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Communication Design

 What is an advertisement? An advertisement can be used for many things such as trying to sell a product, capture on audience’s attention, portray the ideal man or woman, advertisements are merging all of those forms of communication into one. Throughout the world, customers can see many different printed advertisements, commercials and other forms of sales pitches to learn what the current trends are in society. For instance, Valentine’s advertisements are seen all over the place during the month...

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Advertising Roles

for Advertising Agency) The first role we are talking about is the Account Executive (AE). The key role of an Advertising agency Account Executive is to maintain the good relationship between the client and the agency. He is responsible for the communication between the creative team and the client and is the person who pitches the work to the client. An Account Executive usually handles four client accounts at a time. Account Executives have to have a special set of skills: he has to be well-organised...

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Writing Effective Communications

Phoenix Advertising Interoffice Memorandum DATE: May 5, 2013 TO: Moe Frands, Managing Director; Sasha Larr, Planning Director; Jane Dresser, Creative Director FROM: Janet Ribble, Vice President of Human Resources SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update In recent months, the Roanoke branch office has been experiencing difficulties. After a change in management, the graphic artists and copywriters have made it apparent that their work is no longer being received well. Although it is not completely...

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SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION CMNS 323-4 (W)* (D100) Instructor: Brad King Spring Semester 2012 Email: bka10@sfu.ca Burnaby Day Twitter: @btcking ------------------------------------------------- CULTURAL DIMENSIONS IN ADVERTISING Prerequisites: 60 units, including two of CMNS 220, 221, 223 or 226. CMNS 362 or 363 is strongly recommended.   Overview: Advertising...

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Funny Ads

modern life advertisement plays a key role in order for any company or product to succeed the advertisement must deliver a powerful message which attracts the consumer’s attention (Creativenerds 2010). That is because “advertising can achieve communications object such as informing people about brands, it can create awareness and it can move people closer to choosing one brand rather than another.” (Blithe 2009) Humour has become a mainstay of advertising campaigns and has proven to be one of...

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Advertising Statement

benefit statement that is both unique to the product and important to the user. The heart of a USP is a proposition, which is a promise that states a specific and unique benefit you will get from using the product. If the product has a special formula, design, or feature, particularly if protected by a patent or copyright, then you are assured that it is truly unique. This is why a USP is frequently marked by the use of an “only” statement, either outright or implied. There are various methods that can...

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Advertisement Analysis

used, the audience that is able to interpret it and the social issue that concern society at different times. Many of today's advertisements trigger different emotions, mainly through a social issue. Advertising has always been a form of social communication. In this case, the advertisements are delivering an important message to society. When a company tackles a social issue, it is performing a risky task. Social issues can sometimes be controversial and they will either have supporters or opposers...

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The work of an art director

sets and helping with lighting--generally helping with the appearance of everything that is in front of the camera. The art department also works with many other departments, like construction departments, to ensure everything goes smoothly after designs leave its hands. Function Art direction is a big part of what helps a movie achieve its identity. A movie that is forgettable in every way is obviously not likely to be one of a person's favorites. However, a great script, great production values...

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Creative Brief GAP Inc.

fabric for an average price point of $54.95. They are durable and last longer, also with new shapes for every young men and women with family that has no time and would like a quality product. IV. Why are we trying to accomplish with this communications piece? To reconnect the customer with the brand identity and regain the that young old growing customer, offering khakis at affordable price, but also offering more stylish and exciting, relatively conservative, and functional khakis to use...

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idea versus vodafone

Introduction : What is advertising? Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common. In Latin, ad vertere means “to turn the mind toward.” [1] The purpose of advertising may also be to...

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