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The Language of Drama Prepared by: Nicolle Anne F. Racadio Mary Anne C. Garcia Mary Joyce Angeline S. Driz Reynaida V. Calderon Lovely Mica B. Concepcion Powerpoint Templates Page 1 What is Drama? Form of literature that  Brecht (1964:15) says that tells a story through the proper plays can only be understood when words and actions of performed. the characters.  Stanislavski asserts that it is only on stage that It is also called a play, drama can be revealed in usually all its’ fullness and...

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Elements of Drama

ELEMENTS OF DRAMA “All the World’s a stage…” William Shakespeare DRAMA  Comes from the Greek word ‘dran’  Means ‘To act’ or ‘To do’  The doing/acting makes drama DRAMA…  …is a story told in front of an audience. TERMS PLAYWRIGHT- the author of the play  PLOT- action of the play  SETTING- time and place  ACTS- Divisions within a play (much like chapters in a novel)  SCENES- smaller parts of an act.  ASIDE- lines that are spoken by a character directly to the audience.  DRAMATIC...

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Elements of Drama

ELEMENTS OF DRAMA “All the World’s a stage…” William Shakespeare DRAMA  Comes from the Greek word ‘dran’  Means ‘To act’ or ‘To do’  The doing/acting makes drama DRAMA…  …is a story told in front of an audience. TERMS PLAYWRIGHT- the author of the play  PLOT- action of the play  SETTING- time and place  ACTS- Divisions within a play (much like chapters in a novel)  SCENES- smaller parts of an act.  ASIDE- lines that are spoken by a character directly to the audience.  DRAMATIC...

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Characteristics of Drama

History of Drama Ancient Drama The origins of Western drama can be traced to the celebratory music of 6th-century BC Attica, the Greek region centered on Athens. Although accounts of this period are inadequate, it appears that the poet Thespis developed a new musical form in which he impersonated a single character and engaged a chorus of singer-dancers in dialogue. As the first composer and soloist in this new form, which came to be known as tragedy, Thespis can be considered both the first...

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Conventions of Drama

Through the centuries, the conventions of drama have been altered in many different ways. These conventions are the setting, plot, characters and staging. The main factor which has been a dominant force during the changes of conventions has been the society. The society present during the time in which a play was written had a direct influence on the plot and characters. This is because drama is defined as a representation of life. Four plays which have been selected from Greek, Elizabethan...

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Jacobean Drama

Jacobean drama (that is, the drama of the age of James 1-1603-1625) was a decadent form of the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The Elizabethan age was the golden age of English drama. But with the turn of the century the drama in England also took a turn. It does not mean that there were no dramatists left. There certainly was a large number of them, but none of them could come anywhere near Shakespeare. Just as after Chaucer poetry in England suffered a decline, similarly after Shakespeare...

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Drama: the Pitch

The China Incident As a contemporary Australian Drama, The China Incident, directed by Daniel Evans and performed at The Cremorne Theatre on the 13th of February, 2013, replicates modern day realities in a humorous demeanour. The play, driven by success, fear and family, explores modern day issues in which it is told that success is deemed to be important in society, and a person is either successful with their family or in their career. The China Incident successfully communicates these themes...

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Types of Drama

1. Types of Drama a. Comedy  When we talk about comedy, we usually refer to plays that are light in tone, and that typically have happy endings. The intent of a comedic play is to make the audience laugh. In modern theater, there are many different styles of comedy, ranging from realistic stories, where the humor is derived from real-life situations, to outrageous slapstick humor.  Is designed to be entertaining and humorous where misfortune ends in triumph or happiness. It presents characters...

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Elizabethan Drama

Characteristics of Elizabethan Drama From Elizabethan Drama. Janet Spens. London: Metheun & Co. Of the three types of plays recognized in the Shakespeare First Folio -- Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies -- the last has been the most discussed annd is clearest in outline. 1. Tragedy must end in some tremendous catastrophe involving in Elizabethan practice the death of the principal character. 2. The catastrophe must not be the result of mere accident, but must be brought about by some essential...

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Stage Drama

were mistreated from since western culture first settled, and for many years after that. It is the main purpose of stage dramas to bring issues, such as the one mentioned above, and ideas about these issues to life through dramatic performances and the use of a number of various techniques. No Sugar, a revisionist text written by Jack Davis in 1985, is one of these stage dramas. Jack Davis brings issues and even expresses his own ideas about issues such as the injustices of Aboriginal treatment during...

