amazing World of Laughter

Laughter and Its Super Healing Power (A short review) Humour is greatly related with laughter. Humour earned a nickname --- the invisible weapon. Why is it so? Psychologist Steve Wilson thinks that it is because our sense of humour is like gravity : a powerful force that cannot be observed directly by the five senses but whose effects are consistent and undeniable. You can't see, taste, touch, smell or hear the sense of humour, but surely you can feel its effects.Believe it or not, it works...

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