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Modern Drama

What is Realism? Realism is the movement toward representing reality as it actually is, in art. Realistic drama is an attempt to portray real life on stage, a movement away from the conventional melodramas and sentimental comedies of the 1700s. It is expressed in theatre through the use of symbolism, character development, stage setting and storyline and is exemplified in plays such as Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and Anton Chekhov's The Three Sisters. The arrival of realism was indeed good...

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The Vocabulary of Drama

The Vocabulary of Drama Subgenres of types Comedy Tragedy Tragicomedy Closet Cycle Miracle Morality Thematic Aspects Deus ex machine Dramatic irony Tragic flaw or hermartia Unities Speeches Monologue Dialogue Soliloquy Asides Chorus Physical/Technical Aspects Props Conventions Stage Directions Other Terms In medias res A term for Horace, literally meaning “in the midst of things.” It is applied to the literary technique of opening a story in the middle of the action and...

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Drama Notes

Drama 122 Week One August 19, 2013 Reviewed syllabus and exercises • Teacher’s name is Douglas Dildine • Teacher’s contact information • Required to attend DVC Drama Fall Productions: Zombie Prom and The Children’s Hour • Purchase before shows or get season pass • Course description • Scanning exercise is basis of everything an actor does on stage • Take written word and give it life and flesh so audience will believe • If audience doesn’t believe, why should...

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Drama Essay

Drama Essay “Drama and theatre in their content and style reflect the society from which they spring” – To what extent is this true of contemporary Australian theatre practice? Theatre is a direct reflection of life and society. Any script is written, including their themes and genre, in the attempt to draw on and display our surrounding world to ultimately impact audiences. Our unit of drama including Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon and Jane Harrison’s Stolen does exactly this, but...

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Constructivist approach to drama in the classroom

what happen in drama? What is Drama? Drama is the act of using the imagination to become someone or something other than yourself. It can be done at any place to any period of time. According to Richard Courtney, a professional in the area of drama in education defines drama as, “The human process whereby imaginative thought becomes action, drama is based on internal empathy and identification, and leads to external impersonation”. Courtney believes also that “life is a drama.” Humans are...

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Noh Drama Masks

many people will think first of the Noh drama. The Noh drama has been performed for over 1000 years, is one of the world’s oldest continually performed types of theater and is the oldest of Japan’s traditional performing arts [1]. Even after such a long time the spirit of the Noh drama has never been extinguished, it is still around us in our modern lives. In this research paper I will talk about the Noh drama masks, as the masks are the soul of the Noh drama. Without the masks, most people wouldn’t...

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Drama Research Paper

DRAMA: the specific mode of fiction represented in performance, from a Greek word meaning "action," "to do," or "to act". The enactment of drama in theatre, performed by actors on a stage before an audience, presupposes collaborative modes of production and a collective form of reception. The structure of dramatic texts, unlike other forms of literature, is directly influenced by this collaborative production and collective reception. ELEMENTS OF DRAMA * Music/Rhythm: Aristotle - the rhythm...

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Importance of Religion in Greek Drama

 Ancient history Yr 11 assessment Religion played a very important part of Greek drama; the most important element underlying Greek drama was religion. It concerned the gods and was performed in honour of the gods at their particular religious festivals.1 The Greek drama began as a religious observance in honour of Dionysus. In the eyes of the Greeks, Dionysus embodied both spring and the vintage.2 He was a symbol to them of that power there is in man of rising out of...

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University Wits and English Drama

development, English Drama had already passed through religious, moral and artistic period when towards the closing years of the 16th century it fell, for further development, into the hands of a group of well educated scholars who are generally referred to as University Wits. They were responsible for providing Shakespeare the right foundation so as to raise English Drama to the highest point and make it the greatest literary force of the Elizabethan age. In the tradition of Drama that was received...

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Love Portrayal in Modern Drama

Henrik Ibsen is considered to be the father of modern drama. His objectives were to "see accurately and recreate poetically the world and its people, beliefs, ideas, conflicts, and correspondences" (Mergentha). The essence of modern drama is to remake, or mirror the society in which the authors lived in. However, at times, these realistic concepts are introduced in an environment that is completely absurd and surreal. It can be explained as the author trying to gear our attention on the plot or the...

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Of Mice and Men - the Crisis of Drama

The Drama Based on Peter Szondi’s studies, the Drama of modernity had its beginning in Renaissance. After the collapse of the medieval worldview, an artistic reality in which a human being could fix and mirror himself on the basis of interpersonal relationships was created. Man disclosed himself to his contemporary world: nothing outside the interpersonal relationships was accepted in the drama. Drama is absolute and unique for it is separate from everything outside itself and it...

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Gr. 11 Drama Review

victim scared, victim trying to get away. 2) The Greeks would not let any type of violence on the stage. All fighting shooting etc. had to happen off stage. If the character/actor were killed he would be wheeled on to the stage. 3) Because the dramas evolved from choral dances and chants, the chorus remained a strong presence in Greek tragedy throughout the Golden Age and beyond. 4) The addition of one actor, by Thespis was a major step forward , and was later followed by the addition of two...

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Death of a Salesman - Drama Essay

Lonnie Williams Professor Schiffler English 1302 November 4, 2012 Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller uses realism as a prevalent factor that truly defines the drama, Death of a Salesman, and allows the audience to identify with one or more of the characters in the play; primarily Willy. There are several aspects of the drama that contribute to its likeness to the lives and experiences of the audience. The setting refers to existing physical elements of the modern time, along with the verbiage...

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Elizabethan Drama: Stagecraft and Society

Elizabethan Drama: Stagecraft and Society Introduction Elizabethan drama refers to the plays produced while Queen Elizabeth reigned in England, from 1558 until 1603. It was during this time that the public began attending plays in large numbers. The opening of several good-sized playhouses was responsible for this increased patronage, the largest and most famous of which was the Globe theatre (1599), home to many of Shakespeare’s works. The most popular types of Elizabethan plays were histories of...

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English Notes: Literature and Drama

English -Explain why it is a metaphor and example of it being used, its affect -Write in the form of the passage analysis Paper 1: Passage analysis from either a prose or poem -2 hour Paper 2: Comparative study -2 hours Look up literary and drama terms in all plays Stage directions and McCarthyism Sample Questions: “In plays, no one arrives on or leaves from the stage without contributing in some way to the complexity of the play.” Considering two or three plays you have studied...

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Characteristics of Modern Drama

essence of this paper is to list and discuss characteristics of modern period drama. These characteristics are realism, naturalism and interaction between characters and the readers. They will be discussed along with Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’ and Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Sales man’. Realism and naturalism are considered to be the cornerstones of modern drama as we know it today. They are the major influencers of the modern drama. Henrik Ibsen is considered to be the founding father of these two movements...

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The Role of Drama in Othello

The audience expects drama to entertain, stir emotions and provoke thought when viewed. All these three functions of drama are interrelated and cannot be studied independently. What defines a drama as a tragedy is its spectacular plots and overemotional characterization that enthral the audience into the world of the play. In theatre, the playwright uses the language of the characters and dramatic techniques to construct a view of the world and interrogate issues on the society of the time. The...

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Drama Response of Hedda Gabler

Name : Hanifia Arlinda Std. Number : 0907305 Class : Dik 7B Drama Response: “Hedda Gabler” The play Hedda Gabler was written by Henrik Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen was a major Norwegian play righter of the late 19th century and he also considered to be one of father’s of modern drama. After Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen is the most widely produced drama in history. He wrote in a new realist style and he was a bit scandalous because of raising Victorian values in every play he wrote. The play Hedda Gabler...

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4 Elements Of Drama Edited 1

Drama Prose or verse telling a story intended for representation by actors through dialogue or action. The Play Playwright : person who writes plays. Script : printed copy of a play. Acts : the major sections of a play. Scene : small section or portion of a play. The People Actor: male performer Actress: female performer Cast: all performers selected to portray characters. Director: instructs actors on how to portray characters. Areas of the Stage Backstage: area behind scenery not visible...

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The Shavian Theatre of Ideas (Modern Drama)

THE SHAVIAN THEATRE OF IDEAS (MODERN DRAMA) The predominating influence in determining Shaw to turn to the drama was the example of Ibsen and equally prominent was his love of debating, in which he had shown how irresistible it was for him to counter his arguments himself if no one else would. These influential strains compelled him to choose the kind of play in which the characters undertake this dual task of proposer and opposer.  In 1892, he made it into Widower’s Houses, and thereafter, for...

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Drama (Find Me)

brought up, using different dramatic devices we showed the stages of anger to madness. We communicated these ideas by using different explorative strategies. Throughout this unit we used marking the moment, this when after creating a piece of drama an individual identifies a significant moment in the piece, by using lighting and dramatic devices. In lesson 2 we created a piece in pairs, using a piece of text from ‘find me’. The scene was an interview with Edward and an interviewer. The text...

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Christopher Marlowe's Contribution to English Drama

MARLOWE’S CONTRIBUTION TO ENGLISH DRAMA Tragedy before Marlow: Swinburne’s remarks, “Before him there was neither genuine blank verse nor a genuine tragedy in our language. After his arrival the way was paved for Shakespeare.” With the advent of Marlowe, Miracle and Morality plays vanished. He brought Drama out of the old rut of street presentation and made it a perfect art and a thing of beauty. After the Reformation, the Mystery and Morality plays were disliked by the public at large until the...

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Genre: Drama

Dramas are serious, plot-driven presentations, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction. Usually, they are not focused on special-effects, comedy, or action, Dramatic films are probably the largest film genre, with many subsets. See also melodramas, epics (historical dramas), or romantic genres. Dramaticbiographical films (or "biopics") are a major sub-genre, as are 'adult' films (with mature subject content). ...

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Need Help with When Writing Drama Essays?

Writing  a  Drama  Essay     The  Basics   -­‐Analyse  what  the  question  asks  of  you   -­‐Develop  a  line  of  discussion  in  answer  to  the  question   -­‐Support  your  line  of  discussion  with  quotes  from  the  text  set  for  study   -­‐Express  your  ideas  clearly  and  write  with  your  own  voice   -­‐Write  a  well  structured  and  informative  response  that  encapsulates  your  learning  experiences       Basic  Essay  Structure   An  essay  is  a  written  text  that...

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medieval drama

Medieval Drama Jugglers, folk- plays, pageants: The beginning of the Middle Ages started by the fall of the Roman Empire. The corrupt Roman drama had come to an end, and the actors became some disreputable jugglers and inferior minstrels who wandered all over the country. The performances of these social outcasts were crude and immoral. However, they continued for centuries, because they were the only source for dramatic spectacle. Other sources of amusement too can be found in the country...

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Compare the Similarities of short stories, poetry and drama

Short stories, poetry and drama are different types of literature but they share many of the same elements. Some of the many elements shared are figures of speech, conflict, foreshadowing. One of the same elements short stories, poetry and drama have is setting. "The setting of a work of fiction establishes its historical, geographic, and physical context." (pg. 251.) Setting can also be important in short stories, poetry and drama because setting "encompasses a wide variety physical and cultural...

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Drama Coursework Unit 1

Drama Coursework: Lesson 1: Why in Prison? The picture of the girl in the corner made me feel trapped and isolated because in the picture it seems like there is no way out or she’s locked in. The picture makes me wonder why she is in there, maybe for a reason; is she hiding? Did she get put in there? Is it her feelings? Has she being bullied? Is the coloured (green) her emotion? Her body language is closed up and shows me that she is not letting anyone or anything in. The girl looks like she...

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Crucial Steps to Minimize Drama in Your Life

7 CRUCIAL STEPS TO MINIMIZE DRAMA IN YOUR LIFE by Lori Deschene “When you are not honoring the present moment by allowing it to be, you are creating drama.” ~Eckhart Tolle Well into my 20s, all of my friendships with women looked a lot like junior high. One day, we’d be codependent and attached-at-the-hip, sending incessant play-by-play emails throughout the workday like one too many notes in class. The next day, we’d be dragging each other by the hair into a heap of combined emotional issues...

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As We Forgive - Drama Critique

other nights as well to see if anything was different, and if the audience reacted in a more positive light. Though, I did enjoy the concept of morality because it made me question my own moral sense and how I feel about those three emotions. Drama Critique – As We Forgive Ruby Jay Theatre Performance 3C Due Date: Friday the 22nd 2013 Word count: 1222 ...

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Drama Essay-Ruby Moon/the Seven Stages of Grieving

How are the dramatic forms and theatrical techniques of the plays you have studied used to portray the struggles of the characters? Contemporary Australian theatre employs the elements of drama as well as the conventions and traditions of many theatre movements to portray the struggles of the characters in an interesting and engaging way for both audience and performers. This can be seen in Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman’s “The Seven Stages of Grieving” (7 stages), which portrays one aboriginal...

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Definition of Drama Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.[1] The term comes from a Greek word "dran" meaning "action" which is derived from "to do" or "to act". Drama is an art form that explores human conflict and tension. It generally takes the form of a story presented to an audience through dialogue and action. The story is conveyed using the elements of the theatre: acting, costumes, props, scenery, lighting, music, and sound. Drama has an emotional and intellectual...

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  As part of our GCSE Drama course, we read and studied ‘Bouncers’ by John Godber. During our practical exploration of the text we used drama mediums, elements and explorative strategies to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the play. We used the strategies: still image, mime, hot-seating, marking the moment, narration, role play, thought tracking and forum theatre. We also used the mediums of space, levels, movement, mime, voice and speech. During our workshops we were also given the...

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Evaluate the Benefits to Be Gained by Using Drama in the Primary Classroom as: a) Methodology B) a Subject in Its Own Rights C) an Assessment Strategy

Evaluate the benefits to be gained by using drama in the Primary classroom as: a) Methodology b) A subject in its own rights c) An assessment strategy Drama is an important device of educational experience which should be available to all students in Primary schools. Richard Courtney, a professional in the area of drama in education defines drama as, “The human process whereby imaginative thought becomes action, drama is based on internal empathy and identification, and leads to external impersonation”...

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Symbolism and Religious Drama: T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral

for that year's Canterbury Festival; the result was a work that revitalized verse drama—a form that had not been widely employed for almost three hundred years. Critics praised Eliot's use of verse and ability to invest a past historical event with modern issues and themes, such as the ways in which lay persons react to the intrusion of the supernatural in their daily lives. In part because it is a religious drama which appeared long after such plays were popular, Murder in the Cathedral is still...

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Drama In the 1580s Philip Sidney complained that English playwrights were ignoring the principles of drama; he meant the classical principles exemplified by the tragedies of Seneca and the comedies of Plautus, Ben Jonson published his own plays in a grandiose format, and with a title (The Works of Benjamin Jonson), that invited comparison with the editions of these same dramatists. The prologue to the first play in this collection, Every Man In His Humour*, announces that its author 'hath...

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 Drama It derived from the Greek verb dran, meaning “to act” or “to do”, refers to actions or deeds as they are performed in theatrical setting for the benefit of a body spectators. More limited than the related concept of theater, which also comprehends such forms as opera and dance, the term drama refers essentially to dramatic literature—the text composed by playwrights to be spoken in a theater. Because the heritages of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and African drama have had little influence...

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How to Write Radio Drama

RADIO DRAMA by TIM CROOK Here are some horrible truths: Most radio drama is very badly written. Radio drama is an endangered species. It has never taken a hold of mainstream programming on commercial radio in the UK. It used to be the mainstream in the States and Australia but lost out to TV in the middle to late fifties. It is under threat within public radio services including the BBC because of the pressure of monetarist ideology and the fact that authors and radio drama directors have been...

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Using the Examples of 'the Bill' and 'Casualty' Studied During Recent Lessons, Please Answer the Following Question: 'Discuss, Using Specific Examples and Textual Detail, the Conventions of T.V. Drama'

Essay 2: 'Discuss, using specific examples and textual detail, the conventions of T.V. drama' Within The Bill’s opening montage many types of cinematography have been used. A tilt shot opens the sequence showing the audience the skyline of where the location will be set, London. As this is happening the theme tune begins to play, this non diegetic sound also includes the sound of sirens that are also featured on top of police cars. This straight away creates a connection with the audience because...

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Drama: Ruby Moon

How has Cameron Malcher used dramatic forms, performance styles, techniques and conventions to communicate strong social and personal issues in his production of Ruby Moon? Contemporary Australian theatre mainly focuses on the reflection of the ‘real’ Australia and communicating to the audience real and modern issues/ideas that respond to the social climate and community. As well as that, CAT tries to give marginalized voices a voice that is heard. Cameron Malcher has used dramatic forms, performance...

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Drama Women in Black Review

The Woman in Black is a 1987 stage play, adapted by Stephen Mallatratt. The play is based on the book of the same name, which was written in 1983 by Susan Hill. The venue for the woman in black was the fortune theatre in London and we went there on the 1st of November 2011. The Theatre from outside appears small old and slightly neglected, inside there was no attempt to prepare one for or indeed set the atmosphere for the nature of the play. The Fortune is small and the intimacy between actor and...

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Christopher Fry Poetic Drama

Şafak Horzum Poetic Drama and Its Revival in 20th Century in English Literature: A Brief Analysis of Fry’s The Lady’s Not for Burning Poetic drama, having had its roots in the Elizabethan Age in England with the great playwrights such as William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and Christopher Marlowe who breathed into the English drama the life spirit of poetry by means of their mighty lines, struggled a lot to revive in the nineteenth century and succeeded in the first half of the twentieth century...

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One Distinction Between Comic and Tragic Drama Is That Comedies End Happily, While Tragedies Do Not. to What Extent Is the Ending of Twelfth Night a Happy One?

One distinction between comic and tragic drama is that comedies end happily, while tragedies do not. To what extent is the ending of Twelfth Night a happy one? Twelfth Night Or What You Will is renowned for being one of Shakespeare’s finest achievements in comedy. The basis of a comedy lies in its characters and plot, both of which merge together in a formula to produce an end resolution that can be interpreted as happy, and also, specifically in the case of Twelfth Night, festive...

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Plato & Aristotle Comparison

Aristotle And the Ultimate Beneficial Nature of the Tragic Drama By: Stephanie Cimino In the various discussions of imitative art there has been a notable disagreement between two distinguished philosophers; Plato and Aristotle. Although it was Plato who first discussed the concept of imitative art, it is my belief that Aristotle was justified in his praise and admiration of imitative art, specifically, the tragic drama. In my discussion on the two philosophers’ dissertations I will...

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Shakespeare's Dramatic Plays

reading something that has drama than something that doesn't. That's why many reality television shows are very popular today. Real or not, the audience likes to watch shows that have drama because they enjoy watching them argue. It's more interesting to read a book or watch a show were there are problems than watch a show were everyone is happy all the time. For example there was a lot of drama in the play "Othello." There was drama from beginning to end. The drama started when Iago went to...

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The University Wits

THE UNIVERSITY WITS: The growing popularity and diversity of the drama, its secularization, and the growth of a class of writers who were not members of holy orders led in the 16th century to a new literary phenomenon, the secular professional playwright. The first to exploit this situation was a group of writers known as the University Wits, young men who had graduated at Oxford or Cambridge with no patrons to sponsor their literary efforts and no desire to enter the Church. They turned to playwriting...

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Top 10 Acting Schools of the World

courses in acting : Juilliard School of drama Founded in 1905, the Juilliard School of drama situated in the Ney York city is the most prestigious institution on the world for theatre that provides top notch acting training. The faculty consists of Grammy, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winners who combine physical and vocal training in such a way so that every student performs to the best of his / her capacities. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama is a 4 year course and The Masters degree for...

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Drama before Shakespeare’s Time Playwriting was somewhat different before Shakespeare wrote plays. Shakespeare’s plays are mostly about justice, love, jealousy, murder, mystery, and basically anything that involved in real life that anyone can relate. He basically wrote about any theme he felt necessary. But before he was born in England, most plays during one specific era were about only one or two specific themes. These plays were based on morality plays which were medieval plays based on biblical...

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Theatre Appreciation Notes

TA – 20 – Drama Basics What is Drama? A collaborative art that represents events & situations, either realistic or symbolic, that we witness happening through the actions of actors in a play on a stage in front of a live audience. Aristotle’s Poetics The earliest-surviving work or dramatic theory & the first extant philosophical treatise to focus on literary theory. Aristotle offers an account of what he calls “poetry”. Aristotle’s Six Elements of Drama (335 B.C.E.) 1...

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Comedy of Tradgedy: William Shakespeare’s the Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice and the conflict between Shylock and Antonio. If we look at this drama from Aristotle’s point of view, Shylock’s life does fit some of the criteria. His bloodlustgood! for vengeance is a tragic error with negative results and there is retribution; however, he never establishes himself as a hero and never recognizes his responsibility for the errors. If analyzed from Hegelian point of view, this drama does portray qualities of a tragedy. Antonio causes Shylock’s wrath towards him by...

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creative non-fiction, biographies, and historiography); fictionalized accounts of historical events (e.g. anecdotes, myths and legends); and fiction proper (i.e. literature in prose, such as short stories and novels, and sometimes in poetry and drama, although in drama the events are primarily being shown instead of told). Narrative is found in all forms of human creativity and art, including speech, writing, songs, film, television, video games, photography, theatre, and visual arts such as painting, with...

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